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Mike Flynn 25th Oct 2016 16:00

Sam Rutherford said

In clarification, I completed my contract on the Cape Town to Goodwood trip (leaving in Crete with the rest of the crew) as planned.

It seems that Tracey's recollection is inexact on this point.
There is an implication from Bird in a Biplane Ltd you were fired or your services were dispensed with in Africa and Ewald took over.

Sam Rutherford 25th Oct 2016 16:06

I repeat, it seems that Tracey's recollection is inexact on this point.

I was not fired and my services (including, but not limited to, baggage logistics) were very definitely not dispensed with!

SATCOS WHIPPING BOY 25th Oct 2016 16:07

Originally Posted by Sam Rutherford (Post 9552827)
In clarification, I completed my contract on the Cape Town to Goodwood trip (leaving in Crete with the rest of the crew) as planned.

It seems that Tracey's recollection is inexact on this point.

And why am I not surprised that her version/recollection/suggestion is not entirely correct.

She would do well to read this little gem 6 Undeniable Signs Your Pride is Taking Over Your Life

rog747 25th Oct 2016 16:07

quote from cowes week regatta 2014 news feed online (its still there)

Cowes Week - News

''Be sure to look to the skies at the race start, as the classic biplane Spirit of Artemis will be buzzing the start line. The 1940s Boeing Stearman is piloted by pioneering British Aviatrix Tracey Curtis-Taylor, who solo navigated across Africa from Cape Town to Goodwood in 2013, and Tracey will give the racing fleet on the water a stunning send off.''

WeeJeem 25th Oct 2016 16:16

Originally Posted by noflynomore (Post 9552819)
TCT is trying, foolishly, to ride a semantic tightrope here and her claim never to have herself described her flights as solo (there seems precious little, if any evidence that she did) may, just, be technically correct.






B Fraser 25th Oct 2016 16:19

I have been a bit puzzled as I have no recollection of seeing the Stearman displayed at Farnborough 2014. The mystery has been solved courtesy of one Michael Bristowe who has posted an image at the following location.


Cessnafly 25th Oct 2016 16:26

Noflynomore said...

"TCT is trying, foolishly, to ride a semantic tightrope here and her claim never to have herself described her flights as solo (there seems precious little, if any evidence that she did) may, just, be technically correct.

What is so unacceptable is her continued behaviour around that denial.

She is riding a highly lucrative wave that has been whipped up by her PR team and which is based on a falsehood that they have knowingly and deliberately perpetuated instead of correcting. The falsehood may not have been uttered by her, that is largely irrelevant if she continues not only to ride the wave but to continue promoting herself by egging the media on uncorrected in the full knowledge that it is all built on an untruth. Every time a media report referring to "solo" was published they effectively lied by failing to correct it. And correct it they seem never to have done, not once. That is pure collusion. TCT herself has repeatedly been asked in interviews/talks about her "solo" trip and has replied correcting all sorts of trivial detail, but never the word "solo" as far as we know. Thus she is fully implicated in the multiple, long term perpetration of an outright lie whether she spoke the words or not. Those that published it in good faith are merely innocent victims duped into peddling incorrect info by the conscious and deliberate omission of any correction.

The wretched woman continues to protest her innocence re claims of solo despite popping words like "sole" into her publicity, "emulating" someone whose claim was flying solo. Her crime may not be actual false claims to solo but rather running a years long scam based on others being encouraged to say so and instead of correcting their error, encouraging more and more of it. There is a cynicism in such an approach that really grates with most of us, I think, a cynicism that tries to dupe us by an enthusiastically promoted con by proxy while claiming complete and bewildered innocence.

Another example of this mindset are the claims to have "displayed" at Farnborough, RIAT and others on multiple occasions. Perhaps, semantically one could argue this is not literaly an untruth, but everyone understands that "displaying" at an airshow means flying in it, not having a stall there selling stickers, interviews and bragging. And when the claim relating to sticker stalls at a list of international events includes just one minor social flyby (Cowes Regatta, hardly an airshow) to enable the sentence to be preceeded by "static and/or flying display" at blah blah blah the words so carefully chosen not to be legalistically untrue just shriek the carefully planned intention to mislead, if not deceive.

In a way these continued, years long attempts to rake maximum advantage from widespread misinformation which you had assiduously cultivated in others, or had allowed others to cultivate unchecked that represents a far, far more cynical intent to deceive than someone who merely took advantage from a one-off fib. This extended wilful deception by refusal to correct an untruth while busily promoting it and taking full advantage of it is a very nasty thing to do indeed.

TCT should be under no illusions how the public feel about trickery like this and shouldn't be surprised at the results which will continue for some time I suspect. Continuing to assert innocence at this stage is as pointless as it is infantile".

Nice post. Quite.

Back in the thread, someone said that a representative from the primary sponsor, Artemis Investment Management went along enroute for a jolly.

They surely must have read about the misrepresentations being made in the world press.

They also have a duty of care and are indeed a company that are regulated.

Mike Flynn 25th Oct 2016 17:10

Many thanks for the grab below WeeJeem taken during her Museum of Flight lecture in Seattle. She gazes up at the montage of press cuttings and I think she is saying
'these are some of the solo press reports I have had to correct.'


Sam Rutherford 25th Oct 2016 17:16

Posted by SWP some time ago (I think, apologies if not from him):

For the information of all on here, and a solid piece of evidence, I contacted the Telegraph to clarify the "quote" that was published in their newspaper as far back as October 2015.

Here is a copy of my email to them:

Dear Sir, I am writing to ask for clarification regarding a quotation in a Telegraph article 1 October 2015.

The article, written by Nicola Harley, was:
Female pilot starts epic solo flight to copy Amy Johnson
Part way down the page we see a body of text in quotation marks and attributed to the pilot Tracey Curtis-Taylor.
"When I was younger I was told by the military that I couldn't join because I'm a woman, and now look at me - I'm flying to the other side of the world on my own."
Tracey Curtis-Taylor

The link to the article is here : http://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/aviatio ... hnson.html

I have now had a response from The Telegraph:

Our Ref: 1046482

21 October 2016

Dear *******,

Thank you for your recent communication to The Telegraph.
Further to your enquiry, I have liaised with the journalist who has confirmed that they are the exact quotes.

Yours sincerely,

Katie Archer
Editorial Compliance Executive

Telegraph Media Group

So, either the journalist is lying to her compliance team, or...

deefer dog 25th Oct 2016 17:25

Another one from the horses mouth:

“..so again my own background in sort of display flying, although I could never join the military by virtue of being a female - I was actually trained by military pilots in my formation, aerobatic and low level stuff - has all been done with military pilots……”

The gender now. How many actual FLYING displays have you performed Tracey, where did they take place, and have you ever held a Display Authorization issued by the UK CAA that permitted you to carry out anything OTHER than a "flypast?"

Perhaps you could also tell us precisely which airshows you have "managed" as is currently claimed (and captured) on your wiki bio?

There are thousands of quotes still out there on the internet that really need to be captured in case they mysteriously disappear or get altered. WeeJeem's advice is highly recommended.

clareprop 25th Oct 2016 17:26

Just to add Sam's link directly.

Female pilot starts epic solo flight to copy Amy Johnson - Telegraph

Someone with a Facebook account might like to post that on her FB page as it rubbishes everything she's put in her 'statements'.

deefer dog 25th Oct 2016 17:30

"Although I would have been perfect for the military..."
Sweetheart, they would have sussed you out in five minutes!

Mike Flynn 25th Oct 2016 17:52

I have received an update on the LAA AGM from highly respected UK pilot Barry Tempest.

Well I proposed the motion to rescind and was pleased to do so. I was
surprised to see Tracey at the AGM but she gave a fairly impassioned
response which might have swayed a lot of those actually present. The proxy
votes ensured the motion was passed.

This is what I said in proposing the motion -

"Like many of their contemporaries who blazed the aviation trails, flying
with uncertainty into the unknown, courage was a foremost requisite, for the
aviation pioneering trail is uncompromising showing no mercy to the feckless
or faint-hearted. Amy Johnson and Lady Mary Heath possessed what it took to
become pioneers, deservedly earning recognition amongst aviation's

In the post war years women like Sheila Scott and Judith Chisholm have
earned our admiration with their long distance flights. Finally, in more
recent times, Polly Vacher has achieved many awe inspiring trips around the

All these women flew solo, alone and with no chase aircraft or experienced
pilot with them.

Unlike Tracey Curtis-Taylor with her high powered PR team and sponsors.

The LAA awards committee were taken in by the hype and, in good faith,
awarded her the Bill Woodhams trophy for 2014. An award to recognise feats
of navigation. This was no feat of navigation worthy of recognition.

I propose that the award be rescinded and her name struck from the records
of the LAA.

I think this saga will continue.

pilotmike 25th Oct 2016 17:58

She had tried to join the RAF in her youth but was refused on the basis she was a woman.
This demonstrates a lack of simple research being done, which would have saved a few people a bit of wasted time, not least herself.

In fact, nothing rings true about this, as the RAF would never have wasted time on any possible recruitment of a woman for a position which was closed to females. Or is this another sign of someone who thinks they can talk others round, to manipulate things to go exactly their way?

"Although I would have been perfect for the military, I was a bit of a maverick... maybe I wouldn't have been best suited to a strict and disciplined life."
Oh what contradiction! Oh, the mental torture of the dilemmas she must have wrestled with! Or does it just sound like sour grapes combined with a rather inflated self-opinion?

Stanwell 25th Oct 2016 18:00

Tim Kelly..
As publicity manager for both Tracey and Artemis, must be smacking his forehead, Homer Simpson-style, and going "D'oh!", right now.
He might also be considering his future in the PR business.

Perhaps that would be in contrast to the shot taken in ExecuJet's Sydney hangar where he features behind TCT while she proudly shows off
the award from the AWPA for her "SOLO" accomplishment.
In that photo, he is displaying quite a smug and self-satisfied grin while proudly overseeing yet another "mistake" being made.

Tracey, being the modest and polite girl she is, was simply too kind to point out any error of course. (ahem!).


Gonzo 25th Oct 2016 18:25

She has shared plenty of articles on Facebook with the word 'solo' in the headline.

Jonzarno 25th Oct 2016 18:46

I've posted the picture of her doing a presentation in front of a huge slide proclaiming that she had been ALONE (my emphasis) in a c0ck-pit (her spelling mistake) twice now. In deference to the mods who have asked that we don't keep posting the same picture, I won't post it again; but if she does take legal action on the basis that she never claimed that the flights were solo, she might find that a bit hard to explain.

As regards the point made recently that WW2 veterans might just laugh at her for wearing RAF wings: of course THEY have every right to do that! (and I can well imagine how some of those I have flown with might!)

It's probably true to say that those of us who admire and respect what those veterans did (and, more importantly, their comrades who are no longer here to express an opinion), and either didn't earn the honour ourselves or earned it but never saw combat are more easily offended.

IMHO that doesn't make her action in wearing them any the less reprehensible.

Cows getting bigger 25th Oct 2016 18:52

We would have had some sport. :)

KelvinD 25th Oct 2016 18:56

Chris Scott & rog747: Many thanks for your responses. I must admit I had no idea who Sam Rutherford is.

rog747 25th Oct 2016 19:09


Tracey Curtis-Taylor should watch this on BBC iplayer then think about what she has done

BBC Two - They Flew Alone


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