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Stanwell 27th Jul 2016 15:53

Vaguely similar to the way a high percentage of prison inmates are firmly of the belief that
they'd really done nothing wrong, would you say?
It's all a matter of perception, eh?

hobbit1983 27th Jul 2016 20:51

Echoes of the thread in one other UK forum;

-We all know that TCT has been somewhat uneconomical with the truth, and that Ewald was on board flights touted as "solo".
-This is unanimously agreed to be a rather poor show, to say the least.
-However, a few posters don't half keep on banging on about it.

Stanwell 27th Jul 2016 21:05

There's a bit more to it than that, hobbit.
Aside from the apparently innocent 'Human Interest' aspects of it, there are certain 'connections' that you'll see, if you care to join up the dots,
which have facilitated and promoted this ongoing scam.
I do hope I don't have to point them out to you.

The need for repetition would not be necessary if people would take the trouble to go back through this thread and analytically peruse the relevant posts.

piperboy84 27th Jul 2016 21:44

Totally off subject , but I assume the Stearman is UK based and apart from when it's on long haul jonts with TCT and Ewald is it used/flown for anything else. Is it rented out or used as a display at air shows etc. it would seem to be a waste of a beautiful aircraft having it just sitting around for long spells. Would love to get an hours dual in something like that.

Sam Rutherford 6th Aug 2016 09:24

Watchers might be interested to see that TCT has just given herself a promotion up to Commander from the Lieutenant Commander the RNR gave her:

Tracey Curtis-Taylor added 9 new photos.
July 26 at 2:43am ·

Terrific day on Sunday as a guest of the Royal Navy Sailing Association out on the waters of the Solent to watch the Louis Vuitton America's Cup World Series Portsmouth. Wonderful to see a spectacular British result for Land Rover BAR - Team Portsmouth and the Royal Navy have done an exceptional job in supporting the Fleet.

Hon Cdr Curtis-Taylor

Mike Flynn 8th Aug 2016 23:11

Honourable Company Of Air Pilots Awards
Here is the latest press release from the Honourable Company Of Air Pilots.

It appears there is a Masters Medal recipient missing?

TWO GENERATIONS of astronauts have been recognised alongside military and commercial aviators by the Honourable Company of Air Pilots in their annual Trophies and Awards.

Captain Robert Lee ‘Hoot’ Gibson’s outstanding and enduring contribution to aviation has been marked by the Award of Honour from the Honourable Company of Air Pilots – which recognises courage and the highest standards of airmanship.

Gibson is joined by fellow astronaut Major Tim Peake, who will receive the Master’s Medal following his successful six-month visit to the International Space Station as the first British astronaut selected by the European Space Agency.

The Air Pilots’ Trophies and Awards are regarded as being among the world’s premier aviation accolades and are particularly noteworthy because the recipients are selected by fellow aviators from both the military and commercial worlds.

Born in 1946, Hoot Gibson entered service with the US Navy in 1969, flying combat duty over Vietnam. Having graduated from the world famous ‘Top Gun’ US Navy Fighter Weapons School, he went on to the US Naval Test Pilot School and was later selected by NASA for training as an astronaut.

He flew five missions on the Space Shuttle, leaving NASA in 1996 when he became a pilot for Southwest Airlines and flying at the National Air Races at Reno, Nevada. He is one of the world’s most decorated pilots.

Major Peake has become a household name since being selected to become the ESA’s first British astronaut. A former Army Air Corps helicopter pilot and test pilot, Peake launched from the Baikonur cosmodrome in Kazakhstan on 15th December 2015. The event was watched live on television by millions and cemented Peake’s role as an inspiration to adults and children alike.


Well over a third of the Britain’s operational flying hours during 2015 on Operation Shader – the battle against Islamic State – was delivered by the Royal Air Force’s UK Reaper Force.

Crews manning the MQ-9 remotely piloted aerial system have conducted intelligence, surveillance, targeting, reconnaissance, close air support and interdiction missions, requiring new levels of complexity as the RAF pursued militants throughout the combat zone.

Employing full motion video, synthetic aperture radar and ground moving target indicators to find, fix, track, target, engage and assess enemy forces, the UK Reaper Force has been recognised for its outstanding contribution in operating airborne systems with the

Johnston Memorial Trophy.

Another military recipient, this time of the Grand Master’s Medal, was RAF Flight Lieutenant Colin Bostrom.

Just 27-years-old, Flt Lt Bostrom was nominated for his exceptional service to the Tornado GR4 Force and the RAF. An extremely experienced Qualified Weapons Instructor, he has flown on five operational tours, 132 operational missions and almost 2000 hours in the Tornado – achievements some aircrew will only accomplish in an entire career.

Flt Lt Bostrom has played a key role during Parliament’s decision to expand operations over Syria, ensuring UK Combat Air was employed decisively in some of the most high profile air operations in recent years and, as an instructor, he has personally shaped the latest generation of Tornado aircrews.


The Hanna Trophy for an outstanding contribution to the art of display flying of historic, vintage or modern fighter or combat aircraft is this year awarded to RAF Flight Lieutenant Charlie Brown.

An RAF instructor, Flt Lt Brown is best known for his flying away from his working day and is synonymous with displaying the Spitfire at airshows and events throughout the UK and Europe since 1991. He is also known for flying the Spitfire’s Battle of Britain adversary, the Messerschmitt 109, as well as the Hawker Hurricane, Fury and Nimrod and is most often found at the historic Duxford airfield in Cambridgeshire.

With his handlebar moustache Flt Lt Brown is a familiar face to thousands of airshow attendees and is always on hand to meet and greet visitors young and old. Always approachable, there are many faces he has encouraged at airshows to then see them later in the cockpit training for service flying. He is a CAA Display Authorisation Examiner and has amassed more than 1000 hours in the Spitfire.

The Hanna Trophy is named for the late Ray Hanna, an outstanding air display pilot and former leader of the Red Arrows.


This year an outstanding act of bravery has also been recognised by the Hugh Gordon-Budge Memorial Award. Captain Richard Alvarez, a former Bolivian Air Force pilot, saved his aircraft with 17 passengers and two crew members on board after it was struck by a large bird, smashing a two-meter wide hole in the left wing, causing it to spin to the left on approach to land.

Captain Alvarez acted immediately using ‘supernatural human force’ over 15 agonising minutes to counteract the imbalance in the aircraft’s flying characteristics, avoiding a catastrophic and irreversible spin and saving all the people on board.

The pressure needed overcome the damaged aircraft’s natural tendency to spin caused a herniation in Captain Alvarez’s back which later required surgery and has ended his flying career of 32 years.

BossEyed 9th Aug 2016 16:11

Does that mean you're going to apologise to the HCAP?

Stanwell 9th Aug 2016 16:23

I think it was possibly due to Jay Sata's trouble (and, of course, certain concerned members) that the HCAP had to re-examine its position.
Your energies weren't wasted then, JS. :D

Sam Rutherford 9th Aug 2016 17:10

If confirmed, then I think Jay Sata can be thanked by HCAP for saving them from an increasingly difficult and embarrassing position.

It was not a surprise they believed her achievement to be greater than the reality - but the inability to retract was becoming messier and messier.

Nothing wrong with saying 'we made a mistake'. Indeed, a pilot's ability to admit a mistake without criticism is a primary factor in flight safety.

I wonder if there will be any formal statement from them?

Jetblu 9th Aug 2016 18:34

BossEyed....whilst your moniker may give us a few clues, the TCT thread was about Jay Sata and others uncovering a fraud. Not creating one.
On that note, nobody here is expecting him to make any apology. If anything, he should be applauded.

Sam Rutherford Hear hear.

27/09 10th Aug 2016 01:38

Jay Sata; if indeed the award you allude to is now not to be awarded, I think you can take a lot of credit for that.

I don't think there's any need for an apology from Jay nor need for any formal statement from the HCAP.

As Sam suggests even a word of thanks to Jay from the HCAP might be in order.

However if the award isn't given I think that is enough of a statement and thanks from HCAP. Sometimes the lack of a statement can mean more than a statement.

It's the outcome that matters. Best leave sleeping dogs lie on this score.

To go off topic slightly, I wonder if some honorary ranks might also be withdrawn.

Sam Rutherford 10th Aug 2016 08:19

"To go off topic slightly, I wonder is some honorary ranks might also be withdrawn."

Me too.

There are a also a few other awards, honorary doctorates etc. that might be up for a second analysis?

Well done to HCAP for their move of position on this.

Reverserbucket 10th Aug 2016 12:49

In conversation in the past few days with someone very 'close' to HCAP who was under the very strong impression that 'TCT' is the owner of 56200; I didn't think this was the case? He seemed blinkered to the facts behind her endeavours and completely suckered in to the 'solo' story. I found the discussion quite remarkable, unless this was an attempt to mitigate embarrassment.

Well done HCAP though - some highly deserving recipients there, although I note beneath the announcements in small print that:

A full list of awards recipients will be available here in due course

piperboy84 10th Aug 2016 22:19

I wouldn't put to much stock into the fact she was given an honorary degree, they dish them out like lucky bags nowadays to any old media luvvie, pop star or footballer.

Stanwell 10th Aug 2016 22:28

Well done, Uni of Portsmouth.
Laughing stock? .. Credibility?
A friend of mine will be visiting the Polly on unrelated business shortly - I'm sure he'll be taking the opportunity ask a couple of awkward questions.
Anyway, there are more important things in life - like taking my dog for a walk. He's very keen to sniff the nearest lamp-pole.

Marchettiman 11th Aug 2016 08:59

To quote from Psychology Today:
"Narcissistic Personality Disorder involves arrogant behavior, a lack of empathy for other people, and a need for admiration-all of which must be consistently evident at work and in relationships. People who are narcissistic are frequently described as cocky, self-centered, manipulative, and demanding. Narcissists may concentrate on unlikely personal outcomes (e.g., fame) and may be convinced that they deserve special treatment."

Does any of this sound familiar?

abgd 11th Aug 2016 09:56

Diagnosis by non-psychiatrists of someone most of us only know through a few powerpoint slides and newspaper articles and comments allegedly from her ex-husband (I'm sure he's a great bloke, but since when has anybody been able to be truly objective after a relationship break-up?)...

It's been said before: it sounds as if TCT has a case to answer. However this thread is becoming very unedifying.

Sam Rutherford 11th Aug 2016 10:47

I agree. Can we stop the character assassination and concentrate on the separation truth/story and whether some of the accolades/awards are appropriate or not?

BillieBob 11th Aug 2016 22:37

Perhaps I've missed something. Where does it say that HCAP will not be presenting any award to TCT?

Stanwell 12th Aug 2016 00:35

It will be interesting, come October, to see how they manage this one, will it not?

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