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Stanwell 21st Jul 2016 02:17

Originally Posted by Lind1795 (Post 9446004)
This is my first post but I've been reading this thread with growing unease at how it is possible for someone to be able to pull the wool over so many people's eyes. The power associated with influence and patronage is well known - it's always been part of society sadly.

However, I am now very angry at seeing this latest news - an honorary doctorate. I've always had reservations about honorary degrees but this takes them to a new low. It is an insult to all who gain their degrees the correct way. Dr Tracey indeed! Staggering and awful. A very sad and disappointing act on the part of the university. TCT does not deserve it and she does not deserve the other awards.

I have given the university feedback!

Thanks for that post a bit earlier, Lind.
It mirrors the sentiments that I'd expressed on here a few days ago.
It beggars belief that such an outrageous scam can, in this day and age, not only survive scrutiny, but gain momentum - with Royal patronage,
of all things.

It is my observation that a number of people have been compromised.

Mind you, the whole thing has been quite carefully orchestrated and I can only hope that, a little bit down the track, people will wake up to what
is really going on out there.
Seems that there's little chance of that happening anytime soon, though.

Here's hoping that your feedback to the University has not simply been filed in the WPB.

Stanwell 21st Jul 2016 02:47

Jay Sata,

airpolice made a suggestion a few days ago...
For the benefit of people who are fairly new to this thread, I wonder if you could compile a summary, in chronological order, of
events to date - and their significance.
While reinforcement of certain key points is desirable from time to time, periodic updated summaries could save
the need for repetition.
Am I on the right track?

India Four Two 21st Jul 2016 06:06

Today's the day!

There is a chance to ask questions tomorrow night (21st July) in Hull Yorkshire UK
Allam Lecture Theatre
6pm - 7pm

Admission: FREE
Is anyone going there to ask awkward questions?

National Press?

Stanwell 21st Jul 2016 07:28

I'd imagine that if anyone had the temerity to do so, they'd promptly be ushered to the nearest fire escape.
I'd also think that even God has been issued with a press-briefing and a request not to rain on the parade.

maxred 21st Jul 2016 09:43

I e-mailed the organiser, asking if he was aware of the background, and the subsequent discussions that were being had. He replied, stated that they were aware of the, quote 'chatter', and stated that he would see what transpired on the evening in question, and what she had to say.

I will follow it up, after the talk.

fastjet45 21st Jul 2016 11:34

Originally Posted by airpolice (Post 9446992)
Strangers implying something isn't enough, even for a rumour site.

We need Farnborough ATC to confirm POB and destination.

As the flight departed Farnborough to Le Touquet there must have been an ATC flight plan filed to cross the FIR boundary, are there not historical flight plan records kept online, equally this would apply to all of the flights down to Australia, that would clear up how many sectors were solo or not. ;)

Danny42C 21st Jul 2016 11:46

I suppose it all boils down to:

..."You can fool all the people some of the time, and some of the people all the time, but you cannot fool all the people all the time." - Abraham Lincoln
Meanwhile this Thread remains a continuing source of delight !


Genghis the Engineer 21st Jul 2016 11:54

I can see absolutely nothing about the flight from Farnborough in terms of claims or intentions, solo or +pax/instructor on her website. Is this a bit of excessive conspiracy theorising going on this time?

Plenty about her award of an honorary doctorate from Pompey Polly.


Stanwell 21st Jul 2016 14:52

Pardon my ignorance, but who's Pompey Polly?

clareprop 21st Jul 2016 15:27


Pompey (as in the nickname for Portsmouth) Poly (as in polytechnic)

In a bizarre coincidence, I see Tim Peake also received an Hon. Doc from Portsmouth...although he doesn't seem to talk about it as much.

Stanwell 21st Jul 2016 15:34

Ah, thankee, kind people - the penny has dropped. :ok:

p.s. Tim Peake had to line up behind Tracey, did he?

Genghis the Engineer 21st Jul 2016 16:40

It is only a problem, so far as I can see, her having somebody else on board, if she was claiming that it was a significant solo flight.

If it was just positioning away from Farnborough, with no significance beyond that, she could surely have anybody she likes on board for all it matters.

Pretence to the crowds? I was at Farnborough all week, and beyond a tweet about her talk to Boeing, and an untended but very pretty Stearman, I was totally unaware of her presence. There was no sign of her doing any outreach to young people during the Futures Day activities, and she didn't appear on any of the briefings schedule - which I would certainly have noticed as I did give two talks at the airshow.


Local Variation 21st Jul 2016 20:17

Maybe she got lost at the airshow with no-one to guide her. 'Tis a big place you know.

Gonzo 21st Jul 2016 21:38

There's a lovely painting of 'Spirit of Artemis' in the annual Guild of Aviation Artists exhibition now on at the Mall Galleries in London, by Chris Stothard.

2016 Gallery - The Guild of Aviation Artists - 2016

Only the rear cockpit is occupied.

Stanwell 21st Jul 2016 22:34

Thanks for that link to the GAvA site, Gonzo.
That painting of the Stearman is a depiction of a staged photo-shoot at Ayers Rock (Uluru) in central Australia.

For those who wish to avoid the trauma of having to wade through pages and pages of beautiful artwork on the GAvA Gallery,
the 'Spirit of Artifice' appears on page 19.

Genghis the Engineer 21st Jul 2016 23:30

Trauma? I looked at that one, then spent a happy half hour when I should have been doing something useful looking through the rest. Surprisingly affordable as well, most of them. Put in perspective the overpriced aviation prints I've seen in a couple of art shops locally to me.


piperboy84 22nd Jul 2016 01:52

This individual's M.O. is essentially a bait and switch type deal. Announce (and seek publicity, sponsorships and public adoration) for what is held out to be a very admirable and brave accomplishment, mirroring previous individuals actual impressive feats in aviation. Does not deliver a core element of what was promised to the funders and public at large, including impressionable youth particularly girls, but bullshits that she has. When irrefutable facts surface showing that she's full of sh$t, instead of fessing up she doubles down on the porky's by issuing a statement that contained verbal gymnastics that would make Bill Clinton and Gerry Adams blush. Realizing that ain't going to work either resorts to a close cousin of the "Patriotism, the last refuge of a scoundrel " routine by retroactively claiming her prime focus all along was charitable and human betterment by posting a long list of potential beneficiaries of her trips but with no hard commitments or numbers.

I couldn't give a monkeys she managed to finagle multiple dream trips doing what she obviously loves by using a bunch of hedge funders, corporate giants and half assed royals, well done I say, go do it and enjoy yourself. But dressing up the faked human endeavor part as being done in the name of inspiring youth and helping people is deceitful, pure and simple.

Stanwell 22nd Jul 2016 02:29

You put it in a nutshell there, piperboy. :D

canopener 22nd Jul 2016 06:14

Beautiful.....couldn't have said it better myself piperboy84.

Gonzo 22nd Jul 2016 06:28

I can certainly recommend attending the exhibition in person, I've done so for the last five years. Some truly stunning art.

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