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India Four Two 13th Jul 2016 05:00

I have just found a very interesting audio interview with TCT by the highly-respected CBC Radio current affairs program As It Happens:

Audio | CBC Radio

There is a text report about the interview, with pictures:

Pilot 'unscathed' after her beloved vintage plane crashes in Arizona desert - Home | As It Happens | CBC Radio

This is the first time I have ever heard TCT speak and I have to say she comes across as very credible and authoritative. I was listening quite carefully and I think she only said "we" once, otherwise it was all "I" and "my plane". Not a peep about her "passenger".

Here are two quotes from the interview which I found particularly ironic:

Suddenly all these privileged, wealthy women were buying biplanes, and heading down the British Empire.

I just passionately want to do it in my own airplane. We've come so far together, I just can't consider not doing it in the Spirit of Artemis.

Stanwell 13th Jul 2016 07:45

India Four Two, re your post #842...
Apparently, yes, it is that Steve Taylor. Posts 810, 811 and 814 refer.

Flyingmac 13th Jul 2016 08:44

Originally Posted by Grayfly (Post 9437482)
Duxford Spring Air Show Line up 2011

Ryan PT-22 Pair T Curtis-Taylor & S Roberts T

Photograph of Aircraft G-BTBH

Stanwell 13th Jul 2016 12:54

I wonder how many UK taxpayers are aware that they've been generously contributing to TCT's ongoing scam, hmm?

It would seem that, if the prominence of advertising on the "Spirit of Artifice" is anything to go by, then Her Majesty's Government would be TCT's second largest sponsor, behind Artemis Investments.
Observers will have noticed the large Union Flag immediately below the front cock-pit(sic) topped with the message .."GREAT Britain".

Now, how did that come about, you may ask?
Well, an acquaintance of Tracey's, The Honourable(sic) Maria Miller, the now-disgraced former Secretary of State for Culture, Media and Sport in Cameron's cabinet, possibly thought it would be a good idea to dip into the exchequer to give Tracey a bit of a financial leg-up as well as some credibility.
"To inspire people to visit the country she (TCT) comes from", of course.
That was in November 2013 when the "Solo Aviatrix" scam was just gaining momentum.
No doubt those two girls had a good chat - it seems they have a few things in common.

Maria Miller was forced to resign from Cabinet for a significant 'fiddling of the books' and she was also in big trouble for attempted media manipulation.
The problems were that:
1). Even David Cameron and his establishment mates could not save her from the wrath of Parliament.
2). She tried on the media manipulation stunt with the wrong newspaper - The Telegraph.

So, taxpayers of the UK, I hope you're comfortable in the knowledge that your taxation contributions have provided Tracey (and others) with some pretty fair tuition in
the darker arts as well as helping maintain her in the style to which she's lately become accustomed.
A sad thing is, Maria Miller hasn't, in the end, been able to edit and polish her Wikipedia page.
Perhaps Tracey could show her how.

Jetblu 13th Jul 2016 12:59

India Four Two

In just those two [2] links that you provided, I've now counted twenty seven [27] false representations, and I could not have possibly seen or heard all the press releases based upon the spiel that she has given all. It cannot be argued that she didn't know the actual truthful facts. It cannot even be argued that she got herself excited over a specific point and just made a fanciful representation, can it.

This woman intends to make a living for financial reward by being a self proclaimed 'inspirational speaker'.

We heard very creditable evidence at post #739 which confirmed that anybody listening to her nonsense as an 'inspirational speaker' would genuinely believe that she flew these flights as the only pilot aboard.

Listen to the audio yourself. Read that text, and then you will see how Section 2 applies IMHO.

1. Fraud by False Representation

A person commits the offence of fraud by false representation if he/she dishonestly makes a false representation and intends, by making the representation, to make a gain for him/herself or another, or to cause loss to another, or to expose another to a risk of loss.

A representation is false if it is untrue or misleading and the person making it knows that it is, or might be, untrue or misleading.

Section 2 of the Fraud Act 2006

Mike Flynn 13th Jul 2016 18:35

Masters Medal
A few pages back I again posted the original letter from the past Master of the HCAP regarding the 2016 Masters Medal.

It is worth noting the reply from the current Master of the HGAP regarding their award to Tracey Curtis Taylor.

This was sent to Daily Mail journalist Dave Jarvis on the 31st May this year when the HCAP were asked to comment.

Dear Dave.

We spoke last week, and I promised you a short written statement. The statement is as below:

"The Honourable Company of Air Pilots has awarded Tracey Curtis Taylor The Master’s Medal for organising an aviation expedition from the UK to Australia, retracing the route flown by Amy Johnson as a tribute to her, which formed part of a wider promotional endeavour to encourage females into aviation. There was one specific, principal aim in mind: to promote aviation to many thousands of youngsters, especially women, across the globe for whom flying is a distant, even unknown or seemingly unachievable activity. This is particularly relevant when an estimated 400,000 new commercial pilots are needed worldwide in the next twenty years to meet anticipated growth. The Master’s award recognises Tracey Curtis-Taylor’s work in raising awareness of science and technology in general, and aviation in particular, amongst young women across the world”.
That statement is completely different to the January letter.

The story sold to the world's media was solo flight to Australia. There has never been any mention of an airline pilot also being in the front seat.

The letter above and the statement from Peter Benn, a former airline pilot and barrister, makes no mention of airline pilot Ewald Gritsch or the part he played by being on board.

At no stage did Tracey ever reveal to the press there Ewald was on board until this thread started on pprune. She let all the UK nationals newspapers and ITN believe it was a solo trip.

Apart from a few well staged press events I fail to appreciate how she has furthered women in aviation.

What has she done apart from fly in and fly out of countries like a high society tourist. I suspect leaving the impression networking connections and lots of other people money gets you to the top.

Are we being unfair? I would love to hear from the British Women Pilots Association. Or the thousand of women who fly commercial aircraft alongside their counterparts everyday.

By contrast Amanda Harrison is open and honest about how she became the only female Commercial Tiger Moth pilot in the UK.

Always wanting to fly, Amanda left school at the age of 15 with no useful qualifications, with one teacher saying all she would be good for is stacking shelves in a supermarket. So after working hard to obtain her Commercial Pilots License and follow one of her dreams she now fly’s Tiger Moths for a living.
It is worth noting despite all her claims in the press and on wiki her occupation as a pilot Tracey Curtis only holds a UK ppl and has never achieved a CPL.

piperboy84 13th Jul 2016 18:56

Tracey Curtis only holds a UK ppl and has never achieved a CPL
I thought she had a Kiwi instructors ticket which I assume would mean she'd have picked up a commercial rating along the way?

9 lives 13th Jul 2016 19:12

To quote a quote:

There was one specific, principal aim in mind: to promote aviation to many thousands of youngsters, especially women, across the globe for whom flying is a distant, even unknown or seemingly unachievable activity.
I think TCT got this about as backward as possible! She and her team flew at least two rather expensive to operate aircraft, through parts of the world where they were hardly visible to anyone for vast distances, burning through immense amounts of money, costing an R44 it's life, and a fortune to repair the Stearman - how much was spent on all of that?

Or, take all that money, and give it to the HCAP instead, and ask them to spend it wisely, and as broadly as possible, to get as many pilot wannabes into the sky, and scholarship some of the better ones.

TCT could then go on the talking circuit, saying that X number of people went for their first flight, and Z people were offered a scholarship, and she was proudly selling real estate to pay for the flying she wanted to do locally for her on entertainment.

I've been thinking about some comments here saying TCT has been jeered enough. Well some accident pilots have had a tough ride in the threads, and what they did was a one time accident (maybe error in judgement) not multiple deliberate deceits! The accidents are bad, and cause us to speculate on the pilot's skill and caution, but we've never discussed an accident pilot doing it deliberately (German wings and Egypt Air copilot actions notwithstanding). We have discussed TCT misrepresenting facts repeatedly, and then expending effort to cover it up, and redirect criticism, rather than admitting wrongdoing. Those were no accidents! And, those actions had the affect of diverting generous donations away from young people ho might get a step up, into expensive self serving flying.

Mike Flynn 13th Jul 2016 19:12

I merely mention her UK ppl on which she is allowed the fly the Spirit of Artemis on a piggyback US private licence. I suspect her NZ instructor/commercial licence is long lapsed.

In my book it is not possible to state your occupation as pilot if only holding a ppl.

She is very good at receiving undeserved awards.

Here she is collecting another.

Tracey being presented with the award for best civilian aircraft at the
2013 Royal International Air Tattoo
source http://www.birdinabiplane.com/speaking/

Ewald Gritsch owns and rebuilt the Stearman and all she did was stand in front of it suggesting ownership.

It reminds me of the many times I have seen wealthy people buy a fully restored classic car and the following week win a Concours d'Elegance.

Jetblu 13th Jul 2016 19:40

If Peter Benn did write that statement, I'm shocked. He should have known better.

Deceiving and tricking young children is not the way forward in promoting any profession. He should know that I would hope.

The ONLY reason that these children said "congratulations Tracy" was because...

A. They were made to genuinely believe that she was to be congratulated.
B. They were not formly introduced to her ATPL instructor.
C. The mechanics of the scandal look good with children involved "Tracy'll Fix it"


This is going from bad to worse, isn't it.

Tracey being presented with the award for best civilian aircraft at the
2013 Royal International Air Tattoo
source Tracey Curtis Taylor - Aviatrix, Adventurer, Inspirational Speaker

Ewald Gritsch owns and rebuilt the Stearman and all she did was stand in front.

She has told the world that the Stearman is hers, despite it belonging and registered to EG. Can you honestly imagine her telling the RIA any different?

Stanwell 13th Jul 2016 21:50

Re the 'unsuccessful take-off' at Winslow...
I had a look at the NTSB website to see if they'd published their final report on the incident.
There's hardly more information than was contained within the Preliminary Report.

It appears that the NTSB did not send an investigator to the site, nor were the engine or systems examined over there to determine the cause of
the unexplained "sudden loss of power".
Aside from noting the weather conditions at the time and the runway orientation and dimensions (7100ft x 150ft), the only things of interest were that
the intended flight to Phoenix was listed as 'Private' and the reason for the trip was 'Personal'.
The Conclusion relies on TCT's account of what happened.

Danny42C had, earlier in this thread, suggested that, in light of his experience with PT-17s, the prop could have inadvertently, prematurely
been knocked into coarse pitch.
I'm aware that TCT had initially claimed that the FBO had provided them with crook fuel. For some reason, she didn't mention that again.
Has anybody heard anything more that would account for the claimed 300rpm drop?

India Four Two 14th Jul 2016 00:19

Danny42C had, earlier in this thread, suggested that, in light of his experience with PT-17s, the prop could have inadvertently, prematurely been knocked into coarse pitch.
Here's a cockpit picture from Ewald's website:


I have only flown a fixed-pitch Stearman, so I wasn't sure where the prop control would be. I notice that the mixture and prop knobs are very similar, so I could see how you might push the mixture control to Full Rich if you weren't looking. Perhaps Danny could comment?

Also, what's the red lever below and aft of the throttle quadrant? I've forgotten.

27/09 14th Jul 2016 00:41

I would expect not all HCAP members are happy with the situation. I'd also suggests those involved in the original decision to make the award are trying to find a way out of the sticky situation they now find themselves in. Once you have honey or jam on you fingers, how do you get it off without causing a bigger mess or much embarrassment?

When you compare the two letters from HCAP to TCT there is a huge back down in the second letter compared to the original letter.

Having said that as a non HCAP member I think the most Honourable thing to do would be not to make any award to TCT.

Has anyone bothered to verify exactly how much TCT did

in raising awareness of science and technology in general, and aviation in particular, amongst young women across the world
Perhaps these claims are also a fabrication?

I have no association with HCAP (GAPAN et al). In fact I always seen them as an organisation looking for a cause to support. In other words have wondered what exactly the need for their existence was. If they'd been successful in their original aims as listed on their website there'd be no need for the likes of IALPA and other pilot support organisations etc.

piperboy84 14th Jul 2016 00:45

I could see how you might push the mixture control to Full Rich if you weren't
I know nothing about the Stearman but if she was on the initial part of the take off/climb out, the throttle and prop are going to be full forward and the mixture leaned out (back) with no need for adjustments till a safe and sufficient altitude is attained, so I can't see her inadvertently pushing or pulling anything.

kghjfg 14th Jul 2016 03:01


If you got jam on your hands...

What you'd do is wash your hands of the affair, and come out clean. You'd have a quiet word with TCT and say "We need to rescind the award, I suggest you do not accept it, if you do that, it'll be like it never happened, the naysayers will have no where else to go with it, it'll die a death"

In reality I'm not being harsh, as I have said before, it is totally within their power to put an end to being involved with the circus, but they obviously really want to give TCT an award don't they ?

I mean they REALLY want to give her an award for something, doesn't matter what.
You think she's the only female aviator promoting aviation ? She's not even the best one at that either.

You say it would be the HONOURABLE thing to do, but it has been made obvious HCAP are not ACTUALLY honorable are they.

As I say, displaying the same integrity as TCT. You think anyone in HCAP gives a fig ? They'll be queuing up for selfies with her in October at the ceremony.

Just to reiterate, they disgust me more than TCT now. You think they care what I or anyone thinks of them though ? The way they have acted, I would say obviously not.

Anyway, I'm not really that fussed, it won't actually affect my life. I just think it's a sad role model of how to act for our children. I wonder why we're not GREAT Britain any more ?
Oh that's right, it's because we reward people for acting like this.

canopener 14th Jul 2016 06:33

Originally Posted by Sir Niall Dementia (Post 9437507)
I'm sure you'll all be delighted to know she landed at Farnborough International Airshow yesterday with only a couple of bounces and one swerve..

She managed to miss all the parked aircraft.

With the truth coming out the way it is I'm amazed she had the front to turn up.

No doubt she will now be an FIA display pilot too:E

I have to pay LAA membership as I own a permit aircraft, I object to the LAA paying any expenses that may have been incurred to give her an award.

TCT, you have done nothing to promote women in aviation, you have accepted awards based on false claims, do aviation a favour and push off and sail solo around the world (a couple of times on the trot should be enough absence to bring my temper back under control)

You are a disgrace to aviation, and an utter disgrace to women aviators. I work with quite a few and their general opinion is that you are a fraud, and an unskilled show off with a "ME!" ME!" complex.

One lady 777 captain I was talking to the other day has followed this thread and your other antics, her word for you was "pathetic."


So "I pranged my beloved open cockpit vintage biplane" on 16 May 2016 and a very good job done.Once the US officials had finished with the accident the open cockpit vintage biplane was containerised and shipped to Hungary where a remarkably efficient and speedy rebuild was completed.In less than six weeks the Spirit of Artifice is back in the air (8/7/16) and turns up at Farnborough on the 12/7/2016.Now I have had a lot to do with aircraft rebuilds over the years and this particular one would have to break all records.Most repairs,let alone rebuilds, take about 10 times longer than estimated so I think another fraud has taken place.The spirit of artifice has got a double!!!!!

Mike Flynn 14th Jul 2016 07:22

Looking at the pictures of the Arizona accident it would take a lot of work to fix.
The airframe is completely wrecked and the engine shockloaded.
Ewald has a big stock of parts including fuselage kits,wings,engines,props etc.
I wonder how much of what is below was used in the rebuild? At least they saved money on the shipping.
The wreck would have fitted in a much smaller box.

One other thing puzzles me. The pictures were taken by either TCT or Ewald immediately after the accident. The sky is blue and that part of the world has little rain however the rear cockpit has been covered. I can only assume to hide something.

Stanwell 14th Jul 2016 08:25

Hide something?
Most likely the brown stains on the upholstery. :E

p.s. How much was used in the rebuild?
I'ts fairly simple - you just jack up the maker's plate and wheel a new airframe underneath.
Ewald has a virtual Stearman production-line going over at 3G.

I can just imagine Ewald's phone-call from the Hotel-Suite in Phoenix to the factory in Hungary...
(To paraphrase a line from a song in the film "Easyrider") ... ".. Roll out another one - just like the other one."


Mike Flynn 14th Jul 2016 09:55

I'ts fairly simple - you just jack up the maker's plate and wheel a new airframe underneath.
Ewald has a virtual Stearman production-line going over at 3G.
Can you do that legally? I thought restoration and repair meant just that.

Do the FAA allow such chicanery? What about inspection and recertification following the rebuild?

Stanwell 14th Jul 2016 10:43

No problem, JS.
In UK, US and AUS, that I know of, you can effectively "restore" something around the maker's plate and have it certified as the original aircraft.

Just two examples of that would be that Spitfire, the remains of which were recovered from a French beach, (it had been sitting in the intertidal zone since 1940),
then 'restored' in the UK and which, I hear, has recently changed hands for some five million.
How much of that (engine and airframe) is original, do you think? The maker's plate is original, though.

The second is an Fw190-A5, some remains of which were recovered from under a railway yard in Rheims and, over a number of years, it was 'restored' in the US
and certified as a Focke-Wulf Fw190, rather than a Flugwerk FW190 - which some say it really is .. except for the original's maker's plate, of course.
That one is currently flying in Oz.

I could go on, but you get the picture.

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