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Haraka 30th Oct 2016 20:03

Note the HCAP Master's Medal criteria for :

For Outstanding Courage or Devotion to Duty in the Air
Outstanding Courage ?...... Devotion to Duty in the Air?

Yeah, sure.

Sorry, Tim Peake.

bgbazz 30th Oct 2016 21:04

"Outstanding courage and devotion to duty in the air" ...I'm sure the only person who believes that crap, is Her Royal Selfness!

Tim Peake knows what he has achieved and deserves every accolade sent in his direction...a real and deserving person.

SATCOS WHIPPING BOY 30th Oct 2016 21:57

I do hope for her sake that the pax flights were local sorties and not part of the "journey". Sorry to foist this one on you but watch the video linked here > https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iwMFpbT9VT8

You don't have to watch all of it but listen carfully at 1:10 onwards. She utters the executive command "You have control" and Ian responds with "I have control". Fine if it was just a local sortie, not so fine if it was on one of the main legs.

As for the MM. I feel sorry for Tim Peake, I bet he is getting some right ribbing and banter in the Mess.
"Oi Peakey, I hear you have another medal; amazing what you can get these days just for forgetting to pack a hairdryer".

...and that is why the HCAP need to distance themselves from the "Braggart-in-a-biplane" - continued support undermines the worth of what is issued to those who deserve recognition. By distancing I mean taking direct and positive action, not skulking away hoping it will all blow over; it won't.

Given the evidence that has been presented and well researched, versus the fantasy dreamings of a modern-day Baron Munchausen. There are lots of similarities between TCT and BM, imaginative after-dinner speaking, and grandiose embellishments of unbelievable tales. However there is one subtle difference, Baron Munchausen's tales were satire designed to entertain and not to garner awards.

deefer dog 30th Oct 2016 23:36

SATCO, you sure are working your way through a lot of TCT videos, and I'm worried what effect listening to all that BS and self aggrandisement might have on you?

Be careful old chap, there probably isn't a cure once you catch it.

SATCOS WHIPPING BOY 31st Oct 2016 00:06

No need to worry mate. I have to do a fair bit of computer work so I just listen to the audio whilst working. As an ex-ATCO I have a finely tuned bulls%%% detector. :suspect:

I have to say though, I don't think I have ever in all my days heard an individual use the words "I", "Me" and "My" as frequently as she does. :yuk:

Haraka 31st Oct 2016 04:23

Amusingly on her home page on the BiaB there is a now a prominent link to "This Reprint of an article from the Times which explains some of the facts of her epic journeys and how the media has been misinformed by certain people trying to damage her reputation."
By this device of course the Times readers' comments are sidestepped. . :)
Those who persevere to the "Media" section can still get through and read the piece in its entirety.

So in her HCAP Master's medal citation is included the statement:
"The Masterís award recognises Tracey Curtis-Taylorís work in raising awareness of science and technology in general,

However the good lady when interviewed stated:

"I canít bear technology Ė I know that itís amazing to live in this world of instant communications, and obviously I couldnít fly without some concession to modernity like GPS, .."


Mike Flynn 31st Oct 2016 04:43

Times readers comments below.
Barry Tempest and Sam Rutherford get some stick fron one contributor.

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Michael Gibbs 1 day ago
The Boeing Stearman is a trainer aircraft with dual controls. Have the dual controls in the front cockpit of Ms Curtis-Taylor aircraft been removed?


Mr Dog 1 day ago
"She admits she could have done more to correct misleading reports that made liberal use of the phrase 'flying solo'."
This is, surely, an admission to being somewhat economical with the truth. Having said that, Mr Rutherford does sound something of a cad.

Rupert Blackham 1 day ago
Tracey, please tell us,
How many legs on the Cape Town to Goodwood flight did you fly solo ?
(Solo being defined as you, and you alone, in the Stearman)

Saga Noren 2 days ago
Sheer spite on the part of the awful little spoiled brat that is the incompetent Rutherford and the disgusting women-fearing bully that is Barry Tempest. Tracy did an amazing and inspiring flight. She's got a team who were inadequate in their failure to overcome press misrepresentation (as in the Times earlier this week). SHE did all the flying. Chapeau, Tracy.

Rupert Blackham 1 day ago
@Saga Noren
Then why did both the Light Aircraft Association and the Honourable Company of Air Pilots rescind/ withdraw their awards if she was so amazing and inspiring (and solo !) ?

Peter Dawe 1 day ago
@Saga Noren Solo means unaccompanied, alone.

Ann Lyon 1 day ago
@Saga Noren Flying solo, that is, alone, is a very different business from having someone with you who can act as a lookout, help with the navigation (if not do it) and chat to you over the intercom so you don't feel lonely.

Please read Sir Francis Chichester's book The Lonely Sea and the Sky to find out what the pioneer solo flyers of the 1920s and 1930s had to cope with. In order to fly from New Zealand to Australia, Chichester had to invent 'aim-off' navigation. Having turned his Gipsy Moth aircraft into a seaplane, he had nothing but trouble with the secondhand floats he had used, and at one point was stranded on a small island making repairs for so long that the nautical almanac he needed to work out his sextant sights ran out and he had to make up his own (fortunately, Chichester was a formidable mathematician).

And despite what Ms Curtis-Taylor claims, the male flyers were just as much celebrities as Amy Johnson.

Iain Chapman 2 days ago
She obviously hasn't a clue what piloting an aeroplane alone means.

St Ranger 1 day ago
@Iain Chapman she did indeed pilot the aircraft alone as there are no other controls, what she did not do is fly solo.
RDL 1 day ago

@St Ranger the Stearman has dual controls in both cockpits, the instructor or more experienced pilot would normally sit in the front seat and the student in the rear seat so either person can fly the aircraft.

Brian Abraham 31st Oct 2016 04:43

the media has been misinformed by certain people trying to damage her reputation
Do we, and most importantly, Sam, now have grounds to sue TCT for libel? :E

Sam Rutherford 31st Oct 2016 05:04

I guess I'll not be getting a Christmas card from Saga Noren...

Tracey doesn't yet have to fear any legal action from myself, I have better things to do with my time! Whilst her comments about me remain unfounded/inaccurate they are more damaging to her than they are to me.

Whilst writing, I would like to thank those who are posting responses at The Times, on her FB page etc.

Safe flights, Sam.

Stanwell 31st Oct 2016 05:18

Goodness me..
"The media has been misinformed.."
That would have to go down as the quote of the year from the TCT camp. Well done! :D

Jonzarno 31st Oct 2016 06:58

Ms Curtis-Taylor's clarifications
It is good to see that Ms Curtis-Taylor is so committed to clarifying the inaccurate reports made about her. In an earlier post, I set out three specific questions that I believe go to the heart of the allegations against her:

I would be interested in a reasoned response from the lady herself to just three questions:

1. What is the reconciliation between Ms Curtis-Taylor's well documented claim to have flown her african flight "solo" (Please see the video clip published earlier in this thread in which she personally makes that claim) and her subsequent public statement that the flight was not solo?

2. Given the above, what was she doing in the picture of her published earlier in this thread standing in front of a huge picture claiming she had been "Alone in an open cock-pit [sic] plane"?

3. By what authority, and with what qualification, does she wear RAF wings?

If Ms Curtis-Taylor, can provide sensible and satisfactory answers: I am sure that most if not all of her critics would be silenced. Certainly I am prepared to be convinced.

I look forward to hearing.....

I have yet to see any response that directly addresses any of these questions.

Genghis the Engineer 31st Oct 2016 08:32

Originally Posted by Haraka (Post 9562003)
So in her HCAP Master's medal citation is included the statement:
"The Master’s award recognises Tracey Curtis-Taylor’s work in raising awareness of science and technology in general,

However the good lady when interviewed stated:

"I can’t bear technology – I know that it’s amazing to live in this world of instant communications, and obviously I couldn’t fly without some concession to modernity like GPS, .."


I have to take an issue with this.

I was at Farnborough Airshow all week - I was in the middle of the zone where thousands of young people (and a few parents, teachers, MPs, and for that matter two astronauts that I spotted) were streaming in the name of learning about and popularising science. I'll freely admit that I was paid to be there, but there were dozens of young women and men who had volunteered. I gave talks, the two astronauts gave talks - Spirit of Artemis was parked outside, but of TCT engaging in any science outreach activities - not a sign.

Last week at Manchester Airport was "Into the Blue", the biggest Planet Science's outreach event ever held in Britain. Yep, I was there all week (and was paid to be there, I'm making no claims otherwise) - no TCT.

I see various twitter feeds on science outreach, and can recall absolutely nothing mentioning "come and hear from Tracey Curtis-Taylor about how girls can become scientists and engineers".

I just took a look at TCT's Wikipedia page there is no indication that she has ever walked-the-walk and actually obtained any science qualifications herself.

I'm on the books of the Science Media Centre, who spearhead a lot of the news related science outreach in the UK. I've never seen any mention of her there.

My wife is on the Editorial Board and a past president of the Women's Engineering Society - and has never had TCT engage in any of their activities.

The Royal Aeronautical Society is of course the world's leading promoter of aerospace careers. There is no evidence I can find that she has ever engaged with the "Women in aviation and aerospace group", there's no evidence I can find that she has ever presented herself for membership. There is evidence that she was hosted once by a branch in Australia where she claimed to have done her trip to there solo (Royal Aeronautical Society | Society News | Australian Division hosts Tracey Curtis-Taylor )

While Curtis-Taylor’s flight was basically a solo exercise she did have occasional VIP passengers, including a member of the Greek royal family and a Saudi princess. Australian Division corporate partners in attendance at the exclusive event included Qantas, Boeing, Airservices Australia and the Royal Australian Air Force.
Basically, I think that the statement in support of the award is not merely misleading - it is an outright lie. She has done no significant work to promote science and technology, and she has made no attempts to become qualified in a science or technology field herself.


Genghis the Engineer 31st Oct 2016 08:48

Yep saw that. I'm willing to accept that she has had the odd conversation with people along the lines of "flying is great, come do it".

Sorry, flying is flying, working in science and technology is something else altogether. A small number of gifted individuals do both - but as I said, I see no evidence that she has done anything whatsoever to "raise awareness of science and technology".


Mike Flynn 31st Oct 2016 09:15

You need to ask Peter Benn.

He is the current Master of the HCAP and was determined she got a medal.

The Chris Ford citation was a joke.

Poor old Barry Tempest is getting some undeserved comments on her facebook page.

Dave Perkin
Dave Perkin Behind you on this Tracey. Not actually physically behind you, don't worry. Next they'll think I meant in the back seat and I'll be accused of taking the controls! ��
25 October at 19:02
Allan Friswell
Allan Friswell I hope you bankrupt that small-minded spoilt brat that is Rutherford. I hope too that something VERY unpleasant happens to Barry Tempest, the LAA's Resident Misogynist, a man so afraid of women, let alone successful women he wets his pants when he meets one. Tracy - you're a star. xx
29 October at 14:12
Richard Aylmer-Hall
Richard Aylmer-Hall Smacks of sexism and jealousy, these small-minded vindictive minnows can't take away what you have achieved.
8 ∑ 25 October at 18:15
1 Reply
Josie Banks
Josie Banks Good luck dear girl. I have no doubts that you will come through this triumphant x
6 ∑ 25 October at 18:19
Ben Smith
Ben Smith Sorry, but your latest statement still doesn't cut-it. You still appear in denial of THE FACTS. Another fact is [in my opinion] i doubt that you could even navigate around the London TMA SOLO in the same spirit as Amy Johnson, stick & rudder.
5 ∑ 25 October at 20:42 ∑ Edited
3 Replies
Tony ODowd
Tony ODowd Regardless of this awful action to discredit you in many ways you have dedicated your life and merit to the spirit of aviation. Many others may do the talk but not the walk.
2 ∑ 25 October at 20:19
more at https://www.facebook.com/birdinabipl...71531483102527

Jonzarno 31st Oct 2016 09:36

It's interesting that all the FB comments quoted above attack, in a rather juvenile ad hominem way, the individuals who have called into question Ms Curtis-Taylor's claims.

None of them seems to have taken the trouble to research the established and clearly documented facts of the case, nor have they made any attempt to address them.

I say again: what are the answers to the three simple questions I asked?

clareprop 31st Oct 2016 09:49

The simplest answer to all that vitriol is to reply, where possible with this link:


Click on it above , then copy the link from your browser.

noflynomore 31st Oct 2016 10:58

I canít bear technology
Not a line that sits easily with these extravagant claims to be a science and technology ambassador, is it? Completely removes any credibility of such a claim, imo.
I'd always thought a Stearman an odd choice of transport for a science and technology ambassador anyway. Wouldn't a real one have used a Cirrus or similar?
Imagine the TCT Science and Technology festival tour bus arriving at some college for an "outreach" (aaah!) session in a 1930s Bedford bus...Credibility ten to the minus nine and falling, to misquote The Hitchiker's Guide.

obviously I couldnít fly without some concession to modernity like GPS, .."
"Obviously" Not.
Not a line that sits easily with her claim to be a pilot imo. For shame, can't fly without GPS indeed. What a pathetic line.

Nor, "obviously" without an accompanying modern airways equipped flying truck and a bunch of accompanying movers and shakers.


SATCOS WHIPPING BOY 31st Oct 2016 11:06

well, the plot thickens.
I have just been contacted by an investigative Journalist about a totally unrelated matter as part of my work.
I broached the subject of TCT.

She has now been briefed and has the links, brief history and asked some very pertinent questions - ones I duly answered honestly with factual evidence. Amazingly, she was more interested in this than the original reason for her call. :ok:

hoodie 31st Oct 2016 11:14

Originally Posted by clareprop (Post 9562210)
The simplest answer to all that vitriol is to reply, where possible with this link:


If anybody here has the skills to do it, I expect that editing that 1 hour-plus video down into just few seconds of the relevant "solo quotes", with titles at the beginning saying when and where would be a very useful tool.

The short video can then be used when responding to these claims, providing something that can be understood by anyone in a matter of moments.

Jonzarno 31st Oct 2016 11:31

Sorry to keep harping on about this. I'm afraid I don't do Facebook so can't do this myself; but could someone take the three questions I asked earlier and put them on her page?

Either she will have the courage to answer them, or they will "disappear".

If she answers them directly and honestly, that should help clear things up; if they disappear, that is in itself an clear answer.

It seems to me that 90% of the controversy is covered by those questions and her reaction to them should make the situation clear to everyone, critics and supporters alike.

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