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deefer dog 28th Oct 2016 12:53

Her flush is now truly busted.

Hey Tracey, do you remember Jonathan Aitken by any chance? Like you he felt aggrieved when the newspapers accused him of lying. He also threatened to take legal action against his accusers and then following this now famous statement, he did:

'If it falls to me to start a fight to cut out the cancer of bent and twisted journalism in our country with the simple sword of truth and the trusty shield of fair play, so be it. I am ready for the fight,' he said.
And just as SATCO has brilliantly highlighted here, the truth was finally revealed.

Well done SATCO. It must have been an horrendous and vomit inducing task listening to hour after hour of her BS, lies and misrepresentations.

Chesty Morgan 28th Oct 2016 12:55

Nice find SATCO!

deefer dog 28th Oct 2016 13:00

Also looks like she didn't actually fly at the Herne Bay display either.

SATCOS WHIPPING BOY 28th Oct 2016 13:53

Originally Posted by deefer dog (Post 9559171)
Also looks like she didn't actually fly at the Herne Bay display either.

The Stearman is in this video flying at Herne Bay. No date.

See 13:00. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=C2vgTpgqfGs
One occupant,

Mike Flynn 28th Oct 2016 14:27

She mentions using Maypole as a staging post in Satcos video.
Welcome to the Maypole Airfield Information Centre

I think the Stearman was based at Goodwood at that time so a simple flight across Sussex and Kent.

strake 28th Oct 2016 14:57

Commendable research Satco :D

So, are we going to open a book on when the fifth 'Clear and Unequivocal' clarification statement will be made on the birdinabiplane website?

SATCOS WHIPPING BOY 28th Oct 2016 15:07

Thank you all for the tremendous support, I should like to thank my manager, my family and my friends who have been an endless support over these past three hours....yadda yaddda yadda

I can see how fame and adulation can affect someone to the point of believing their own lies.

I wonder how the vote would have changed if the video HAD been shown at the LAA AGM. I too wait with baited breath to see the next fascinating installment in this mockumentary.

ShyTorque 28th Oct 2016 15:14

If someone is retrospectively altering published material that might be used in evidence in court, and trying to hide the fact that it has been altered, surely that is a different ballgame altogether. I do sincerely hope this episode is not about to go down that sorry route.

WeeJeem 28th Oct 2016 15:14

Here's a wee picture to ponder on a Friday afternoon.

It's still WiP (obviously!), but already makes for interesting viewing. If anyone has anything they feels might not be out of place here, whether it is a person, organisation or relationship (eg Libertine just arrived on the graph today, and I haven't had time to put the links in yet) please post it up or PM it to me.

As a good law-abiding citizen, please PLEASE! include at least one (preferably two or more) references to the info provided.

For example, Libertine state here that

Posted by Libertine on 18 September 2013 We were down at the Goodwood Revival Festival last week to bid farewell to pilot Tracey-Curtis Taylor before she embarks on a solo flight in her open cockpit plane – Spirit of Artemis – from Cape Town to Goodwood. The expedition, which is recreating the journey that pioneering female aviator Mary Heath made in 1928, is being sponsored by Artemis.
We’ve spent the last few months working alongside Artemis, Tracey and the team to design the branding of the plane. When considering the branding, we needed to make sure we struck a good balance between brand visibility and making sure the plane still maintained it’s authenticity.

Hence, we can add another piece or two of who claimed what when :ok:

(Incidentally, the heavier arrow-header lines are where a reasonable person - looking at the relationship between them, as described by the persons and/or entities involved - might expect money to flow.)
If the image is too small to read, right-click and "view image" in its own window, you can then zoom in to your hearts delight.

Canute 28th Oct 2016 15:25


You seem to have missed the Pentavarit....?

clareprop 28th Oct 2016 15:29


I think this will help with your dotted line from Marshall. :ok:

Bird In A Biplane Limited in London, SW15 4LF

clivewatson 28th Oct 2016 15:46

A lot of commendable work going on here to establish the truth and expose TCT as liar who finds the temptation to exaggerate her claims irresistible. Brilliant work SWB.

Now what was it she was quoted as saying to the Sun newspaper earlier this week?

“I have never sought to mislead anyone about the way that my flights were undertaken."

“It is clear from what I say about the Africa flight and subsequent expeditions that they were not solo flights and that I was accompanied by a support crew.”
Crystal clear Tracey.

pilotmike 28th Oct 2016 15:49

Ms C-T's Wiki page keeps listing her entire Career section around being at a few display, mostly as a static entry. No matter how often these incorrect claims to be a career display pilot are removed, presumably for her own benefit to prevent any chance of her being blamed for claiming to have flown either illegally or indeed if untrue, these claims keep being reverted back as her Career section.

The CAA section on Display flying has the following to say:

Display pilots
Before you can perform at an approved flying display you will need a display authorisation. This requires you to undertake an approval flight for a display evaluator.

Renew a display authorisation by filling in and sending us form SRG 1302.
To upgrade a display authorisation please use form SRG 1300.
For an initial application for a display authorisation please see Flying Displays and Special Events: A guide to safety and administrative arrangements.
Check the cost in our Scheme of Charges.
Guidance for display pilots
Guidance on forms and charges is available in our quick reference guide
You now need a behavioural and attitudinal fitness assessment.
As there is video evidence of Artifice being displayed at the Herne Bay Air Disply, I wonder how her "behavioural and attitudinal fitness assessment" went, given this claim apparently attributed to her "Over the sea, I was flying at 10 feet or below over breeding whales".

I also wonder what height minima she was operating to and what other requirements there were for her Display Authorisation, which presumably was issued for participation in this disply.

By the way, did anyone manage to capture the quote posted a few days ago, apparently of Ms C-T boasting to an audience about some of her airmanship faux pas and subsequent threats to officials who reprimanded her and almost arrested her for breaching their airspace regulations? It seems to have gone, which is a pity.

Lafyar Cokov 28th Oct 2016 16:08

I would have thought that the flying by the Stearman in the Herne Bay video above wouldn't be classed as a display for Display Authorisation purposes and would probably be classed as a 'fly past' which wouldn't require a DA - I stand to be corrected!

The Old Fat One 28th Oct 2016 16:37


It's not attributed to her...it's out her own mouth. Her interview starts at about the 42 minute point. I think some of the other stuff you are looking for is on there too.

BBC Radio 4 - Saturday Live, Former Spice Girl Mel C and aviator Tracey Curtis Taylor

Whatever angle you come at this from (as a previously fully qualified sea survival instructor, you can guess my views) more and more it points to what I might sympathetically term, "a total absence of professional airmanship".

another poster has made a more detailed comment on this abstract at #2191 (page 110) and raised similar concerns to you, you might want to review his/her post.

But yes, I would expect by now that red flags are starting to fly in the inner bowels of the CAA.

pilotmike 28th Oct 2016 17:01

Thanks for confirming various things for me, The Old Fat One.

As I had only read a transcript (post 2191 as you rightly said) and hadn't heard the original recording, I was being very cautious to allow for the possibility of a mis-transcription or misquote. You wouldn't want to be caught lying after all - just imagine the playful ribbing you get here!

Marchettiman 28th Oct 2016 19:33

Weejeem, congratulations, a very well researched and presented flow chart.

This link (see the article about the Air League reception), may fill your remaining vacant box.


BEagle 28th Oct 2016 19:52

I know that this was 4 years ago, but this might be of interest:

The Air League Annual Reception was held in the very prestigious surroundings of St Jamesís Palace on Thursday, 31st May hosted by His Royal Highness Prince Philip The Duke of Edinburgh, who is Patron of The Air League. Marshall of Cambridge is a very strong supporter of The Air League
and a number of employees attended the Reception. Robert Marshall, Chief Executive Officer of Marshall of Cambridge (Holdings) Ltd and his partner Tracey Curtis-Taylor, together with Steve and Beverley Fitz-Gerald, were presented to Prince Philip at the beginning of the evening on the arrival of Prince Philip in the Throne Room at St Jamesís Palace.

robin 28th Oct 2016 20:11

Quelle surprise..

She certainly has been milking her contacts. You don't get the sort of help and support she's had without it.

G-KEST 28th Oct 2016 20:27

A "flypast" at any air display which needs CAA authorisation is a display item and does require the pilot to hold a current display authorisation.
The requirement for a DA applicant to have an acceptable "behavioural and attitudinal fitness assessment" is a fairly recent innovation by the CAA GA Department.
Hope this explains a couple of points.

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