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SATCOS WHIPPING BOY 30th Oct 2016 10:33

It is interesting how this has developed over the past months. Initially I believed TCT's version but only a slight bit of digging has revealed to me the truth.

Thing is Sam, had you flown the SofA then I guess there would still be an intact R44 and no crater at Winslow.

To those who are now stepping back from this.
Allowing this situation to go unchallenged is morally wrong. We can show she has lied but she continues to blame others, surely that cannot be right.

Cessnafly 30th Oct 2016 10:44

Allowing this situation to go unchallenged is morally wrong. We can show she has lied but she continues to blame others, surely that cannot be right.

No, it isn't right SWB.

Unfortunately, dealing with those people in this top tier, such deceit and trickery is all part of normal in their usual working day.

It will never change.

The mockery is, they all operate under the banner of 'Honourable' and I guess they believe it.

Canute 30th Oct 2016 11:26

Cessna etc

I think you need to stick to the main point.

She has won awards and public recognition for being a plucky solo adventurer fighting through adversity.

It turns out that she was not solo, wore wings she did not earn and had people to deal with the adversity.

These are things that I and many others are annoyed by.

Trying to link all this to some great conspiracy involving the great and the good I think will dilute the message and just make you easier to dismiss as the crazies that some of you are sounding like.

I don't care if she was unprofessional in an aircraft. So what? So she flew over whales. So she buzzed a palace or two.
She is a PPL. I expect PPL holders to be unprofessional, and in adventurers I kind of expect and respect it.

Trying to make out that everybody she knows is somehow any different from everybody else she duped is just class war crap.

Cessnafly 30th Oct 2016 11:40

Canute, we have all stuck to the main point.

We are talking about a liar whom has misrepresented, rubbed shoulders with the top tier and has been awarded/acknowledged for such. Have I missed anything?

A law abiding PPL would not go about to deliberately breach such air navigation orders, and then boast about it in such an 'inspirational' glorified manner.

Haraka 30th Oct 2016 11:57

I would be grateful if somebody here would post or give references to, the four differing texts and dates of the HCAP citations for TC-T's Masters award.

Sam Rutherford 30th Oct 2016 12:10

I think Jay has them, but if I remember correctly they are:

1. The first letter she received from the then-Master, which is on this thread somewhere.
2. Public statement about it given to journalist David Jarvis.
3. Another letter (also on this thread I believe).
4. The final citation on the award when given last week.

Cheers, Sam.

SATCOS WHIPPING BOY 30th Oct 2016 13:22

1 Attachment(s)
Interesting to see how the birdinabiplane media page has now included a link to the Times article from yesterday as "proof" that we are all wrong.

I like this bit “I wish we’d sorted that misreporting out but I can’t do everything all of the time,” she (TCT) said.

Sorry TCT, no misreporting as I see it. YOU were telling them you were solo or are you suggesting that we have all misheard your words, not once but twice in the same video clip from Herne Bay. Boeing were telling them you were solo in their Press Release. The purpose of a Press Release is to give the media the FACTS which they will then publish.

Based upon this some illustrious bodies have given you awards and accolades that you are clearly not worthy of. This brings them into disrepute and undermines all those who have earned their admiration.

p.s. lose those RAF wings please, I find it most offensive that you feel you are worthy to wear them - for the avoidance of doubt - you are not even close.

noflynomore 30th Oct 2016 13:32

I'd just like to reinforce what Canute said about sticking to the main point

We'll do this cause no favours if we let childish and irrational arguments muddy the waters, emotional tosh such as deafening whales and parading overt class-bigotry or anti-royal prejudice serves only to make the author look blinkered and biased at best and taints the argument at worst.

TCT is treading a very fine line somewhere between wilfully misleading and the rare overt untruth. We won't beat the subtleties of her machinations by spouting tired clichéd slogans that merely display our prejudices or parading any of the more peculiar bees in our bonnets.

So far this thread has gone to an extraordinary length (120 pages) without significant thread drift or overt rancour. This must surely be a record for PPRuNe and something to be proud of. It certainly shows how united people can be in the face of promoting honesty and good practise in aviation.

Let's keep it there!

Jonzarno 30th Oct 2016 13:53

Flynomore: Absolutely right! :D

Mike Flynn 30th Oct 2016 14:12

I think we need to move on now.

We have established she was not alone in the Spirit of Artemis according to the Times article by staff reporter Lucy Bannerman on October 29th.

She estimates she was alone in the aircraft for about 10 per cent of the time, with guest passengers for 20 per cent and with Ewald Gritsch, her Austrian engineer, for the rest.
Bird in a Biplane swoops on claims she didn?t fly solo | News | The Times & The Sunday Times

Or to put it another way for 90% of the time she was not solo and Ewald was up front for 70% of the flights. Some solo flying!

We know that from all the pictures out there on the internet showing two up in the Spirit of

However the BBC,ITV, countless newpapers and media printed stories about these great solo flights "emulating" Lady Mary Heath and Amy Johnson.

Indeed these two famous record breaking solo pilots form the backbone of all Tracey Curtis Taylor's speeches and presentations.

She admits she could have done more to correct misleading reports that made liberal use of the phrase “flying solo”.

“I wish we’d sorted that misreporting out but I can’t do everything all of the time,” she said.
So the newspapers made mistakes? With very similar copy that appears to be from a press release?
The UK Daily Telegraph has already confirmed she was quoted correctly.

She was claiming to fly solo in videos such as Herne Bay. She implied in magazines and on the radio she was solo. She was part of a multi million pound promotional exercise with a dedicated PR man on the spot.

His name...Tim Kelly. Here he is in the background in charge of the press pack in Sydney as she receives a certificate stating SOLO from the Australian Women Pilots Association. ( now rescinded) Did he know as he smirked what the award said. Do bears do their stuff in the woods?

So how did the global media get it wrong?

Tim Kelly Media on behalf of Artemis and Boeing Aircraft Corporation issued press releases stating these were solo flights.

I feel it is now time to ask Tim Kelly Media Ltd,Boeing Aircraft Corporation and Artemis some leading questions.

Why the deception and on reflection did it work?

Mike Flynn 30th Oct 2016 15:04

Boeing and Artemis spent millions on these stunts. Their PR department were out to get maximum publicity.

- Boeing sponsors solo open cockpit flight from U.K. to Australia.
Boeing Corporate Offices 100 N. Riverside Chicago, IL 60606 www.boeing.com
Abu Dhabi – Nov. 4, 2015 - Adventurous British female aviator Tracey Curtis- Taylor landed safely today at Al-Bateen airport in Abu Dhabi in her classic 1942 Boeing Stearman Spirit of Artemis. The experienced pilot set off on her intrepid expedition from the U.K. to Australia October 1, aiming to fly 13,000 miles across 23 countries.


Time to forget about Ewald and TCT and ask serious questions to the sponsors?

9 lives 30th Oct 2016 15:17

Sam R: One version, one story, no changes at any stage. None.
This theme is important to me. Those, who among these pages, have presented factual information, seem to me to have been pretty well substantiated by supplementing and cross referenced information. It seems that with a super opportunity here, TCT has not appeared to directly address the accusations, though rather weaseled and smurged words, and blamed the media for getting things wrong. While "following the money", I'm also inclined to follow the story which remains consistent.

Only by keeping this 'live' on PPRuNe can 'we' go some way to protecting 'their' reputations.
Well, really, "we" are protecting "our" reputations, not just "theirs". We are the aviation professionals who stand proudly behind our accomplishments, and do not claim unearned accolades. The same way we would not accept a pilot making claims of unearned experience with bogus pilot log entries, we do not condone accepting unearned awards.

On each occasion when TCT stood holding a microphone, wine glass or award, she knew exactly what she was there for - adulation, earned or otherwise. If she were not standing at the head of the crowd, accepting the accolades, the media would not be reporting it!

A PPL has the right to distinguish themselves as a pilot in any way they would like - except flying for hire or reward. Honourable PPLs respect the privileges of CPLs. I wonder if TCT sees reward in what she has done and claimed. I wonder if TCT regards presenting her occupation as pilot conveying the notion that she earns a living by flying planes.

We pilots have the right to stand up and be heard in our disdain for those falsely claiming accolades. Well done to the LAA for listening to their members.

So far this thread has gone to an extraordinary length (120 pages)
Yeah, that's got to be monumental, I think that TCT is permanently engraved in the annals of PPRuNe, and not in a good way. As I have said, TCT has not murdered anyone, so a whole lot of apologizing and stepping back could begin to unwind this debacle from her side. IMHO, there is no unwinding or stepping back needed on the part of those who have revealed the truth.

Mike Flynn 30th Oct 2016 16:08

Time to chase the sponsors.

The man who heads Artemis is Richard Turpin. He agreed the whole Spirit of Artemis sponsorship deal.

Here he is on the Alamy website which is used by many newspapers and publications for stock photos.
Read the caption.

Stock Photo - Farnborough Airport, UK. 1st October, 2015. Adventurer Tracey Curtis-Taylor starts 13,000 mile solo biplane flight. Richard Turpin of Artemis and Spirit of Artemis © carol

Caption for picture below

Stock Photo - Farnborough Airport, UK. 1st October, 2015. Adventurer Tracey Curtis-Taylor starts 13,000 mile solo biplane flight. Tracey Curtis Taylor talks to Prince Michael of Kent ©

Now call me a cynic but those wings or RAF brevet sported alongside Prince Michael are not just any old
badge bought from an online pilot shop.

Here is Tim Kelly who was in charge of media and press releases for the above pictures and all the UK to Sydney publicity.

So we must have a few questions for 'Dick' Turpin at Artemis.
press enquiries, contact:

Ross Leckie, Director of communications
+44 (0)20 7399 6361
[email protected]

and Tim Kelly?

[email protected]

Cessnafly 30th Oct 2016 16:28

I think you will find that it will be recorded as "a private matter between friends".

Certainly recorded that way under similar controversy on Wiki if you have a look.

Mike Flynn 30th Oct 2016 16:35

I think the sponsorship of the Spirit of Artemis is a public matter as Boeing and Artemis are not private individuals.

The captions to my previous pictures and the Boeing press release clearly state that TCT and the Spirit of Artemis was embarking on or involved in a solo flight.

In addition the aircraft carried the Royal Navy logo and the RNRM charity logo.

Mike Flynn 30th Oct 2016 16:58

Farnborough Airshow 2016
I have just found this via the Alamy stock picture website.

The rebuilt Spirit of Artemis arriving from Hungary .

Stock Photo - The Boeing Stearman "Spirit of Artemis" flying at the Farnborough International Airshow 2016

Here is a close up....recognise the man in the front seat?

Looking at the two pilots which one is flying?

strake 30th Oct 2016 17:46

Looking at the two pilots which one is flying?
Impossible to tell but I'd hazard a guess..as normal, both.

Stanwell 30th Oct 2016 18:01

Originally Posted by Stanwell (Post 9438540)
I wonder how many UK taxpayers are aware that they've been generously contributing to TCT's ongoing scam, hmm?

It would seem that, if the prominence of advertising on the "Spirit of Artifice" is anything to go by, then Her Majesty's Government would be TCT's second largest sponsor, behind Artemis Investments.
Observers will have noticed the large Union Flag immediately below the front cock-pit(sic) topped with the message .."GREAT Britain".

Now, how did that come about, you may ask?
Well, an acquaintance of Tracey's, The Honourable(sic) Maria Miller, the now-disgraced former Secretary of State for Culture, Media and Sport in Cameron's cabinet, possibly thought it would be a good idea to dip into the exchequer to give Tracey a bit of a financial leg-up as well as some credibility.
"To inspire people to visit the country she (TCT) comes from", of course.
That was in November 2013 when the "Solo Aviatrix" scam was just gaining momentum.
No doubt those two girls had a good chat - it seems they have a few things in common.

Maria Miller was forced to resign from Cabinet for a significant 'fiddling of the books' and she was also in big trouble for attempted media manipulation.
The problems were that:
1). Even David Cameron and his establishment mates could not save her from the wrath of Parliament.
2). She tried on the media manipulation stunt with the wrong newspaper - The Telegraph.

So, taxpayers of the UK, I hope you're comfortable in the knowledge that your taxation contributions have provided Tracey (and others) with some pretty fair tuition in the darker arts as well as helping maintain her in the style to which she's lately become accustomed.
A sad thing is, Maria Miller hasn't, in the end, been able to edit and polish her Wikipedia page.
Perhaps Tracey could show her how.

Talking of sponsors, facilitators and patrons...
Above is a post of mine from July 13th of this year.
Nothing compared to the Artemis/Boeing sponsorships but, make of that what you will.

N.B. The detail of the above was drawn from Maria Miller's Wiki page.

B70 30th Oct 2016 18:37

"2). She tried on the media manipulation stunt with the wrong newspaper - The Telegraph."

But, how much do you think Maria Miller spent per annum on advertising with the Telegraph?

zimbo565 30th Oct 2016 19:01

Original award letter dated 13 January 2016 is on JS's post #2240

The 2016 Awards Booklet on the HCAP site contains the following:

Between October last year and January this year, Tracey Curtis-Taylor led an aviation expedition from the UK to Australia, retracing the route flown by Amy Johnson as tribute to her, and evoking the pioneering spirit of that era, but with a very different purpose or objective for the whole undertaking. Unlike Amy Johnson’s flight this was not a solo flight and it was sponsored by Artemis and Boeing as part of a promotional endeavour to encourage females into aviation. Tracey's team consisting her co-pilot and engineer, Ewald Gritsch, flying with her in the Stearman biplane, and film-crew in a Cessna Caravan chase-plane throughout the expedition, together with back-up and logistics support team, were all there with one specific principal aim in mind: to promote aviation to many thousands of youngsters, especially women, across the globe for whom flying is a distant, even unknown or seemingly unachievable activity. The entire expedition was filmed for a documentary and will show, better than can be described by any citation, how this outreach to youngsters in the Middle East and Asia in particular was achieved.

This was a singularly spectacular and successful advertisement for women in aviation, worldwide. Whether young women witnessed the flights directly, or indirectly by following social media or press campaigns, many will have been inspired by this ‘bird in a biplane’. In many of the countries en route and where Tracey and her team stopped-over, refuelled or put-on demonstration flights, a woman driving a car is almost unheard of, let alone flying a plane. Consider the impact that seeing a woman in the cockpit had on many of those young, impressionable women.

The Master’s award recognises Tracey Curtis-Taylor’s work in raising awareness of science and technology in general, and aviation in particular, amongst young women across the world. In recognition of her role as leader of this aviation expedition, and all it achieved, Tracey Curtis-Taylor is awarded the Master's Medal for 2015/16."

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