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Right Hand Thread 29th Oct 2016 11:54

...why did TCT quit flying at Old Warden? Are we missing something?
Let us just say that she did not leave entirely of her own accord and is not exactly missed there.

SATCOS WHIPPING BOY 29th Oct 2016 12:00

Is there a way of finding the registrations of the aircraft Ewald owns?

zimbo565 29th Oct 2016 12:05

Anyone in the freight forwarding business know how long these things take? I can't imagine you'd get it boxed and trucked to a US dockside in less than 4-5 days. Then you've got to find a ship ready to go to a suitable European port, then clear customs and truck it to Hungary.
"A few weeks" according to Ewald's site (link is to today's version of the site as saved to the Wayback machine):

A few weeks after the crash the Spirit of Artemis arrived in our maintenance base in Hungary.....a sad moment, but big motivation for everyone of the team to get it flying again, possibly in time for Farnborough 2016......

Between these pictures are many night and weekend shifts, all in all several thousand workhours, by a dozen of our engineers.....

Less than two months after the crash the Spirit of Artemis is reborn a second time!

Mike Flynn 29th Oct 2016 12:09

I would imagine the wreck was flown airfreight back to Hungary.

The most valuable part, the serial plate, would fit in your pocket.

Does the pallet below the Stearman suggest air freight?

Not much of the original airframe here.


zimbo565 29th Oct 2016 12:15

Originally Posted by SATCOS WHIPPING BOY (Post 9560323)
Is there a way of finding the registrations of the aircraft Ewald owns?

FAA Registry shows the following for 3G Classic Aircraft Inc

31068 5291 PIPER J3C-65
5323N 75-5809 BOEING E75
5527N 75-5361 BOEING B75N1
56200 757813 BOEING B75N1
5729N 75-8232 BOEING E75
9478H 75-6833 BOEING B75N1

but who knows what he has lying around in Hungary, his site shows 9 'new' Stearman available:

1. Boeing Stearman, Model 75, SN 75 - 07, A75N1 (PT-17)
2. Boeing Stearman, Model 75, SN 75 - 24, A75N1 (PT-17)
3. Boeing Stearman, Model 75, SN 75 - 32, A75L300
4. Boeing Stearman, Model 75, SN 75 - 38, D75N1.. (PT-27)
5. Boeing Stearman, Model 75, SN 75 - 53, B75N1.. (N2S-5)
6. Boeing Stearman, Model 75, SN 75 - 58, E-75 ... (PT-13D)
7. Boeing Stearman, Model 75, SN 75 - 78, B75N1.. (N2S-3)
8. Boeing Stearman, Model 75, SN 75 - 82, E-75... (N2S-5)
9. Boeing Stearman, Model 75, SN 75 - 85, E-75... (N2S-5)

pilotmike 29th Oct 2016 12:17


Has anyone, yet, read Terry Holloway's (Vice Chairman, The Air League) letter in Pilot magazine? (December issue). Sycophantic or what!!
What - you mean Marshall Director Terry Holloway?:

Marshall director Terry Holloway joins e-Go as Chairman - News - Pilot

e-Go! - now there's an aircraft that would suit Ms C--T's style down to the ground. I really must refrain from mentioning 'down to the ground' in case it gets mistaken for a reference to the Wreck of Artifice in Arizona.

Care to post the text of the letter here for everyone to enjoy?

Another link for the flowchart of who pays / dates / promotes / markets / sponsors / bigs-up / defends who which was posted a few pages ago.

Sadly, 'liketohelp' can't be added as they departed so swiftly after just 3 posts and within less than a day of joining PPRuNe just to share their pearls of wisdom.

zimbo565 29th Oct 2016 12:29

“When we’re filming, flying low over places like the Bagan temples in Burma, it was Ewald’s job to look out for hazards, wires, cables, cell towers, temples. I was the one flying the plane.”

Kinda thought that was the pilot's obligation, not the "engineer's".

SATCOS WHIPPING BOY 29th Oct 2016 12:36

Thank you Zimbo. I can do some digging now I have that info.:ok:

Having looked at the images on Ewald's site I can add the following to the timeline.

The image of the wreck of N56200 in the airmail-route hangar USA was taken 12 May 2016.
The image of the wingless wreck was taken 17 June 2016
The image of the rebuilt fuselage was taken 26 June 2016
The image of the rebuilt aircraft was taken 8 July 2016 - image cannot be the first one of the rebuilt aircraft though as the one of its first testflight was taken on 7 July 2016.

I can discount date setting errors between the images as they were taken using the same camera.

By my reckoning from wreck to rebirth was no more than 20 days. 17 june to 7 July.

Make of that what you will. I am not qualified to say if those timings are reasonable or not.

Aeronut 29th Oct 2016 13:12

Originally Posted by zimbo565 (Post 9560352)

Kinda thought that was the pilot's obligation, not the "engineer's".

Add stationary helicopters to the list of things to avoid. ;-O

Cessnafly 29th Oct 2016 15:56

It's not that straightforward airpolice.

That same 'solo' misrepresentation has been spouted by her at other [what she would call] 'outreach' 'inspirational' speeches.

Many of us have heard it in other places other than in that YouTube clip.

I concur, it's all quite distressing.

Wasn't there a Chris Huhne and a Vicky Pryce that conspired just once over a frivolous speeding fine.

Just thinking about the implications here with manufactured deceit, proven lies and the connection with a multi million pound investment company.

TCT says that she has gone to the Metropolitan Police. This hasn't probably done her any favours once they investigate.

Striking similarities to the Huhne and Pryce case which came back to bite.

ShyTorque 29th Oct 2016 16:19

Follow the money?

As the flights were undertaken by a PPL holder, no money will have changed hands except on a cost sharing basis.....will it?

pilotmike 29th Oct 2016 16:53

I'm sure I can't be alone in wanting to find answers to the following questions:

1) What was the incident where Ms C--T claims to have almost died on a French airfield?

2) What was ever done about the shockloaded engine on the Stearman after it was used to destroy the R44 at Goodwood?

3) What were the circumstances of Ms C--T's departure from Old Warden? Are the Shuttleworth Collection pilots not bothered by her claiming to have been one of them? "Right Hand Thread', a PM would be treated confidentially.

4) How was the Wreck of Artifice rebuilt in unbelievably quick time?

5) What DA allowed Ms C--T to display at Herne Bay, and indeed at any other airshows?

6) What provisions of Ms C--T's PPL allowed her to earn any money from any of her flying, either from the sponsors or as a Display Pilot as her supporters on Wiki keep on insisting?

7) Why did Mr Gritsch, as Ms C--T's acknowledged co-pilot she now admits, allow her to break so many regulations and laws, and allow himself to become party to those same breaches, even to allow her to crash the aircraft with him in it? As he was apparently responsible for flight planning, we now learn, should he not have controlled her more wayward departures from safe and legal execution of all of these flights?

8) As Ms C--T has openly boasted about her crass low flying over breeding whales, are any wildlife and conservation groups interested to investigate what appears to have been a disgraceful attack on the whales according to Ms C--T's own account?

9) After Ms C--T's apparently pompous and arrogant attack to defend herself from almost certain arrest after one of the many wayward gung-ho showboating events she has described in detail, which might have caused a diplomatic incident which portrays Britain and British subjects in a very poor light, were there any consequences from this incident of which she openly boasts?

Are there any investigative reporters / journalists about who might have the resources and interest to dig up a scoop from any one of these avenues of investigation?

Right Hand Thread 29th Oct 2016 17:33

Look at the LAA membership numbers, look at how many went to the AGM, and how many voted by post on the recent motion.
And there is a thing.

The postal/proxy votes were known to the LAA committee (although not the rank and file membership) in advance of the AGM, they knew that the majority of those votes would force them to rescind the award.

The number of people attending the AGM was approximately double that in a 'normal' year and a large number of those people in attendance were TCT supporters.


Stanwell 29th Oct 2016 18:38

What a remarkable woman.
It seems that, in many places she's been, people have very clear memories of her - Ardmore, Old Warden, Goodwood, Sywell, Africa and Australia.
A truly inspiring character who's taught many people lessons they won't forget.

One question, though .. Has she yet received her HCAP Masters Medal in the 'plain brown envelope' ?

hugh flung_dung 29th Oct 2016 19:48

Chaps and chappesses (and honourable mods, if any are listening), from what I have read it seems possible that this lady has been economical with the truth, may have exaggerated a few things, may have more to be modest about then she realises and may have damaged the cause she professes to be promoting ... but some of the frantic typings here are on the verge of being "a bit strange" and rather juvenile. If some people feel motivated to explore the veracity of statements then I wish you well, but there are professional ways of doing such things and the sort of appends we've seen here don't (IMnsHO) fall into that category.
I will now unsubscribe from this thread (having become subscribed when I commented on instructing in a Stearman) but I hope that those who remain will consider whether the approach they've taken to date will achieve the end they desire.


hobbit1983 29th Oct 2016 20:11

Well said HFD.

Pilot DAR 29th Oct 2016 23:04

Hello Posters,

Please let's keep information in the posts fresh and factual. Delving and investigating facts is okay, but let's keep the posts professional and on topic.

B70 30th Oct 2016 07:49

Surely, by now, it has become obvious to all that this entire issue is about a marketing campaign – a joint venture between (principally) Artemis Investments and Bird in a Biplane Ltd. From this exercise, the Bird gets all the attention that she craves, and the Artemis brand is highlighted every time the ‘Spirit of Artemis’ is mentioned. A marriage made in heaven – almost.

It doesn’t worry me that the media, along with many organisations and institutions have been taken in, nor would I be too concerned if there were another dodgy entry to the honours list, after all, bigger rascals have already trodden those boards. However, I do seriously hope that history records these flights as no more than a bold, imaginative publicity stunt.

The best outcome now would be for TC-T to disappear quietly into the background whilst those who have been fooled take a deep breath, look at one another and shake their heads. I don’t envisage any legal action because witnesses would be called to court where such niceties as client-confidentiality go out of the window. Further embarrassments could be revealed and neither the sponsors, nor any of the big-names involved, would want that.

Sam Rutherford 30th Oct 2016 08:19

From Tracey's latest:

Not only would her male passenger have been sitting in the wrong cockpit to fly such a vintage aircraft, it can now be revealed that the main source of the claims was her former logistics manager, Sam Rutherford, an ex-Sandhurst officer who was asked to leave the expedition after falling out with the crew.

We'll, actually not. With a student on board the instructor would sit in the front seat.

I wasn't fired (I completed my contract as planned) - she keeps repeating this despite it being incorrect.

Name and education are correct, I wasn't asked to leave the expedition and the 'fall out with the crew' was with very specific members!

Part of the reason she suspects Mr Rutherford of waging a campaign against her is that she forbade him from flying her plane, a restored 1940s Boeing Stearman, because he didn’t have enough experience. “I never let him near it, and he hated that,” Ms Curtis-Taylor said. She added that the accusations, and slurs on social media, come from “a very small handful of people”.

Complete fiction (again). I never asked to fly the Stearman at any time (and indeed, it wasn't part of my role on the expedition to fly anything). The only time this came up was when Tracey offered me flight a few months before departure (which I accepted). I even travelled up to meet her to fly but the weather was not suitable so the flight was abandoned.

The reasons I went public I have made clear from the very start - when she started getting awards for something she hadn't done and I suggested she politely decline them. She didn't, so...

I have never flown a Stearman, but with over 600 tailwheel hours (almost 3000 in total) I think I could pick it up reasonably quickly. But, to repeat, my job did not involve actually flying anything.

She added that the accusations, and slurs on social media, come from “a very small handful of people”.

Possibly, they'll be the well informed ones I guess... ;)

Sam Rutherford 30th Oct 2016 09:20

I'll fine tune this over the coming days, but in short:

TCT: After announcing before the Cape Town flight that it was going to be solo, she has issued no less than FOUR different public statements about how the flights were flown (slowly becoming less solo until not solo at all).

HCAP: Have produced FOUR different reasons (all in public domain) about why she would be awarded the same Medal for the same flight.

Sam R: One version, one story, no changes at any stage. None.

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