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racedo 13th May 2013 20:34

Can you explain to me what that means?

By M16 did you mean MI6? http://images.ibsrv.net/ibsrv/res/sr...s/confused.gif
Could be MI6 with M16s...............
damm spelling gremlins and those who spot them ;)

Lonewolf_50 13th May 2013 20:55

Eclectic, did you forget that chunk of Iran for the Kurds? :E

GreenKnight121 14th May 2013 04:20

And the smidge of Armenia...

Lonewolf_50 14th May 2013 12:51

in this morning's news, we have the report of some bizarre behavior by the leader of one of the Islamic faction's the not quite famous (until this morning's news coverage) Omar al-Farouq Brigade ...

A Syrian rebel commander has been caught on video cutting out the heart of a soldier and biting into it, Human Rights Watch said late Monday.

Amateur video posted online shows a man cutting into the dead solider's torso and removing his liver and heart. The New York-based rights group identified the man as Abu Sakkar, a founder of the rebel Omar al-Farouq Brigade.

In the video, which prompted outrage on all sides of the country’s deadly
civil war, the man says: "I swear to God we will eat your hearts and your
livers, you soldiers of Bashar the dog,”according to HRW.
Given that the soldier was already dead, I am not sure if this constitutes an atrocity, but it sure is a great way to get people to condemn you and your side.

Abu, you may regret this little stunt. You wanted attention, I think you'll get it ... and maybe not the kind you were looking for.

Training Risky 14th May 2013 13:14

I think desecration of dead bodies is a war crime...or maybe at worst against the Geneva Convention.

I seem to recall a case of a Para making a necklace of ears from dead Argies immediately after some of the engagements had finished. I think he got in trouble for that...

Eclectic 14th May 2013 13:29

Is cutting the heart out of a corpse and eating it any worse that blowing people up with a missile from a UAV piloted from an air conditioned room thousands of miles away? Or shooting up insurgents from a mile out with 30mm ammo fired from the nose of an Apache? Limbs still get ripped from torsos, people are decapitated in the process and innocents caught in the mix.

Lonewolf_50 14th May 2013 14:54

Eclectic: to some people, desecration of a corpse is offensive for a variety of reasons. Your attempt at moral equivalence misses the point.

Whomever died, and however he died, he's dead. The civil war in Syria is terrible enough.

To then take the trouble to descerate the corpse for ideological purpose, or for some act of showmanship, is a different sort of horror, with different motivations than fighting in a war.

Roland Pulfrew 14th May 2013 15:18

Is cutting the heart out of a corpse and eating it any worse than blowing people up with a missile...
Err, yes! Deliberate mutilation of a corpse is, IIRC, a war crime. Given the way that certain parts of the world reacted to the video of some US personnel simply urinating on a dead taliban, then I hope (but do not expect) the same condemnation and rioting from the citizens of those same countries. One law for some........:hmm:

ImageGear 14th May 2013 17:02

Elements of Crimes
International Criminal Court

Article 8 (2) (b) (xxi)
War crime of outrages upon personal dignity
1. The perpetrator humiliated, degraded or otherwise violated the dignity of one or
more persons.49
2. The severity of the humiliation, degradation or other violation was of such degree as
to be generally recognized as an outrage upon personal dignity.
3. The conduct took place in the context of and was associated with an international
armed conflict.
4. The perpetrator was aware of factual circumstances that established the existence of
an armed conflict.

49 For this crime, “persons” can include dead persons. It is understood that the victim need not personally be
aware of the existence of the humiliation or degradation or other violation. This element takes into account
relevant aspects of the cultural background of the victim.

Eclectic 15th May 2013 06:35

It appears that this incident was instigated by the perpetrator looking at was on his victim's phone. There he found video of Alawites abusing Sunni women.
“We opened his cell phone and I found a clip of a woman and her two daughters fully naked, and he was humiliating them”

Syrian rebel defends eating dead soldier's organ as revenge - Telegraph

Lonewolf_50 15th May 2013 12:03

Eclectic, are you defending this desecration as justifiable? :confused:

Wry thought: cell phones cams keep causing people grief, even after they are dead! :eek:

Lonewolf_50 20th May 2013 19:14

An interesting piece on what got this Syria civil war going, a few years back.

Without Water, Revolution (Written by Tom Friedman, NYT))
Caveat: Friedman is full of crap as often as not, but he may be on to something here.

He sees the war through the prism of draught, and of the government's poor water policy. In Texas, we have similar issues at hand with the boom in the Eagle Ford Shale region, which also has ground water issues in an agricultural region. Eerie parallel ...

“The drought did not cause Syria’s civil war,” said the Syrian economist Samir Aita, but, he added, the failure of the government to respond to the drought played a huge role in fueling the uprising. What happened, Aita explained, was that after Assad took over in 2000 he opened up the regulated agricultural sector in Syria for big farmers, many of them government cronies, to buy up land and drill as much water as they wanted, eventually severely diminishing the water table. This began driving small farmers off the land into towns, where they had to scrounge for work.

Then, between 2006 and 2011, some 60 percent of Syria’s land mass was ravaged by the drought and, with the water table already too low and river irrigation shrunken, it wiped out the livelihoods of 800,000 Syrian farmers and herders, the United Nations reported.

“State and government was invented in this part of the world, in ancient Mesopotamia, precisely to manage irrigation and crop growing,” said Aita, “and Assad failed in that basic task.”

The best jobs in Hasakah Province, Syria’s oil-producing region, were with the oil companies. But drought refugees, virtually all of whom were Sunni Muslims, could only dream of getting hired there. “Most of those jobs went to Alawites from Tartous and Latakia,” said Zakaria, referring to the minority sect to which President Assad belongs and which is concentrated in these coastal cities. “It made people even more angry. The best jobs on our lands in our province were not for us, but for people who come from outside.”
Comment on the sectarian nature of the civil war, in contrast to the war for independence from France? The motto then:

“Religion is for God, and the country is for everyone.”
That attitude seems to no longer be popular.

This of course isn't the only point of view on this civil war, but it informs somewhat the mechanism by which so much of the population was open to radicalization: despot exploits people and resources, and massive move from rural to urban settings by a displaced population.

Recipe for revolt.

VinRouge 20th May 2013 20:07

with the number of islamist suufi nutters getting turned into worm food, including a large influx of the most extreme black flag waving aq, supporting both sides gets my vote. At the very best, we should just leave them to it. from previous footage, its oretty obvious these people want to live on a sixth century battlefield, consuming human organs. why should i risk my neck to defend the indefensible?

the Phrophet made it pretty clear what would happen to those engaging in fitna.

NutLoose 20th May 2013 20:37

Luckiest rebels out there, watch the anti tank missile just clear the turret at about 1.12 mins

Video: Missile Misses Tank by Inches - Middle East - News - Israel National News

Lonewolf_50 20th May 2013 20:48

Close shave. I wonder if the tank crew was shooting at the anti tank missile firing position. Some AT weapons leave a pretty large visual signature when they go off.

racedo 20th May 2013 23:11

Seems like FSA now getting zero support as Assad having weathered the storm and been resupplied and retrained the spring campaign is winning back lost territory.

Benghazi is potentially having a direct impact as US pulls its supply lines and the other GCC states realising the $$$$ don't all go that far.

The fact that native population haven't joined up in their millions pretty much gives an end game which is unlikely to be pleasant and scores will be settled.

500N 20th May 2013 23:33

That was close.

I couldn't freeze frame it on my system, anyone manage to work
out what type it was ?

Lonewolf_50 21st May 2013 15:13

Looks like the Israelis and Syrians are getting on each others' nerves near Golan ... more fun.

Israel and Syria clash on Golan Heights cease-fire line - World News

News this morning seems to confirm, from Hezbollah and Syrian sources, the Hezbollah and Syria are "shoulder to shoulder" in a few fights in central/west Syria.

Not pleased to see that ... :(

TEEEJ 22nd May 2013 00:10

500N wrote

I couldn't freeze frame it on my system, anyone manage to work out what type it was ?

ORAC 22nd May 2013 08:42

Hmmmm, American FGM-148 ATGM????


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