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The Rt Hon (?) George Galloway MP (Kelvin)

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The Rt Hon (?) George Galloway MP (Kelvin)

Old 2nd Apr 2003, 07:27
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One obvious candidate for thirty pieces if silver and directions to the nearest rope store.

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Old 2nd Apr 2003, 17:39
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Perhaps Mr Blair could throw the Hon George out of the Labour Party. There must also be grounds for some charge to be brought along the lines of supporting an enemy during war. The man is despicable.
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Old 2nd Apr 2003, 17:50
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Perhaps somebody should invite him to apply for asylum in Baghdad!
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Old 2nd Apr 2003, 18:59
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A minor problem in bringing charges against him, but have we actually declared war?
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Old 2nd Apr 2003, 23:46
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Angry Galloway bum

I sent this to the slimy sod via his email :
[email protected]

No reply as yet (on his way to see his mate Mr S. Hussein ?).



Dear Saddam Hussein sucker,

I'm a Glaswegian too.........and I just hate to think I might have walked the same street as you !

You are a contemptible disgrace and shameless bas****d calling our loyal troops "wolves".

If you want to stop the war why don't you jump on a plane to Baghdad and help that regime out there ?
The SUN newspaper is quoted as even offering you one-way First Class travel - you would be able to enjoy, once again, the company of a living Hitler you once described as, "He has a gentle handshake and is surprisingly diffident".

That you would shake hands with that evil devil speaks volumes about you as a person, and a politician.

I hope they grill you well and truly the next time you have the bare-face effrontery to take your seat in Parliament. The toilet seat is more befitting your loyalty for the Union flag.

Captain ************
01**********(fax and phone)
Ex - Royal Air Force and one who defended your lousy freedom which allows you to open your fat mouth.
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Old 3rd Apr 2003, 01:11
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Problem is that all the controversy feeds his monstrous ego. If you read carefully, he weasels his words so that he can defend himself once Baghdad falls and the CIA and the Sixers get unlimited access to data and WMD held there. His constant harping back to the past fails to acknowledge the end of the Cold War and the totally different circumstances which prevail today.

I do hope that he will be held to account when the regime falls and the truth is out.

He would lick Saddams **** for the kind of power he represents and his sycophantic handshake with the worst mass murderer of the last few decades should have consigned his political career to the dustbin. Why didn't it ? He keeps pandering to the fanatical fringe of moslem fundamentalism and positively encouraging attacks on British Soldiers, civilians and interests. Most Arabs/Moslems of my acquaintance find the thought of support for Yasser Arafat, Gaddafi and Saddam stomach churning and embarrassing.

He also harps on about the West arming Saddam when a quick glance at the Iraqi ORBAT proves the high percentage of Russian, French and Chinese kit held. You may find a couple of Lathes from a factory in the Midlands and some pipework which in fact never made it to the end of the HARP Gun Barrel, arguably because the funnies let him think everything was on programme then they cuffed him at the last minute (and Gerald Bull, the Gun designer I think!) leaving their programme years behind.

The good people of Kelvin deserve much better. Their call !
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Old 3rd Apr 2003, 14:20
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Tartan Giant,

I loved your e mail to the Rt Harsehole George, well done old boy

The thing is chaps, someone has to have voted the commie bast**d into office But who?? Come on the people of Glasgow, your sons and daughters, husbands & wives are out there also, do you really want your MP calling them Wolves?

The man is a sad and pathetic example of someone in public life who cannot make the headlines other than by shouting his big mouth off with utter cr*p. Try not to rise to his bait (unlike me!) but instead, write a nice polite, calm letter to Mr Blair, explaining that you have taken great personal offence at the Rt Hons comments, and what does he intend to do about it?

Sooner or later, Blair will have to go to the country, and with people like this Mad Jock in his party, it doesn't bode well for him.

In the meantime, to all our heroes in the Gulf, let me say that George Galloway is in a very tiny minority here and DOES NOT, in any way, represent the true views of the average Great Briton! Keep up the great work people and God Speed

The Swinging Monkey
'Caruthers, send a Grouse bottle to Mr Galloway, but fill it with something that only looks like Grouse, yes thats it, PI**'
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Old 6th Apr 2003, 10:40
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Ecce Homo! Loquitur...
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Sunday Times - ‘Baghdad George’ faces expulsion from Labour.

GEORGE GALLOWAY, the pro-Baghdad MP, faces expulsion from the Labour party after urging British troops to disobey orders and branding Tony Blair and George Bush “wolves”.

The government and the party are determined to have their revenge on the maverick member for Glasgow Kelvin in a process that is likely to begin with the removal of the party whip in the Commons. That means Galloway will no longer be regarded as a Labour MP.

The removal of the whip will be followed by further disciplinary measures, with a reprimand and suspension likely to lead to a formal expulsion from the party. This would have to be approved by Labour’s national executive committee, chaired by Blair.

“We are going to get him, have no doubt about that,” a senior Labour source said yesterday. “When this (war) is over his feet won’t touch the ground. What he did is unforgivable.”

Galloway, nicknamed the “member for Baghdad Central”, also faces moves to prosecute him under the Incitement to Disaffection Act 1934. On Tuesday he urged British troops to refuse to obey “illegal orders”.

To add to Galloway’s woes, the outcry over his remarks has forced him to recruit bodyguards. “I have received a torrent of the filthiest, most foul abuse,” he complained. “My elderly mother has been besieged and my wife was imprisoned in her home. There have also been death threats.”
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Old 6th Apr 2003, 15:35
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You guys want to trade him for Jesse Jackson or Al Sharpton?
Still have room at Gitmo if you would like.....
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Old 6th Apr 2003, 16:12
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Galloway the B£%&*%


"The removal of the whip will be followed by further disciplinary measures, with a reprimand and suspension likely to lead to a formal expulsion from the party. This would have to be approved by Labour’s national executive committee, chaired by Blair."

Didn't they do that to Ken Livingstone too ? Didn't he end up as Mayor of London ? God help the people of Glasgow if Galloway gets the Lord Provost's job because it's well seen in our Country that shit floats. Every dimwitted failure in UK politics ends up somewhere on the gravy train - just look at Kinnock and his boss, Glenys, hoovering up in Brussels !

West Coast, thanks for the offer but we'll keep whining little Galloway and your friendship thanks. Galloway will pay for his fawning love affair with Saddam et al and his poor ego won't be able to handle the loss of the limelight. Pearl handled revolver job I think ! I just hope he recruits his "bodyguard" locally.

Maybe we could give him to the French.
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Old 6th Apr 2003, 16:24
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Today's media are carrying a story alleging financial irregularities in connection with a charity and GG.

Galloway has always courted notoriety (there was always one kid like that in every school wasn't there?) but come the end of the war he is toast.

By the way, he certainly isn't a Right Honourable anything. All MPs are Honourable Members (just like me being an Esquire, it is meaningless). Rt. Hon is for Privy Councillors only. GG is not and never will be one.
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Old 6th Apr 2003, 17:25
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Thanks "Unwell", already pointed out earlier hence my well deserved Question Mark in front of this little shit's name. You are right, no matter what happens he is in the clag and just watch him try to weasel out of it after Saddam is zipped up.

He is a born loser but these people just stay in our faces because they have skin like rawhide and don't seem to recognise the contempt in which they are held by the majority. He writes (or hopefully, wrote) for a Newspaper in the UK and I wouldn't wipe my arse on his ranting, supercilious left wing garbage.

I think he should be invited to meet our families back home and explain to them why the Arab Armies should rise up against us ! He thinks he is an "Arabist" (first mistake) and that he speaks for "Arabs" (second mistake) and by toadying to the flag burning fanatics out there that he is regarded as an icon by them at least, because we all know what a Tosser he is and wouldn't give his ego house room.

I don't think his loyalty or honour bears scrutiny and we should really publicise his tainted, pathetic little career to date. Let's start with his "achievements". Other than the distress he has caused to our families I can't think of any.
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Old 7th Apr 2003, 04:21
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Well now the poor mis-guided prat is going "to fight any attempt to have him expelled from the Labour party!" After calling the coalition wolves, he will surely get the biggest bite in his large bum that he has ever had.

Probably best really. Where will he be able to go after Iraq is re-built? Hell comes to mind
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Old 7th Apr 2003, 22:23
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As far as I can see this hideous man should be removed from the house immediately as he, I believe, has had to swear an oath of allegiance to the crown which he has clearly broken. Also he appears, as far as my limited knowledge goes, to have committed offences under both the Incitement to Disaffection Act 1934 and the Treason Act 1945.

He, like all of us on these forums, is lucky enough to have freedom of speech but with that freedom comes responsibility, a responsibility which is made more important by his role as an MP.

He should lose his liberty for the rest of his miserable life and think himself lucky that the full powers of the latter act did not choose to take his life from him.

He is a detestable creature who represents the views of no-one and I only hope that those of you who currently have restricted internet time do not for one second believe that his foul rantings are representative of even the tiniest proportion of this country.
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Old 7th Apr 2003, 23:49
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Nice Observation JAFO ! I hope we don't let Galloway off the hook when the dust settles. There are enough of us coming back to UK soon who will be asking for a quiet word with Galloway in his surgery in Kelvin. That's of course if the little shit isn't out in Colombia, Cuba, Libya, Palestine or Chechnya for example on "fact finding" junkets. What does he do for his own constituents and when does he have the time ?
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Old 9th Apr 2003, 22:55
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There's still time to go and save your "indefatigable" friend but watch his statues don't fall on your fat, pompous little arse.

I can't wait for his next interview having just watched the Iraqi people's reaction to their liberation.

Great ! Power to the people !
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Old 10th Apr 2003, 03:41
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Sadly it was reported on the radio earlier today that Galloway is refusing to give any interviews - funny that.

Hopefully he won't be selected for one of the new seats at the next election. His old seat disappears in the current boundary review. We don't need vermin like him representing Scotland.
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Old 10th Apr 2003, 05:06
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Apologies for copying this it was posted by Whiskey Zulu over in Jetblast. Thought it would be appreciated in here.

During Prime Ministers questions today.

Tony Blair was explaining how it will be difficult to officially declare an end to hostilities in Iraq as (other than Saddam) they do not know which member of the Iraqi regime would have the authority to officially surrender.

A Tory backbencher shouted out 'George Galloway.'

I spat my coffee out, as both sides of the house fell about laughing. Even Tony Blair found it difficult to suppress a laugh.
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Old 10th Apr 2003, 05:59
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Maybe one day Galloway will wake up to the fact that the coalition forces are trying to give the Iraq people the same freedom he has to state their views. Or is he so superior that he is allowed to say what he thinks but others must not?
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Old 10th Apr 2003, 06:06
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Perhaps he would like to go and visit tomorrow and tell the people he likes their former leader. Maybe not he would be ripped apart on the streets. Mans a *****r and oxygen thief. Not worthy of the steam from my s***.
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