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Team Bravo 10th Feb 2020 12:42

Hello all,

Recently submitted an application around mid January with nothing but the standard auto-reply saying the application is being processed. Anyone else in a similar situation?

fokker0 10th Feb 2020 17:26

Did you perform the initial computer based tests? Or have you not received those yet?
In either case it may be to raise a query on the web portal

umitatl 10th Feb 2020 17:38

Me as well;applied at the end of december but not heard anything since,rather than automatic reply..

Aloha_KSA 11th Feb 2020 08:27

Some things to consider
Coronavirus... 777x delay.. perhaps the folks in Doha are a bit busy .... I think we all need to be patient while these situations unfold...



moorie88 11th Feb 2020 10:46

I know someone working there in recruitment and I was advised to expect no movement until Mar / April for DEC. Had my application in since 1st November '19 and it's still "new" on the application page. Patience is the key I think

Silver Bullet 11th Feb 2020 16:11

Hi, I'll have a Online video interview with QR coming, can you pls give some information regarding this video interview. Appreciate it very much. Thank you

fatbus 12th Feb 2020 04:10

And air italy just shut down ! Bound to be a few jump the the queue

Team Bravo 12th Feb 2020 16:27

Originally Posted by fokker0 (Post 10684523)
Did you perform the initial computer based tests? Or have you not received those yet?
In either case it may be to raise a query on the web portal

Hello and thanks for all the replies. Until now no reply except for the immediate one after submitting saying the application is being processed. I am expecting the next phase has something to do with an online test and a skype interview. Nothing that that sort has been sent out yet. Fingers crossed here and good luck to all applying.

Modular Halil 14th Feb 2020 14:16

Originally Posted by donpizmeov2 (Post 10356892)
I don't know in EU but in US an FO in regional is getting 115-120K$/y (bonuses etc) to fly 75h/m not 110h/m ... do your math, and you must be in company accommodation. And in addition to that you are in the Doha (not Dubai/AbuDhabi nor Bahrain) ... your family can be really miserable in the corner of the desert.

not everyone has access to the US, middle East is the better gig out of Europe unless you want to got the China in the current climate no thanks, pretty difficult to get sponsored by a US carrier.

WrldWide 14th Feb 2020 16:35

Originally Posted by Team Bravo (Post 10686110)
Hello and thanks for all the replies. Until now no reply except for the immediate one after submitting saying the application is being processed. I am expecting the next phase has something to do with an online test and a skype interview. Nothing that that sort has been sent out yet. Fingers crossed here and good luck to all applying.

Have to love the instant gratification generation. Applications submitted and no immediate invitation raises concerns🙄. A little patience goes a long way, or it used to.

UAL777 15th Feb 2020 22:41

The pay for a Regional FO in the USA is NOT $115-$120k lol. It's more like $36,000-$50,000 and some regionals offer a sign on bonus anywhere from $5,000-$22,000 as a one time thing, not every year. The $115k is for direct entry Captains at the regionals and also, that number includes a one time bonus of up to $50,000. Then second year as a direct entry Captain, one is earning around $70,000. Also I'd take the Qatar Airways 100 hours a month flying a widebody where I'm eating or sleeping half the time and earning real money tax-free verses 4-6 legs a day as a Regional pilot with very short overnights at shitty hotels in the likes of Birmingham, Alabama eating at the local waffle house..Please don't compare Qatar Airways with a Regional. Heck, I'd say being a Qatar Airways Pilot is as good as it gets in Aviation. The US airlines are not a paradise career, just look at the history of American, Delta and United....Things weren't always so rosy

fokker0 16th Feb 2020 19:55


Has anyone been hired from the pool lately? Boeing rated FO

​​​​​​Trying to guesstimate something

krik767 17th Feb 2020 06:29

Same here! Been waiting for more than a month now
thanks guys

deantmurphy 18th Feb 2020 09:50

Video interview
Hi everyone,

just got the invitation to the video interview! Iíve seen it is now automated and not by Skype is this new?
any heads up on the questions?


B777FO 19th Feb 2020 01:38

Hello! Ive done that some days ago, really easy questions, all of them related to your background as a person/pilot and some not so complicated technical questions. I would like to know about the screening process in Doha, could someone tell me how it is going nowadays? Boeing Type Rated

Manisha Dalal 21st Feb 2020 02:06

DEC b777 joining date
Hello Friends,

any news on B777 Captain joining date..

737driverUS 21st Feb 2020 03:42

Hi ,

I received my travel itinerary for the Type Rated Boeing FO position interview in Doha. I have emailed flight deck recruitment on this but would like to get input from some of my friends here who might have experienced this. One of the documents they request we bring to the interview is the last three pages of logbook signed and stamped. I am from the USA and here logbooks are signed by pilots and thats it, there is no authority or no airline management that would stamp ones logbook. And secondly, the other info they have requested, is the total number of hours flown in your current company and record of that, my company doesnt keep that record but they have just started keeping records of time just in the last 3 months and we get copies of our monthly block time/hours, would the last few months of those sheets be accepted in replacement of the total hours info. Appreciate any info on this.

Aloha_KSA 21st Feb 2020 07:46

(1) The Qatar CAA requires logbooks to be submitted in EASA FCL 050 format. There is a sample in here that you could print and use for free. Look at page 42: https://www.easa.europa.eu/sites/default/files/dfu/Easy_Access_Rules_for_Flight_Crew_Licensing_Part-FCL.pdf.

for a bound book, for example: https://www.pilotshop.nl/contents/en...Log_Books.html

So if you are not in that format I would get started transcribing by hand into that format, because you will need it later when your license is submitted for conversion. I would start at the last page and work backwards. I read conflicting requirements, but at the very least, you should have the last page in that format. I did the last six.

That format has a column for "IFR" under operational conditions, next to Night. I found that confusing, as I think they mean "IMC", not "IFR". so I added a column for "IMC" and listed both. You could research that if you like. I wanted to cover all the bases...

(2) Ask someone in flight ops to validate your flight time in a letter on company letter head, listing someone who can be contacted for verification. I did that, as well. Break it down by time with the company and total time as a pilot, including PIC and SIC.

You'll need a copy of your latest sim check, too. If you are planning to leave, I'd PRIA request your whole file.

Do you know anyone from your company who is now at QR? Would be interesting to know what they did.

Note, again, that the JCL 050 format is for the CAA, for conversion after you make it through and are put in the pool/ given a class date. You don't actually need that format for the interview, however, if you show up prepared you'll increase your odds of being one of the 4 or 5 out of 9 or 10 pilots who gets through to the next level.

I wore a tie in QR colours, and I guess it didn't hurt. ;)

Good luck.

737driverUS 21st Feb 2020 22:38

Thanks for the info. Yea i actually went through a RECURRENT PC about few weeks ago so I have that fresh PC and what I was tested on for sure that I will take with me. As far as the logbook, like I said in the USA in the last two airlines I have flown for, the airliens done stamp or validate logbooks. At the most what they can provide is the block time history for the last 3 months of the flights I operated which includes the tail number, flight origin.destination and out/off times. At least in my company thats all they can provide as I asked them already. In the letter for the interview invite, it does say they PREFER to have the logbook stamped but there is no requirement listed. As far as the PRIA, yes its good to have that but PRIA is only for the US Air carriers and my friends who are flying for Qatar or any other ME carrier never took their PRIA file. And yes I already have my attire selected which emulates the QR Airways color. Thank you. and good luck to you too.

Aloha_KSA 22nd Feb 2020 06:35

(1) You don't need the stamped log book for the interview. That is for the CAA conversion.
(2) There are many FAA pilots at QR who made it through the process, probably without stamped logbooks.

So ask about this at the interview.

What I am saying is that if you can show them that you are being proactive and have started completing the FCL 050 logbook, and gathering supporting letters/ documents, it would help to make a positive impression and show that you really want to be there. Many pilots go abroad with a "why do you do it this way?" attitude.

All that will get you is a diversion direct to the exit fix, as that is one of the pilot attributes that they are screening for.

Maybe instead of "we don't do it that way in the USA" you might like to say something like "this is all that I am able to obtain, what have other pilots in my position done, and what do you recommend?"

In my case, as I said, they asked for letters on company letterhead from the Chief Pilot or fleet captain, which I was able to obtain. If you can obtain those now, and take them with you, that would be very helpful, I think. The one answer you are not going to get is "well, if you can't get stamps, then we will just take your word for it." You will have to do something to validate your flight time. That's not in QR's hands, it is in the government bureaucracy's domain, and they modelled their world on the UK, which is famous for paperwork and red tape.

As for the PRIA, I have worked for 3 different airlines that are now out of business. I can no longer get my training records from any of them. Airlines come and go. So just as a general practice, when you resign from a flight position, I recommend that you gather ALL the records you can, while you can. We never know in this biz.

Best of luck, and please keep us posted on your interview progress... :)

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