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737driverUS 29th Feb 2020 04:29

so if we have a upcoming assessment in Doha. As per your analysis or update, if the hiring is stopped, do you think they will stop me from coming for the assessment or still interview me and if i do pass the assessment, i will be placed in the pool. I applied for the Boeing Type Rated FO position.

FlyHigher 29th Feb 2020 06:03

To be honest, I don't know. But, in my opinion, pilots who have started the process will continue. I believe they stopped the recruitment for new candidates, not the hiring of those already on the pool or in the process.

Anyone with a more accurate information feel free to correct me.

lansen 29th Feb 2020 09:11

Historically seen, Qatar has always welcomed the ones to Doha that have an assessment. If there's a need, they've been put in a conversion course and if not, they would rot away in a holding pool (even after a positive assessment) for months or even years. An ex colleague waited 1 1/2 years until he was finally offered a starting date last year in January.

Flyboysg 1st Mar 2020 02:52

Heard there's an email sent out about them doing retrenchment but not publicised as usual cus it's Dohell. Anyone can shed some light on this?

SEMORO350 3rd Mar 2020 03:02

hey guys!
I applied to QR last month, for the rated FO.
i'm rated on Boeing 787 as well as on the A32S, any advice on what's the best route to take? (better chance on upgrades, roasters, flights...)
Boeing or Airbus?

aBlon 3rd Mar 2020 19:19

i would like to ask you guys as i failed last year the online test after a 10 days preparation through pilots latestjobs website, and actually was quite similar. Is anybody successful candidate recommending something else for better preparation?

4eoe 5th Mar 2020 02:22

How's the dating scene for a single guy in Doha?

bananaman2 5th Mar 2020 12:59

Not the best. Dubai would be better for that.

B777FO 6th Mar 2020 10:11

Do they accept the Jeppesen FAA format logbook or it must be FCL .50 format?

jadrolinija 6th Mar 2020 10:36

It must be FCL. 50 format upon joining airline. That's what I was told a year ago on assesment.

Count von Altibar 6th Mar 2020 13:42

I'm petty sure all recruitment has been halted at the moment, don't see any pilot positions on QR website. The covid-19 plus the blockade taking its toal sadly.

B777FO 6th Mar 2020 15:32

Originally Posted by jadrolinija (Post 10704690)
It must be FCL. 50 format upon joining airline. That's what I was told a year ago on assesment.

Thanks. I will buy a new one and write down there my last 500 airline hours and thats it.

B777FO 8th Mar 2020 22:02

Another question. Is it a shared house offered by the company? If alone, how many sqms?, beds...

BOEINGANDROLEX 9th Mar 2020 02:27

is the theoretical exame the same we found on lpj?

myriakephalon 11th Mar 2020 15:35

Originally Posted by B777FO (Post 10704933)
Thanks. I will buy a new one and write down there my last 500 airline hours and thats it.

Man,do yourself a favor and take a deep breathe,dont rush and let the HR guys ask you transfer your logbook to new format.You will be asked transferring your last 3 pages of current log and have them stamped by current employer.Thatís it!

Aloha_KSA 12th Mar 2020 07:05

FCL 050 Logbook pages
Just the last three pages have to be in that format. Not even bound in a book. So just print this out and use it for free:

Look at page 42: https://www.easa.europa.eu/sites/default/files/dfu/Easy_Access_Rules_for_Flight_Crew_Licensing_Part-FCL.pdf.

That is from EASA so it definitely complies!

wisecaptain 12th Mar 2020 07:15

Forget joining Qatar for the rest of this year ..... Aviation is grinding to a halt as countries Lock-down .

beaver341 16th Mar 2020 12:08

This is going to be a tough year for all of us looking for jobs. Airlines shedding pilots, recruitment postponed and potentially airlines going broke.

Good luck to all trying to move jobs. May be best to be happy with the one that you have got: because it is just that - a job that you have got!

Black Pudding 16th Mar 2020 16:40

This just appeared on our website. Planning for the future.

Qatar Airways Careers - Current Opportunities

GearDownF15 17th Mar 2020 12:15

Hey all, I have just receivl

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