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Emirates going with DEC

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Emirates going with DEC

Old 24th Feb 2012, 09:23
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Failure rate was not 20% more like 70% for DEC at interview. The sim profile is where most fall. Don't know where the 20% came from but its total rubbish.
That was refering to the failure rate on course for those that got through selection.
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Old 24th Feb 2012, 09:30
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Guessing that if they do hire DEC's it will be a small number to cover a short term shortage in training needs. They will pick and choose those with WB command and that it is. I highly doubt we will see any 737 captains joining us a DEC's.

If you want proof look at the past - how many DEC's do we see and certainly no large grouping of them on the seniority list.
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Old 24th Feb 2012, 19:11
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DEC will be a short term solution but as sad as it looks , it the way to cover the numbers at EK.
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Old 24th Feb 2012, 20:20
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fade to grey
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Christ, I can't wait to apply, it'll be fun working with all these people.

DEC may put back some promotion prospects but, if that what the company wants....

If you think about it, aviation is one of the few professions where you are expected to start at the bottom again when you change company.

Would a surgeon moving hospitals expect to be a junior again ?
Old 25th Feb 2012, 10:40
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A surgeon or any other professional does not base his pay, vacation and bidding based on senority. Pilots do and hence a senority list.
The reason the industry sucks besides us pilots being complete tossers is airlines don't have to pay market rates or industry standard when they can just bring a DEC in from a shite company (jumping the senority list) and pay him less than Market Rates.
Good airlines' pilots have figured this out and ban DECs for very good reasons. Besides the ethical issues they suppress wages.
Having a look back at EK one will also notice the company does not save any training costs if they have that much of a failure rate and require additional training.
Does anyone know if TCAS buddies are looking for a job? We all know that EK does not need any DECs so one has to wonder why EK is bringing in the DECs. TCAS would know.
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Old 25th Feb 2012, 16:29
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And not so at most other airlines around the world. The bottom line is costs. Airlines are around to make money for owners and shareholders. It's the grim reality. I'm not saying I agree with it.

I can see what is being said about DEC's and on the whole I agree. If and when I move on from my current LHS role for the last 8 yrs, I could not afford to move back to a RHS job, nor would I take the risk. If there was a DEC Job available with another carrier, I would take it. Just being honest.

I know I am not alone when I say this.
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Old 25th Feb 2012, 16:39
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Red face Opening date

Hi Gentelmen, dose anyone knows when EK going to
Open the door for DEC.?

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Old 25th Feb 2012, 20:05
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I think the dose is take two Panadols and call me in the morning.
And people wonder why the pass rate is 30%
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Old 25th Feb 2012, 20:25
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EK may or may not have enough qualified FOs to upgrade, I don't have the numbers. What EK doesn't have is enough instructors... Despite raising the pay for LTCs to just under that of a TRE, very few are applying. So they will turn to DECs with training experience with some lock into training deal. That's my guess.

I do miss 411A and his wisdom on DECs...
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Old 26th Feb 2012, 11:40
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So here is my input.

I'm nearer retiring that starting my career. I've done military, civil, long haul, short haul, national airline, charter, major low cost, wide body, narrow body, airbus, boeing including management time and training roles.

The truth is that there are good and bad guys in all areas. Todays long haul captain is tomorrows low cost captain and it works both ways.

There is a certain arrogance in SOME posts here from EK that SOME there think they are better than others. It is quite correct that if recruiting DEC's there should be a high rejection rate at selection; if that high rate continues during training then there is either something wrong with the training or there was something wrong with the selection.

DEC's bring different experiences which can be useful and amongst other things, can help to avoid those within a large company thinking that they are in some way superior - they probably are not. A DEC will inevitably take a little while to become familiar with new destinations but this is not unsafe; if it was how would any airline ever go somewhere new?

A large company like EK can absorb some DEC's and benefit from the experience whilst still leaving the large majority of LHS slots for internal upgrades.

Finally, few of us these days join an outfit as a young F/O and stay there until we retire. Most will at some point leave, quite possibly from the LHS and seek a DEC job somewhere so just cut the hypocritical rubbish.
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Old 26th Feb 2012, 12:23
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I've done...
...management time...
...certain arrogance...
...think they are better than others...
...thinking that they are in some way superior...
...just cut the hypocritical rubbish.

Be sure to take this line at the interview.
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Old 26th Feb 2012, 14:09
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I do not think I at any time mentioned applying.
Don't assume check - one of the golden rules
For the record, I'm not applying as I have a job that pays more and despite ups and downs as in any airline, I am content at present.
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Old 26th Feb 2012, 14:25
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I 100% agree gypsy. Why do some people think that every time you join a new airline you must start at the bottom?

How many out there would seriously consider going from a Captain to a Junior FO every time they moved on?

Wait until they are in the LHS I can guarantee they'll see things differently.
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Old 26th Feb 2012, 14:39
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And finally the speculation ends...........https://ekgrpapplications.emirates.c...AD3E6059F3E34D
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Old 26th Feb 2012, 15:38
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I'm quite surprised to see the weight requirement is 50T instead of 55T. I'll bet there will be a huge number of DEC applicants with no time in anything larger than ERJ190/195(over 50T but under 55T). They must have selected 50T with that in mind.

What other modern, EFIS/FMS equipped jets are over 50T but less than 55T that they could be trying to include? I can't think of any. 717IGW maybe, but not sure.
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Old 26th Feb 2012, 15:52
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The sarcastic thing about the DEC recruitment is that they (silently) removed accelerated command for guys from within.
Unbelievable if you ask me.
I wonder how much collateral damage this will cause on the FO side.... After all, many guys would qualify straight for the left seat now.

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Old 26th Feb 2012, 19:06
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54.884 kg to be exact
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Old 27th Feb 2012, 02:07
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Accelerated FO's that whinge about DEC's really need to take a look in the mirror.
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Old 27th Feb 2012, 15:12
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Pilots that DEC really need to take a look in the mirror.
Especially the ones that seem to gravitate to EK.
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Old 27th Feb 2012, 16:23
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With all the jobs out there why would a DEC want to come to EK ?
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