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Turkish Airlines - THY Recruitment (Merged)

Middle East Many expats still flying in Knoteetingham. Regional issues can be discussed here.

Turkish Airlines - THY Recruitment (Merged)

Old 19th Apr 2014, 17:17
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Hello everyone,
Can anyone describe the process for the ICAO and FAA ATPL conversion to Turkish DGCA ATPL?
Is it required to pass all the 14 exams?
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Old 19th Apr 2014, 18:21
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Ill be there too.
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Old 20th Apr 2014, 07:30
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ttt.turkishairlines.tr.com ah ah ah!!!

This is the environment ..they need collective consulting...enjoy.

Turkey mulls leaving World Wide Web, minister says - RIGHTS
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Old 20th Apr 2014, 15:23
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Thanks Yabancypilot you've been very informative here, I was expecting a professional answer not this .
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Old 23rd Apr 2014, 23:51
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Those that are going to screening on April 28th, please pm me.
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Old 26th Apr 2014, 10:22
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Hi guys - I did a new registration so my present employer which is reading as well here looses a bit track on me .

On topic - Turkish seems to hire like crazy, I guess they are running out of qualified rated guys so they are tracking now CRJ and other pilots for their Non Typerated Program.

I thought I give it a shot to see what this guys have to say and to have a personal look on this turkish company.

It seems this guys are even messier then my current employer(I am surprised how you can top that, but Turkish managed ), waiting for my interview tickets and hotel booking for over 2 weeks, yesterday evening(Friday before the interview week) they discovered that they invited to many pilots so they cancelled my interview. I was about to leave on the next day...

To summarize - wasted ticket, wasted turkish visa, wasted police report...

All in all more then 200 Euros down the drain because they don't get their system right. Asked me if I would go on a different date, guess my answer....

After doing some research in the web I was really thinking that this would be a not to bad company(apart from the bad Turkish Lira/Euro exchange rate).

Well, you did not pass the interview Turkish! Next one....
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Old 26th Apr 2014, 18:29
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To summarize - wasted ticket, wasted turkish visa, wasted police report...
All in all more then 200 Euros down the drain because they don't get their system right. Asked me if I would go on a different date, guess my answer....
Didn't THY arrange your ticket and Hotel? The entry visa is paid at immigration just 10Euro

THY interviewed over 125 Pilots in last 3 months, I guess you were the only one that paid his own costs.
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Old 26th Apr 2014, 21:27
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BBC News - Turkey expands secret service powers
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Old 27th Apr 2014, 14:09
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@Kirks gusset

They just pay for flights within the turkish network + hotel. If you need a connecting flight on a non turkish sector you have to pay it.

My turkish Visa was 20€, depends on how nice your country is to the turks I guess.

It's not even the money that is pissing me off, it's this "middle eastern" way of handling people(i worked already for 2 years in lovely ME till I had it). Discovering that you have to many people on your interviews the evening before I had to catch my connecting flight is just bad. And that's after I chased them up what's going on with my ticket and hotel reservation.

For 2 weeks I received reminders by email not to forget this bloody interview, then you do this to people in the last second.

That's just lousy, nothing else.
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Old 28th Apr 2014, 02:45
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So you worked two years and you left ME because you didn't like the "middle eastern way of doing things. But your intelligent mind has somehow convinced you to continue on the path that you despise rather. In that case no airline no matter the calibre, will regret having an individual such as you.
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Old 28th Apr 2014, 02:54
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Middle Eastern? Aren't we talking about the best European Airline here...???

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Old 28th Apr 2014, 12:14
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originally this conversation was in the IFTC thread but i found it more relevant to post the reply here since some can not stay on topic

Mr Porkie....
I dont take it on to entertain the narrow minded or those that have a sinister motive as the likes of you and your few posse of posters here but let me elaborate a few thing here...
You can say there is a racist attack and make it look like you are the victim in a typical attempt to reverse reality.
Well i am not the one putting neo ottomanisim, isamlaphobic or geo politcal issue on to the posts am i.... Just reading your threads here on on the THY recruitment thread its obvious how narrow minded and sinister your views are (along with others)... on top of this you make the assertions that i am a victim....just proves your narrow channel of thinking,.... i have always said i am an expat and not part of the local scene .. so how does this make me a victim....

A bit like the "parallel state" bullshit invented by the Government to cover up massive corruption. You are fantastic at this but if locally you can count on the masses of poor ignorant make no error of believing that anyone in Europe believes that story or your threads
so when has the job description of being a professional EXPAT aviator changed from doing your duties to getting involved in local politics??? The onnly fantastic bit to my threats is the simple balanced objectives truths i try to convey based ON FACTS and not the spindle Bul#sh*t the like of you conjure up.. as i say again look at my threads I never portray THY or turkey for that matter as a Utopian dream.... MY information is on THY and Turkey Aviation scene and not Turkish Politics, way of life, religion or the locals... Erdogan etc .... if you have a desire for such issues then join your foreign affairs department in you country and leave aviation as you will never be satisfied where ever you or the like of you go ....

I really have nothing to avenge. I'm just trying to give a more realistic understanding of the Turkish "civil" aviation and its style of interaction with expat to the benefit of the user of this forum.
so am i... that is without having to degrade a population or slander them...

Calling "culture" what is deriving form the 80 years of military rule it's a long shot. THY ,for example, has the worst safety record in Europe and the 3rd worst in the civilized world. Which culture....CFIT? Crooks acting like semi-gods in a third world country style pantomime, that was the culture and it still largely spreads its negative influence today ( everybody is level 6 )
Im sure if THY safety is as apocalyptic as you say is then why is it still flying into Europe and not blacklisted, by your accounts, by the negligent aviation administrators then... Every airline operates on a foundation of acceptable safety .. its what risk management and iSMS are built upon by which is approved by state authorities and regional regulators including EASA.. yes THY and Turkish Aviation may not have a clean history but nor does any other country for that matter ...THY or Turkish Aviation are not the only ones to have accidents...
and the bold bits on your quote show how sincere you really are ...

My understanding of the aviation scene as a whole is better than you can even imagine...and again I have never seen such a striking contrast between such mix of negativity (poor CRM, lack of real understanding, rote training and so on... ) and delusional self perception and arrogant pride
really understanding of aviation seem more narrow ally driven thoughts ......Please tell me you spent time in Asia and or mid Africa and say you didn't come across this aswell or been in the sand pit and haven't seen an abundance of "local" upper level managers that portray the same characteristics you so clearly dislike???

Make no mistake, you can block Twitter and YouTube and fool your people. still the image of Turkey and Turkish people passed by its "civil" aviation is sailing through the internet and spreading very fast. And the most immediate conclusion is that Turkey aviation scene is not expat friendly nor Turkey offers a good environment to learn anything about modern aviation
So what is all this have to do with my duties as a aviation professional... i go complete me duty get paid and travel on my time off or have my own (be it expensive ) hobbies... mate you will never be happy in any location if you start mixing politics in your profession... 99.9% that know this have no issue and a quite happy but i sense when you came here (and you posse here) on you white horse wearing silver shining amour .. you hoped to changed the system to you style of understanding .....and because of your unrealized expectation you come on to anonymous forums as such to post slander rather then objective facts.... where i come from we call these types opportunistic weasels (its a generalization)
for example this post and others you just cant handle yourself but to turn everything into a anti Turkish anti THY anti ottoman sentiment...
dont be fooled my friend im sure 99.99% on people here know you and your posse motives and the spindle of bullSh*t , scaremongering and slander you produce and if if you think they take your advice seriously then you seriously underestimate the intelligence of our aviation professionals here...

Turkey is not ready for EASA ..imagine for Europe...may be in 100 years ?? Reconquering the Ottoman empire..still an option.
i really don't care if they do or don't ...will turkey get into the EU or not.. Ffs who give s flying rats @$$.. to me do i get paid on time every time ... Yes ...are employees/employer contract terms and obligations being fulfilled ..yes..(when you sign a contract then have different expectation then you becomes the like of porkie i think) do i get my days off... yes do i have personal/professional issue ..yes but nothing not manageable ...

you can be critical about anything but if you just refrain from personal biases attacks and remain objective prokie may be JUST MAYBE we might be able to get constructive informative conversation / thread going... let me repeat again this aint UTOPIA it has ISSUE some that as unique to this geographical region but nothing that is not manageable with the right professional attitude....for me as a professional is a better option than others and until something better come around i try and make the most of it

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Old 28th Apr 2014, 16:34
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@Non rev

Thanks for you kind reply.

I am not judging you, I don't know you(I hope), so please stop judging me as well.

I always counted the part west of the Bosporus as Europe. Istanbul lays there and I though they would have a more "pro - western" attitude. At least in Turkish Airlines.
Compared to middle eastern carriers this still should be true. I am even pretty sure about that. I did already various flights into different turkish airports and met a lot of friendly people there.

Anyway - I wanted to share my story about a messed up interview, nothing else.

Unfortunately the internet always attracts angry little fellas like you judging always everyone...
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Old 28th Apr 2014, 21:55
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Thank you for the update sir. Please keep us posted.
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Old 30th Apr 2014, 08:32
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G4..as I think we know each other and you are referring to someone that could be me I must say that no, I did not turned into a porkie and have no posse. Still I'm not surprised by their existence.
For your reference and for the records...I had no what so ever expectations until offered, after 3 x 1 year contracts, a permanent one and told by management and HR no limitation where to be imposed on my career path when specifically inquired. Based on that response I turned down another offer. I was deeply and profoundly affected by this event seen the present situation.
While striving to act, notwithstanding the disappointment and frustrations, professionally, and not having any issue with the other aspects of my life in Turkey and my experience in THY I sure will not watch the grace shot administered to my career for specious reasons, passively. Rest assured.
Before making referrald to specific persons better you check you facts.

Last edited by bob777; 30th Apr 2014 at 21:40.
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Old 1st May 2014, 05:17
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Well I just got turned down in the interview process for Turkish. I was applying for the 777 DEC position. I have 14000 hrs and 5300 PIC in he 767. I never even made it to the sim or HR part. I can honestly say we were treated like second class citizens. There was no welcome to Turkish presentation or any contact with anyone who even worked for Turkish. On Day one we were in some obscure building to do the English test and group eval. Poorjetpilot pretty much described it right on the mark. What upset me was that we lost half the group on day one based on some stupid group excersise administered by some shrink that are contractors.
I highly advise to avoid this debacle. Don't waste your time and money.
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Old 2nd May 2014, 07:16
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Red face

So nothing changed during the last 4 years
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Old 2nd May 2014, 21:01
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I just got this email from the agency that was recruiting for Turkish.. Weird..

We were unfortunately informed this morning by THY that the Turkish DGCA will no longer accept FAA and ICAO license holders for the NTR positions.

If you hold a JAA/EASA ATP, please let us know as we then can continue with your screenings - though we did not see this on your application.

Should this change, we’ll be sure to inform you immediately. Please let me know if you have any questions.

With kind regards,
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Old 2nd May 2014, 23:50
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Headhunter vs not

Hello All,
Thanks for the info on THY hiring.

Could I get a show of hands as to who has gone already with a headhunter and who has not for this job. Has it made a difference either way Do you think?
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Old 3rd May 2014, 03:18
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the problem is you think like an American when you are doing business in Turkey. Don't!

I would speculate that this has got nothing to do with your group. I was always curious about how they were going to make us get a Turkish license and make us part of the seniority list. According to the Turkish DGCA you can get validation for a year only and that could be done 3 years. You also need 500 hours in type.

Of course TK could have made an agreement with DGCA and get you in, before they close the doors.

The thing about Turkey is it's a dynamic country. Of course that could mean positive but also negative things. Dynamic in the sense of what we are experiencing here (changing the rules as we interview) is a bad thing. They are impacting people's lives, but they don't care.

I spend half of my adult life here in US and entire aviation career. I think our system is broke because of low wages and RLA, but it is still light years ahead compared to an airline like TK. No FOQA, no union, no ASAP, no CBA makes overseas jobs high risk.

The good thing is, this is not 2008. All the majors are hiring and I just moved up another 30 spots in my regional last month..

Keep applying left and right..
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