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169west 28th Apr 2010 07:10

Turkish Airlines - THY Recruitment (Merged)
Turkish Airlines - THY is looking for a lots of pilots DEC/DEFO on both 737 and 777 ... anybody has any news about the recruitment process, sim assessment and all other good stuff!thanks

HighToLow 28th Apr 2010 07:45

Does anyone know if they take on fresh fATPL-people straight out of flight training? I am a turkish citizen also but my turkish is not very good.

Joey Q 28th Apr 2010 12:20

THY probably take turkish citizens with fATPL.... search around on Airliners.net im sure there are some turkish airlines pilots there that could help u out..

169west 28th Apr 2010 13:29

... well apparently THY is looking for big numbers and I'm quite positive you do not need to have the citizenship to join the team. Definitely a full JAA ATP is recommended for DEC, not sure if for DEFO a JAA CPL + JAA frozen are enough!

Arabian Mustang 28th Apr 2010 16:38

Ok.Here is the email from wasinc found on my dad's inbox.:}

WASINC International is pleased to announce immediate openings for qualified B737NG captains and first officers for Turkish Airlines to be based in Istanbul, Turkey. This position is contracted and managed by Pan Am International Flight Academy. Qualified applicants interested in pursuing this position are encouraged to complete their online application and you will be contacted directly by Pan Am International Flight Academy.
Pilots Needed for Turkish Airlines:
  • Captains 200 crewmembers
  • First Officers 600 crewmembers
Minimum Requirements:
B737NG Captain -
  • 2000+ hours PIC on type
  • 6000+ hours total time
  • 4000+ hours in multi-crew, multi engine jet MTOW of 27 tonnes or greater
  • Current on type
  • Valid/current ATPL
  • Valid passport
  • Valid/current Class A (First Class) Medical
  • ATPL issued from an ICAO Contracted State
  • ICAO Level 5 English proficiency (Level 4 may be considered in the future)
  • Age limitation between 37 59 years old
  • No history of incidents or accidents
  • No criminal history
B737 First Officer -
  • Frozen ATP
  • Bachelors Degree (four year university degree)
  • 500+ hours on type
  • 1500+ hours total time
  • 1000+ hours in multi-crew, multi engine jet MTOW of 27 tonnes or greater
  • Current on type (Last flight must be within last 6 months)
  • Valid/current ATPL
  • Valid passport
  • Valid/current Class A (First Class) Medical
  • ATPL issued from an ICAO country
  • ICAO Level 5 English proficiency (Level 4 may be considered in the future). Other English endorsements also accepted.
  • Age limitation between 25-45 years old.
  • No history of incidents or accidents
  • No criminal history
Domicile: Istanbul, Turkey
Contract Term:
1 years, renewable (Captain)
3 years, renewable (First Officers)
B737NG Captain:
  • Salary
    • B737/A320 Captain: $10,121USD/month (gross) ($8,660 base + $1,431 quarterly bonus)
    • TRI/TRE: $1,359USD/month (gross)
    • Ground Training Instructor: $951USD/month (gross)
    • Bonus: Quarterly bonus of $4,293USD ($1,431/month)
    • Schedule will be 5 days ON / 2 days OFF or 6 days ON / 1 day OFF
B777 First Officer:
  • Salary (Salary, Bonus, and Overtime rate is determined by your level of previous flight experience)
    • B737 First Officer: TL8,000 to TL10,000/month (gross) (about $5,395USD to $6,744USD)
    • Quarterly bonus of TL3,500 to TL4,200 (about $2360USD to $2832USD)
Additional Benefits:
  • Standard health plan provided
  • Accommodation & Transportation at base will be provided
  • Overtime is time flown over 70 hours/month. Time flown on religious/national holidays and Sunday paid at same overtime rate.
    • Captain: $102/hr
    • First Officer: TL95 to TL114 (about $64USD to $76USD)
  • Annual Leave
    • One year of Duty 18 work days
    • 5 years to 15 years 24 work days
    • More the 15 years 30 work days
  • Other Leave
    • Paid casual leave up to 7 days
    • Paid marital leave for 8 days
    • Paid birth leave for 6 days
    • Paid death in family leave for 7 days
    • Pilot may be granted a non-paid leave up to 90 days in a year with written application
  • Employee Travel (for use by spouse or children):
    • After 1st year One (1) ID00 and Two (2) ID90 domestic tickets
    • After 2nd year One (1) additional ID00 international ticket (Middle East and Europe Only)
    • After 3rd year One (1) additional ID00 domestic ticket
    • After 5th year One (1) additional ID90 international ticket
    • After 10th year Four (4) additional ID90 international tickets
Additional Information:
  • To calculate Net pay: Approximately 95% of Gross salary is paid to the employee and 5% will go for local taxes.
  • Expat status may dramatically reduce your home country national tax liability. Consult your CPA for tax advice.
  • Interviews will be 15 days in length held in the USA. All travel and accommodation costs will be paid by Turkish Airlines.
  • You will need to be able to start your contract within 1 month of your interview.

Will they be able to find 600 FO's with the above minimums?:eek:

captplaystation 28th Apr 2010 20:35

Guys, they have been looking for about 14-15 mths or more now.
Vacancy has been on their own website, and for the last 8mths or so has been advertised by EVERY agency in Europe & some even further afield (and that is no exaggeration). They recently changed from JAA to "any" licence.
Why ?
Search function is your friend, what is on offer is not all you would wish to expect from a "flag carrier".

NGFellow 29th Apr 2010 03:18

Anyone have any experience flying for them and/or living in Turkey?

HighToLow 29th Apr 2010 10:38

It seems to me that they have been looking and interviewing people for a long time now but I have not heard of anyone who have actually started working there yet. Does anyone know?

Will they really find 600 FOs with 4 years of university background?

HighToLow 29th Apr 2010 13:39

Are they maybe out for a contract type of employment system such as Ryan? 600 FOs probably means that the current ones will have to leave...

cf680c2b 29th Apr 2010 15:26

There is no way they are going to fill all those positions. Not with the current requirements they have. Type rating/time on time! I don't think so. they'll be competing against Korean, Vietnam, Air Arabia, FlyDubai, just to name a few. All of them with better terms and conditions.

The only chance they have is to pick up some of the more experienced furloughed guys from US and EU by dumping the more restrictive requirements and provide the training.

gipsy moth 29th Apr 2010 21:41

When they send me the requirements I thought it was a joke!!! 4 years university no blocks of days off!! 1.500 hours on aircraft of more than 27 Tones with 500 on type, 3000 total!!:ugh:
Being so close of home without being able to go home!!
I hope these guys wake up, it would have been a great chance to go back to Europe

moondriver 29th Apr 2010 21:53

I'm also interest in hearing from anyone who has been through the screening and testing process at Turkish Airlines in the last month or so.
I noted that there is a written exam, plus two days of sim checks. Just want to know what to study and what anyone's experiences have been.

dcsagcs 30th Apr 2010 01:07

I would apprecciate some information about A320 roster pattern like kind of flights, how many days at home etc...
Tks in advance!

flamingmoe 30th Apr 2010 07:28

Whats with the MINIMUM age requirement of 37 for the NG?? Never heard of that before.

Ahad Adump 30th Apr 2010 07:30

Line Captain
Turkish Airlines will pay directly to the Captain each month a basic salary of (Turkish
Lira) TL17, 551.88 (approx 8,570 / USD 11,552) gross of Turkish taxes.
Instructors & Examiners
An additional allowance of TL2, 290.00 (approx 1,118 / USD 1,507) gross of
Turkish taxes
Ground Training Instructors
An additional allowance of TL1, 603.00 (783 / USD1,054) gross of Turkish taxes

A bonus amount of TL7, 140.00 (3,485 / USD4,695) shall be payable in the months
of March / June / September / December each year on assignment.
A travel allowance of TL33.00 (16 / USD21) per day will be applicable within
Turkey and TL50 (24 / USD32) for Turkish Northern Republic and Cyprus. Travel
allowances for other destinations may vary and will be advised by Turkish Airlines.
If the Pilot flies in excess of 70 block hours in a given month they shall be entitled to
receive an additional overtime payment of TL154.03 (75 / USD100) per hour.
An additional special hourly rate shall be applicable if the Pilot flies on Turkish
religious and national holidays or on Sundays.
To calculate Net Pay (i.e. after taxes), approximately 95% of gross salary is paid to
the Pilot.
Pilots will be entitled to 18 days annual leave for the first year of service, increasing
to 24 days annual leave for 5 years of service.
Turkish Airlines will provide accommodation and transport for the duration of the
Alternatively an accommodation allowance of TL 2,000.00 (976 / USD 1,316) will
be provided for rental of a property in Istanbul.
Turkish Airlines will schedule Pilots on a roster pattern 3 weeks on and one week off.
Loss of License Insurance will also be provided by Turkish Airlines in accordance
with the local company policy and procedures.
Minimum Requirements B777 Line Captains:
Current B777 type rating endorsement
English Speaker. ICAO Standard 5 is required however 4 will be considered
Must be a current Commander/Captain
Captains 11, 000 hours total time. 1,000 hours Captain on type plus another 500 on
other Boeing wide body . 6,000 hours multi engine jet MTOW of 50 tonnes or greater
Age limit max. 60

169west 30th Apr 2010 07:34

Is there any expat flying for THY that can really enlighten this smoky THY hiring requirement?

annibal 30th Apr 2010 07:46

A320 Selection Process.
SIM ride :
- normal T/O , steep turns without FD bothin climb and descend.
radar vectors and raw data approach landing
_ 2 T/O eng out at V1 eng Out SID, meteo below minima, decision, radar vector ILS .
Single engine Go Around at minima and Visual circuit turning on base remaining engine fire land and emergency evacuation.

ATPL questions mainly taken from ACE

be ready to relocate in Istanbul and show you are enthusiastic and sure about it otherwise they won't select you, don't ask for commuting options.

NEWYEAR 30th Apr 2010 08:32

Hi everybody, I was looking for applying in their website but vacancy are not over there.

Where are you applying for.?


annibal 30th Apr 2010 09:40

Try on Contractair, Parc Aviation, Sigma Aviation, Wynnwith and many other recruiting agencies.

dcsagcs 30th Apr 2010 10:56

A320 Roster Pattern
Hi, is anybody flying A320?
I would appreciate some information about A320 roster pattern like destinations, overnights, average days off etc...
Is there any house allowance for this fleet???
Tks a lot!:ok:

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