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Gulf Air New Package

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Gulf Air New Package

Old 19th Sep 2007, 22:58
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This afternon Captain Rad Gammage's ashes lay in St Christopher's Cathedral for his memorial. The pews were packed and the two non GF speakers emotionally recalled for us his outstanding services to aviation. Senior GF pilots were present. My question is this. Where was the top management? Why was there no eulogy from a Board Member or from the executive management? If these individuals are not forthcoming enough to recognise and extol the qualities and the commitment of their most senior Captain, to whose GF employee's funeral would they go and speak?
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Old 19th Sep 2007, 23:06
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its a shame that no one from higher management could spare an hour to show some respect to this great man's grieving famiy who gave every thing to this company.
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Old 20th Sep 2007, 14:20
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Again...Gulf Air has "Previous"...The 737 Captains widow (Omani) was required to wait outside the CEO office for four days to get his accident insurance....The Australian widow was forced to fight for several months for her husbands accident insurance.
I joined Gulf Aviation in April 1974 with Rad...we flew out from the Uk together...he helped me convert my FAA Atr to the UK ATPL...we worked together until May 2000 when I was retired...never a cross word...never heard him curse...never saw him angry...never saw him late for a flight..or involved in any incidents or tape violations...dead reliable...totally honest...what you saw was what you got...have not seen him for a couple of years...world is not a worse place for having him pass through...guess he has seniority on me now in the new place...that will please him...my family and I all miss him...the Brit club will look empty for us without him....safe journey old friend...island reserve fuel and do not forget to put the wheels down...you are remembered with honour by the people that care.
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Old 20th Sep 2007, 15:11
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For the believers

Everybody that believes in what is written in black and white:

You will have a very unpleasant surprise in the coming pay checks regarding housing allowances. The curious ones could verify whats the latest directive from HR to housing Dept., specially the ones in GF accommodation....
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Old 20th Sep 2007, 15:32
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Scan your words mate could not better describe how we all feel about Rad. Attending his memorial the other day I was absolutely shocked how not even one of the senior management of this airline was present. People from the Brit Club were there, friends, colleagues and even guys who didnt know Rad that well were there.

My loyalty is to my family and friends, end of story.
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Old 20th Sep 2007, 15:36
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So Bird Dog, why don't you go ahead and let us know what this rumour is about the housing allowance, that is if it there is one

We are all ears...


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Old 20th Sep 2007, 19:18
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Change in housing allowance?

Please bird dog let us know what is going on. Are they not going to pay us the new housing allowance? What do you mean about gulf air accomodation? Please be clear and straight.
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Old 20th Sep 2007, 20:12
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Ok guys. I live in a house under GFs contract( GF accommodation) and today I learned from housing Dept. that I will not get 650 BDs as stated in the the new package pay scales paper issued by operations. The new housing allowance will be applicable only for who are taking the money directly from GF. This is not a rumour but official information as a directive from HR to housing. Think that will clarify some of you and, maybe, together will can reverse it to make it fair for everyone. Together we can do it!!!

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Old 20th Sep 2007, 21:20
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Bird dog,
If people in GF recognise themselves in your situation they will surely try to help you... Otherwise they wont give a dam s... about the fact you dont get the new allowance.
Thats GF.... loyalty. To come back to Rad, I could not attend the ceremeny, but I remember having asked GF management 2 months ago ...
<< Any news about captain Gamage? >>
REPLY: << He is sick I believe no?>>
I was so pissed off that I just left the office thinking I made the right decision to have given my resignation... Guys when are you going to understand nobody has any respect for you in that company... only faked smiles , there is no heart , no feeling for a man who served the company during so many years like Rad did ...
When the death of a gentleman can not even raise the attention of GF , how dare can you imagine guys you won't be fooled by this company very soon ...?
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Old 20th Sep 2007, 21:40
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Thumbs down

I remember, last week in the meeting at GF simulator building, a guy asking to VPFO and A/HOFO about this housing allowance issue and they said that the sistem would not change at all. I will not be surprised if they do it, they are master on not follow the contract, together they can screw it!
We definetly have to do something, these people only move if we move, the last exodus had some result.
I have to change my mind about gf...

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Old 20th Sep 2007, 22:07
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..........guess the solution is to take the money and make your own arrangements with landlord. It should work out to be the same rate actually. It's just that sometimes we never want to do the asking ourselves and we let run GF do everything. I don't see how GF will give you "change" from the new allowance since they made the deal at a lower rate and now we are getting more for housing. Guess it's easier for them to pocket the change lest somebody throws a tantrum in housing or in CC's office
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Old 20th Sep 2007, 22:35
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Angry GF Lies

Yes, I heard too! This is totally unfair. I live in a house “Gulf Air accommodation” (under GF contract) that I pay 200BD extra from my pocket because GF didn’t honour the contract to provide suitable accommodation for my family. Now that our ACEO promised and published a new package with an increase in housing allowance, I will have to continue pay extra 200BD. I have the sensation that there is a red ball on my nose.
Now, try to cancel this GF contract and do one by yourself with your landlord. For sure you will pay 70% more!
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Old 20th Sep 2007, 23:01
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31 Years Of Service Vs Loyalty

Back to GF Loyalty with Rad after 31 Years of service

Dear All,
As you may already know Captain Yxxxxb Al-xxxxi, will be leaving Gulf Air on the 30th September 2007, having spent 31 years with the Company.
We are having a collection to buy him a leaving gift, if anybody is interested in contributing please contact Mrs. Noora Al-Mursel on 17338747 or fleet office on 17338007, 17338172, 1st Floor wing A, open area.
Thank you
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Old 20th Sep 2007, 23:06
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So many tel options

That is amazing how easy is to collect money when they want to. Remember how hard was for Icarus and others to find a way for the ones of us interested in donating for Rads recovery. Maybe buying retirement presents is more important for them!!!
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Old 21st Sep 2007, 06:08
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On the Rad case; does anyone know exactly what the Gf management did, or not do ? Does anyone know exactly what the Insurance Company did, or did not do ? Was Rad Technically still employed & covered ? In any event, of course the former is of little importance as Rad's extensive service record should have merited full action by the Gf management team.

Copy all the comments on Rads case & copy all the wonderful messages of condolences. Mount them, frame it & give that to YA !

What a fabulous group, Icarus, Mach 84 & all the rest who tried so hard. Makes me proud to be part of this profession.
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Old 21st Sep 2007, 10:17
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Let's stay on the package issue...

So this is how the thing works: the board approve the new package, the A/CPE inform us and the HR change it. Who has more power?
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Old 21st Sep 2007, 12:13
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What do you mean HR changed it?
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Old 21st Sep 2007, 18:13
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Thumbs down

The HR changed the new package regarding to housing allowance. If you are in the GF accommodation or leaving in a place where the contract was signed by GF and the landlord, you will not be granted with the new figures of the housing allowance. This is an internal instruction to housing department. If you want it you have to change the contract to your name and have the amount credited to your payslip.
Actually, it wasn’t changed, they “just didn’t informed” us about.
I was checking my contract, pay slip and the new package and there is no mention about differences between GF accommodation and housing allowance but if you don’t want to have any money deducted from your pocket you were limited to the allowance figures.
Example for married F/O phase2 renting a fully furnished apartment:

Housing allowance…………………Bd450
Utility allowance…………………...…Bd48
Taxes……………….aprox. 10% of above
Total…………………………aprox. Bd550

Example for married F/O Compensation package renting a fully furnished apartment:

Housing allowance…………………Bd650
Utility allowance…………………...…Bd48
Taxes……………….aprox. 10% of above
Total…………………………aprox. Bd770

With the new instruction from HR, we under the condition above will not have the benefit to move to a place where the rent is BD770 according to the new package. The HR decided that on the case above we will remain on the phase2 without any explanation about. It goes against what is stated on our contract and in what is written on the new package papers.
Who can explain this?

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Old 21st Sep 2007, 18:52
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question. did not quite follow you on that one

are u saying.... if GF has done my paper for my villa at monthy cost of 600BD that i will not get the housing increase??? and i will have to continue to pay our of my pocket or change the contract????
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Old 21st Sep 2007, 19:30
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DESERTHAWK, YES! YOU ARE RIGHT! This is the point.
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