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Collective Colour Vision Thread 4

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Collective Colour Vision Thread 4

Old 1st Sep 2020, 17:05
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Hi Michele Vella, that a great move on trying to push for progression.
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Old 8th Nov 2020, 17:01
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Hi Everyone
something very exciting is coming this week, this will hopefully push for change in Europe. I will post more information soon!
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Old 12th Nov 2020, 17:54
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Exciting Announcement! ECDAA (The European Colour Deficient Aircrew Association) is live !


I Co-founded ECDAA with a pilot from Italy and we have a panel of experienced commercial and GA pilots. We are always looking for individuals interested in joining the panel.

ECDAA is a non-profit group in which CVD pilots have come together to create awareness and change within Europe on colour vision regulation for aircrew. We support and provide advice for anyone facing medical denials or loss of licenses due to the restrictive regulation currently in place. We work together to push for change within EASA/UK towards a fairer more practical method of testing that will stop the discrimination of many pilots and high-quality candidates. These testing methods are already being used in New Zealand, Australia, USA, and more where change has been made.

We are going to be running live webinars, forums, news articles, information blogs, and much more.
We welcome you to join us today with a free account and become part of this great community!
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Old 25th Aug 2021, 08:08
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Good morning,

resurrecting this old thread to get some advice on an issue that I just found out that might have an impact on me (and probably others as well) due to Brexit and new UK CAA licenses.

Im a deutanomalous pilot who got his initial medical 20 years ago after a passing Holmes-Wright lantern examination at the UK CAA in LGW. Fast forward till today after flying 10000h on Boeings and whatnot I still find myself out of a job thanks to COVID but might have an opportunity again in the UK where I worked the last 5 years. Problem is due to brexit I will need to validate my EASA license in the UK with a defined process that requires me to apply for an inital Class I medical in the UK. Looking up the requirements for CVD pilots its made very clear that lantern tests are not accepted and the means of secondary testing are anomaloscope and CAD test.

However, the regulations say the following on the transition:

Non-EU licence holders and EU licence holders who have never held a UK-issued licence
Applicants must apply for an initial medical certificate of the appropriate class at an AeMC for Classes 1&3 or an AME for Class 2 and LAPL. (Please note revalidation standards of the applicable class may apply to applicants who already hold the applicable licence (e.g. Class 1 for CPL/ATPL)).
So apparently revalidation standards may apply for license holders, which would not require me to take color vision testing as it is according to regulation "on clinical indication". This would be crucial to me as I know that I will not pass the CAD and probably not the anomaloscope.

Now, how best to spin this? Does anybody here have any experience already with this process? Would be happy to get some advice or pointers who I should maybe talk to before starting the process and scheduling a booking for the Class I.

Thanks already everyone.
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Old 25th Aug 2021, 19:21
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Hello Parkbremse
Such a good example of the ridiculous situations being created by the UK CAA. I think from what I understand of your situation , if the UK issued a class 1 medical before on the basis of a passed HWL then to have it revalidated it will not require you to redo any colour vision test as the HWL pass should be on record and you have no clinical indication that would require you to be retested .

I would also recommend having a look at ecdaa.com , someone with a great amount of aviation experience like yourself would be a great addition to the panel. Plus there are loads of useful blogs on colour vision testing and regualtions making it easier to intepret and understand and a dedicated forum where members can interact .

Let me know if you have any further questions I'll be more than happy to help!
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Old 30th Aug 2021, 13:03
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You should be fine. As you state, revalidation standards would apply and for revalidation there is no requirement for CVD testing unless clinically indicated.

My advice: if for whatever reason an AME attempts to undertake CVD testing, I would politely decline and clarify the requirements with them.

I am in a similar position to yourself having passed lantern testing many years ago and flying commercially in the UK ever since.
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Old 2nd Sep 2021, 15:09
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Colour blind OCVT+MFT for class 1 medical for the FAA

Hello, im 17yo male, wanting to become a pilot. Failed the CAD test in the UK but know I could become a pilot commercially in America if I pass the OCVT+MFT. I know some places in the UK conduct FAA medicals, however, does anywhere in the UK do the OCVT+MFT, or does that involve flying to America. I plan on starting my PPL next year and after completion try and take the OCVT+MFT tests to get an unrestricted class 1 from the FAA. Currently, I can get a CAA Class 2 medical with the restriction of "day time only" flying and possibly IR(r) rating.
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