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Exciting Announcement! ECDAA (The European Colour Deficient Aircrew Association) is live !


I Co-founded ECDAA with a pilot from Italy and we have a panel of experienced commercial and GA pilots. We are always looking for individuals interested in joining the panel.

ECDAA is a non-profit group in which CVD pilots have come together to create awareness and change within Europe on colour vision regulation for aircrew. We support and provide advice for anyone facing medical denials or loss of licenses due to the restrictive regulation currently in place. We work together to push for change within EASA/UK towards a fairer more practical method of testing that will stop the discrimination of many pilots and high-quality candidates. These testing methods are already being used in New Zealand, Australia, USA, and more where change has been made.

We are going to be running live webinars, forums, news articles, information blogs, and much more.
We welcome you to join us today with a free account and become part of this great community!
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