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Collective Colour Vision Thread 4

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Collective Colour Vision Thread 4

Old 12th Mar 2019, 10:19
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Hi Simone
Thanks for your offer to help, really appreciate it !
To help clarify some points:
My testing was done originally at City uni as a battery of tests which I sent to the CAA, I originally thought you only have to send one of the tests which you pass, so hence I sent them just the pass of the HWL,however, the CAA requested to see all the testing including my failed CAD test. Then I went through all the appeals processes and even to the final appeal, I was trying to say to the CAA your not following regulation, I've passed two tests. But according to the CAA those test are rubbish?!?! The CAA then got me to do 2 more CAD tests of which I failed but got better results at . To then deny my class 1.

I wanted to then get a second opinion from another EASA ophthalmologist in another country regarding my testing, who said I should pass my class 1 medical however I should come and do a medical there.
I did so ,I got my class 1 medical in a different EASA state , which was then made invalid by the UK CAA because I had two licensing authorities at one time.
So I was furious getting mislead, thrown about, and the regulatory authority's keeping changing the criteria.

Now to bring it up to date , I recently wanted to transfer my UK class 2 with limitations and my PPL to that same other EASA state ,but I wanted to make sure I would receive my class 1 with no limitations if I did this.
They then replied that the UK has made their decision and essentially you have failed the CAD that's it . But I have passed two tests and the regulation states either by. It does not state you have to pass the CAD or that you can only take one test etc. They then gave me that answer about their interpretation that I believe is incorrect and I did all the testing together . So now I have no idea what to do because they keep shutting me out.

To answer your first question : I had a final appeal with the UK CAA , did not get my UK class 1 , the other easa state class 1 was issued a year ago but made invalid within the month.

To answer your second question, hopefully above will help explain.
Sorry it's such a long post ,but a lot has happened in 2 years.
Thanks again for your help
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Old 12th Mar 2019, 12:16
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Originally Posted by Marteniuc View Post
Hi I had my 1 class medical test yesterday on 21.01.2019 i received a bad news , i can't have the certificate because i have deutan colour blindness, is not very strong , but i failed and i'm ruined ,I dont know what to do!!

so is my career of commercial pilot compromised? Any thing else I can do?

You have my compassion. I know how that feels.

I was somehow able to overcome my colour vision problems, but I had a few months where I thought my dreams were over. All I would say, is that if it does come down to being a sad truth, I now know that there are many other exciting opportunities to follow. I now think that everything happens for a reason!

During those few months I started playing the bass guitar. Over the years I found as much or even more pleasure from this avenue as I did from aviation. There are so many interesting avenues to pursue.

For some time it may appear to be the end of your world, but it surely won’t be.
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Old 12th Mar 2019, 16:26
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UK CAA is a rubbish;

they spent an enormous amount of money to research and implement CAD test, that they only accept this test.

they are really hard to change their mind, even worse when someone goes against their interest, in this case CAD implemented by them.
I had some problems with them, and I will never and ever do something with them.

now all medical files are online and not possible to have 2 medical certificate from 2 different authorities,

a question: which class do you have right now? It’s only an idea but think on it: if you are not in rush and take some years pause, you could leave your medical elapse for more than 5 years and do an initial all over again in another EASA member state.....I know sounds bit crazy, but if they don’t change mind looks the only possible way.

i am really sorry....I know how you feel.

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Old 12th Mar 2019, 23:55
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Aloa is right at 100%! Another option is to gain a class 2 with the limitation on it from UK and start the conversion process to another country (Spain, Ireland, Italy, Portugal, etc), once the other country will receive your records they’ll be able to tell you what will be the best option for you and maybe they will propose to sit the exam with them to clarify this point, I know that countries like Portugal or Spain have lifted these limitation to people who passed one of the approved tests in an AeMC! Your report from city university (lantern) probably won’t be accepted by another Easa authority because they want that these tests are performed by an AME usually.
Unfortunately in the UK you’ll not be able to sort out this issue, there’s no way

Wish you the best of luck!
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Old 14th Mar 2019, 11:04
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Thanks, aloa326 and simone993 for your help ! The CAA stated that my testing would be valid as they have accepted CAD results from city uni. SO it should be valid in other EASA state.

I'm appalled and the way the CAA have treated me and others, constantly changing the goalposts of what they require to get a class 1. So whilst I try and sort out my medical in that other EASA state I'm now in communication with a number of organisations in the UK to try and change the CAA over restricted and non-evidential regulation on colour vision.

I will not stand for the CAA messing with peoples lives and careers with no factual evidence to support it. I'm looking to create a group where we can work together to try and change it. It's not gonna be a short process but I'm sure we can do it! If anyone is interested in this please do let me know, create a sort of whats app group.

Do let me know if you still have any suggestions on my previous posts.
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Old 22nd Mar 2019, 11:51
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This thread was incredibly helpful to me so I wanted to share my experiences with colour vision testing.

When I was 16 I had an Ishihara plate test in which I struggled with a few and made some errors. The examiner at the time (I think it was just an opticians, so long ago I cannot recall) advised that I would never be able to become a pilot. I do remember asking if I was colour blind and his response was that I had a colour deficiency but it was so minor he could not put a number to it. A someone cryptic response but as a young 16 year old lad, dream dead, killed off right there and then.

When I became interested in seriously pursuing an Aviation Career I was concerned that I would not meet the colour vision requirements. I found some of the Ishihara tests online and had mixed results, one of them I completed with only 2 errors and the other I complete with zero errors. I also stumbled across the CAD test and history of how this was developed, perhaps there was some hope for me yet.

So fast forward to February this year and I attended Heathrow medical services for my initial Class 1. I saw the Chief Optometrist, Dr Adrian Chorley who was a thoroughly professional and general great guy, he made me feel at eases as he explained the various testing procedures. We came to the Ishihara plate test, a book on a stand presented below a lamp. I recall that this test had to be conducted under specific lighting conditions and clearly this was catered for here. The Optometrist began to turn the pages, the plates looked very different to what I had seen online, lots of purple colours. I really struggled and knew I had made errors. We completed some other testing then we discussed the Ishihara plate test and that I had scored 6/15. The Optometrist mentioned that there was another test we could do, I asked if this was the CAD test and he confirmed.

I was seated in front of the machine and the test was explained to me. There are lots of grey boxes on the screen, it kind of looks like pixelated graphics from 80's computer games. There will be a coloured boxed that travels across the grey boxes in a straight line (out to one of four corners). You have to click a button to confirm the direction it went in. You could compare this to the audio tests in the way that the sounds get fainter and fainter, the same happens with the colours. The optometrist also advised that the test would identify my weak areas and test them more rigorously. Sure enough the clear coloured boxes became fainter and fainter. If you see no colour at all you just make a guess, the next colour box will not start its journey until you press a button. I found this test challenging as it lasted quite some time and at times the boxes were so faint I had to make some guesses. As the test progressed and the guesses increased my heart started to sink, I was very worried that I was failing this.

We got to the end of the test and I braced myself for the results. The optometrist advised that I had a colour deficiency and took time to walk me through the results. The good news is that I had passed the test. He provided a print out which shows the threshold and your results. My diagnosis was that I had deutan deficiency and normal YB colour vision.

R-G threshold 2.92
Y-B threshold 1.54

This put my colour test result into the following category :

Mild Deutan / Proton deficiency threshold <6 deutan, < 12 protan which enables a a fit unrestricted EASA Class 1 and 2. Unfit European Class 3, Fit UK Class 1.

I drove home exhausted but feeling positive. Although I did have a deferral to a psychiatrist and cardiologist after the Doctor examination (covered in other threads) so was not home and dry quite yet.

I hope that my contribution is of some help to others as I read this thread in its entirety before my medical and it was very helpful.
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