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UK CAA is a rubbish;

they spent an enormous amount of money to research and implement CAD test, that they only accept this test.

they are really hard to change their mind, even worse when someone goes against their interest, in this case CAD implemented by them.
I had some problems with them, and I will never and ever do something with them.

now all medical files are online and not possible to have 2 medical certificate from 2 different authorities,

a question: which class do you have right now? It’s only an idea but think on it: if you are not in rush and take some years pause, you could leave your medical elapse for more than 5 years and do an initial all over again in another EASA member state.....I know sounds bit crazy, but if they don’t change mind looks the only possible way.

i am really sorry....I know how you feel.

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