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Thanks, aloa326 and simone993 for your help ! The CAA stated that my testing would be valid as they have accepted CAD results from city uni. SO it should be valid in other EASA state.

I'm appalled and the way the CAA have treated me and others, constantly changing the goalposts of what they require to get a class 1. So whilst I try and sort out my medical in that other EASA state I'm now in communication with a number of organisations in the UK to try and change the CAA over restricted and non-evidential regulation on colour vision.

I will not stand for the CAA messing with peoples lives and careers with no factual evidence to support it. I'm looking to create a group where we can work together to try and change it. It's not gonna be a short process but I'm sure we can do it! If anyone is interested in this please do let me know, create a sort of whats app group.

Do let me know if you still have any suggestions on my previous posts.
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