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Originally Posted by Marteniuc View Post
Hi I had my 1 class medical test yesterday on 21.01.2019 i received a bad news , i can't have the certificate because i have deutan colour blindness, is not very strong , but i failed and i'm ruined ,I dont know what to do!!

so is my career of commercial pilot compromised? Any thing else I can do?

You have my compassion. I know how that feels.

I was somehow able to overcome my colour vision problems, but I had a few months where I thought my dreams were over. All I would say, is that if it does come down to being a sad truth, I now know that there are many other exciting opportunities to follow. I now think that everything happens for a reason!

During those few months I started playing the bass guitar. Over the years I found as much or even more pleasure from this avenue as I did from aviation. There are so many interesting avenues to pursue.

For some time it may appear to be the end of your world, but it surely won’t be.
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