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Tana-Airlines 24th Jul 2010 23:39

Alright cheers. Can we use a calculator by the way?

greyb33 25th Jul 2010 01:46


How relevant was the preparation material they sent us, was there alot of stuff on that they tested you on?


historyftw 25th Jul 2010 12:02

It wouldn't be fair on the other candidates to reveal anymore than what you have been given. How often do you go in for a test having known the questions before? Maybe sounding to some extent selfish but you already have an advantage of extra days to prepare and since essentially I am in competition with you /all of the other candidates I am not going to give you some inside information. Would find it strange/ slightly unfair if anyone did.

Besides they explain on the day theres no point cheating your way through the test having known the questions etc... because you'll be wasting both yours and their time at FTE when you struggle with all the exams that they thought you would be able to pass.

teawhite&none 25th Jul 2010 15:46

I don't think anyone was asking for the questions, just whether they are covered in the material which is fair enough! Greyb33 from what I remember last time the maths was pretty well covered but there was more physics than I expected, this was a while ago though so could be a different story this time around. Anyone else for Tuesday? :)

historyftw 25th Jul 2010 16:00

I disagree completely. At the top of the document it says this information is a guide only further study may be required - or words to that effect. That's the information I got why should any else be privy to more information. If I was to say only information in the document is required then you'll have an edge as you can devote 100% of your time to those 20or so pages likewise if I said more was required you have an advantage in knowing so and can use your time accordingly.

I don't think it's 'fair enough' to give someone else a competitive edge in what essentially is a competition at this stage. Info, no matter how small, is power. I don't blame anyone for asking I would do the same anything helps to gain an edge.

greyb33 25th Jul 2010 16:08

teawhite and none,

I am also down for Tuesday morning thanks for the advice, where abouts are you staying??


teawhite&none 25th Jul 2010 16:19

I only found out yesterday afternoon so I'm just trying to sort out travel/accommodation, looks like the holiday inn! What about you? I'm stressing, it's been so long since I've done any of this maths and physics - looks like I'm back to the days of last minute cramming :eek: lol.

greyb33 25th Jul 2010 16:33

haha I know that feeling I did Physics at Alevel, but somehow found myself having to go back over how to do long division!! Managed to get a Travel lodge for 35 about 4 miles from the place. Use this KO60131G discount code on travel lodge wesbite and you give 15 off.


greyb33 25th Jul 2010 22:33

Driving over i think only four miles from the travel lodge.

richw626 26th Jul 2010 09:24

Hi guys,

I completed the assessment day on Friday afternoon after staying overnight in Peterborough.

I've got no advice for the assesments themeselves but just as a general note - there are facilities for food and drink on site (a Costa Coffee and a cafeteria style area) so make sure you take some money with you as it is a long day otherwise!

Good luck to all.


historyftw 26th Jul 2010 14:59

Richard: Good to see you made it back to Cornwall ok! Please post on here if you make it through to S4!

chromeo 27th Jul 2010 11:20

There is not a huge team of people handling the applications like may happen at other large training companies, so writing back to everyone may have been difficult to administer. FTE believe it is the largest response ever to an advert.

dustyprops 27th Jul 2010 12:27


A bit of advice mate before you throw your, non-career as of yet, down the toilet. Airlines want team players, it is HUGE, as you may or may not find out with the endless crm courses one does with an airline.

Your posts smack of a one man band and your 'info is power' quote is bullsh!t. Work with your colleagues not against them otherwise you'll be washed out before you know what's hit you. I've been flying in the airlines for 11 years now, and if I can spot you, then you can be damn sure the trainers will.

Just a helping hand for you mate. Take it or leave it.

historyftw 27th Jul 2010 13:18

dustyprops - Now I have a lot of respect for your 11year + career. However, I think you totally miss understand where I am coming from. I am 100% a team player. I've played sports, coached sport etc... thats all a team game. I've been in situations where I've had to work as a team or could end up dead. At my current place of work if I wasn't a team player I'd be out the door pretty quickly.

What I fail to see, in regards to this application, is what team am i in at the moment?

"FTE believe it is the largest response ever to an advert." - So I know that I face a lot of competition? So a team player would give away what was on the paper to those being interviewed at a later date? At this stage surely knowledge is power. I could quite easily tell everyone that X Y was on the paper, Z was not. All the other candidates interviewed so far could do that. Just doesn't make sense AT THIS STAGE to be helping each other as we are all competing for a very small number of places.

I see it as the qualifications to make the relay team. I am in competition with everyone until I've made the team. When I'm on the team i'll do anything to help.

You say about the endless CRM courses well the people on them with you I'm sure are your "team mates" at this stage I have no team mates so I don't understand where your coming from?

"Work with your colleagues not against them otherwise you'll be washed out before you know what's hit you" - They are not my colleagues YET. When/ if they are my colleagues I'll treat them as I have any other member of a team which I've been on. With respect, help them if they need help, ask them for help if I need it etc.. et...

Also, as aforementioned at the assessment centre we were told not to take wild guesses at answers in the hope of fluking the exam as they use this as a base of knowledge anda aptitude. If they think you have got 100% on the exam and take you to Jerez and find out you could only manage 20% and fail. Then you have wasted ALOT of money and they have given a place to someone not deserving it. All in all not a good situation. I liken this to me giving any tips away as to the assessment day.

Now sporting metaphors may not be your thing but that is an easy example to use. I've captained teams, coached teams and been a member of teams. If I was to choose to work on my own or in a team it would be the later. Any member of teams I've been on would (hopefully!) tell you what a team player I am and I'm proud of this.

My point being is that I am a team player. I will work with my colleagues. However, I haven't got any colleagues yet. If I was to help people now I would end up with the wrong colleagues and it would be unfair to those that were deserving. And in doing that I am not being much of a team player am i?

Just to clarify all of the above seems like I have a massive ego. For what its worth those on my assessment day were very able and I'm sure all the others are to. Whilst I would love to get on a scheme like this I realise my chances are slim and that it may be viewed that other candidates are better. Don't buy a ticket don't win the raffle! But I'd like to stress at no point do I believe I am not a team player.

PGSingularity 27th Jul 2010 19:19

To be honest, its pretty simple really; If you do not want to discuss the content of the tests, don't. No need to clog up the thread with rants or ego-boosting posts.

historyftw 27th Jul 2010 19:35


Just incase no one asked the question. I asked as I left on Friday when the earliest we could expect to hear back was. Basically the earliest will be this Friday but likely to be some point next week. I didn't quite follow everything that was said but once the reports are written by Lisa and Ally then it is out of there hands when we hear about the next stage.

PGSingularity 27th Jul 2010 20:20

All the notes and results have to be organised, sent to the head of training in Jerez, then a shortlist sent to the airline, who will then invite people, so it might be pretty tight again time-wise for the next stage too. But everyone will hear either way this time :)

dustyprops 27th Jul 2010 21:51


Like I said, it's friendly advice that you can take or leave. Don't be the one that stands out for the wrong reason, and yes they are most certainly your colleagues, you all share a common goal. The sooner you get onboard with that the better.

Anyway, good luck with it, see you on the line.

historyftw 28th Jul 2010 00:00

Dustyprops - Fair enough I appreciate the advice! Have to agree to disagree. I just don't see how helping someone with an exam is of beneficial to anyone at this stage. We share a common goal yes, but that doesn't make us colleagues until we are past the finish line. I'll leave it there for now. I understand where your coming from through in terms of standing out for the wrong reasons hopefully I didn't at interview and as people have said a forum as well known as this one there is always someone watching!

Just to say, advice like PGSingularity has given is fair enough as I didn't fully understand when they explained how long it would take to hear back.

leegunn2008 28th Jul 2010 04:01

i have to agree with history on this one. i got knocked out already but at the end of the day everyones compitition until such times as you are through with a place. why put yourself at a disadvantage by letting others know. would you feel great when the guy you told the questions scores higher and puts you out????? common sense

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