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Joe_Bar 23rd Feb 2006 16:20


Did you have your interview already.
Maybe you can share some of tech questions you got.

Thanks JB

Flash738 25th Feb 2006 20:32

sim eval/interview

I too have an eval in early March and would appreciate any info you might have about the sim and interview...also any recommendations on where to stay at EMA prior to the interview...thanks.


David_Lid Air 26th Feb 2006 11:04

Mutton.. Any info about the assesment at Ryanair would be appreciated :)

I am considering to apply



Mutton 27th Feb 2006 19:22


How you guys going?
Got an assessment eh? Firstly, don't panic... The whole day is pretty informal really, the main thing i can advise is to make sure your instrument scan is up to speed as sim work is pretty frantic without any let up. All good fun.
As for places to stay, i didn't have to tackle this problem as i've got in-laws nearby, but the other guys on the day stayed at Thistle hotel (could have been holiday inn not sure) apparantly about 70. Apart from that you could try some B & B's in Castle Donnington which isn't far away.
Hope this helps. All the best.

Flash738 28th Feb 2006 00:45

Thanks Mutton
Thanks for those inputs Mutton...I appreciate it...I'll try and keep the blue side up...BTW...is the sim visual and is it normally set up for night/dusk ops and what weather is given? Is the crew both being evaluated at the same time or do you have a 'check pilot' as your co-pilot or Capt as the case may be? Inquiring minds and all that...thanks again.


Mutton 28th Feb 2006 09:00

Hi Flash,

You are given a pretty low cloud base (about 400' on depature) which you never climb out of (you only go up to 5000') so there isn't much to see. However, the cloud does miraculously rise enough to let you land, just!!. :\
Weather is a fairly steady wind, about 15-20 kts and not a stonking x-wind either. :cool:
When you 1st arrive you will get paired up with another candidate for the sim. It is mainly the PF who will be assessed (you are briefed not to give too much help as PNF!!) but PNF still has to do radios, recall drills for engine fire, reset nav aids and all that good stuff.
Good luck.

maxwell4065 28th Feb 2006 13:52

As for places to stay try the Travelodge. Have just booked a night for 28 quid. Just like Ryanair no frills but if you book early enough cheap as chips.

Flash738 28th Feb 2006 21:12

Mutton and Maxwell...thanks for those tips...I appreciate it...always nice to know what to expect...will give the Travelodge a ring. Any info on the interview and tech questions would also be appreciated. Thanks.


zooloflyer 3rd Mar 2006 08:34

RYANAIR Interview & Sim

Anyone any idea how long it takes from applying online (@ CAE or SAS) untill you get an invitation for the interview - HR & technical?

I did send them both emails questioning the timing issue but unfortunately; 0 respons. A bad start?:confused:

Anyone recent experience?


SBAB 3rd Mar 2006 11:05

Did the same, 2 weeks ago, no repsonse so far.


TFLO 3rd Mar 2006 11:51

Is there anyone who knows something about the technical interview?
What kind of question can you expect to get if you only have flown small piston engine aircraft??

zooloflyer 3rd Mar 2006 12:00

Hey Flash, keep us up to date on your tech and HR interview! Would be great!

All the best & good luck. :ok:

BongleBear 4th Mar 2006 20:39

hi all, had a call a couple of days ago inviting me to ryanair assessment this wednesday. i haven't flown 737 sim in about a year, my IR needs revalidating and i'm basically well out of practise. any ideas/suggestions where i can get some last minute practise in? i've flown about 100 hours in pa28 in last year but that's it.

also, does anyone know any questions asked in the technical interview? i've heard a few q's on sweptback wings etc... the only twin i've flown is seneca (2 years ago during CPL/IR) so i'm assuming i'll get q's on this. if anyone could pm me some example questions that have come from the interview i'd really appreciate it.

thanks, bbear

A320rider 5th Mar 2006 09:57

Ryanair (merged)
where to apply for ryanair?, I have seen there are only 2 schools.

what are their minimum requirement, age?
how much it costs for their sim test, I have eared it is 300 pounds.How much is that? 400 euro?

I love to be bad treated, ryanair go go!!!

SBAB 5th Mar 2006 10:58

Hi A320rider,
Check out ryanair's website (career) or CAE website http://www.cae.com/cts/RyanairProg.shtml



A320rider 5th Mar 2006 12:27

thank you,...
I do not see any age requirement!???
I thougt it was 32..???
any comment?

alex oc 7th Mar 2006 12:32

Ryanair (merged)
hi guys, can anyone who has or knows of anyone who has recently been hired by ryanair tell me if you have any say in where the company will base you? :confused:

A320rider 7th Mar 2006 12:41

I am applying too.

good, bad, ugly????how it is?

SpamCanDriver 7th Mar 2006 18:11

Im currently there hopefully not for much longer though! :yuk:. Basically you dont get any real say in where they stick you basically place you where they need people although if you want STN you will more than likely get it. Honestly guys think very carefully before joining and if youre experienced definately dont come! But if youre searching for that first job you will have to be prepared to have a long wait until you start flying! all unpaid of course after paying out 20k plus on youre rating!!!:mad: I got my mate a job in May 05 and he has only just started his line training a couple of weeks ago!! "Ryanair - A Guide for Prospective Pilot Employees" http://www.pprune.org/forums/showthread.php?t=214074 mandatory reading for anyone thinking of joining! And then there's the new PAYCUT DEAL!!! :mad: okok ill shutup now:ok: anyway guys good luck!
P.S. PM me if any questions

jumbo-clingfilm 25th Mar 2006 22:09

Ryanair (merged)
Hi folks,

I've just passed the sim ride with Ryanair and now in the holding pool. Are there any others out there who are getting it fully paid for by Ryanair or am I the first? does anybody how long the wait in the pool is ??

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