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Mike1981 1st Nov 2005 10:56


Thank you very much for the help. :) So I take it there will be no questions about stuff like Aerodynamics, Flight Planning, Meteorology etc.?
Also, will they ask about any aircraft you have previously flown? Or just the last one? Or the last ME aircraft? I did fly the Beechcraft 76 until my ME checkride, two days later I had my CPL checkride on a TB20 (single engine). Guess I will just learn for both.


What do you mean by experience? My flight experience? I'm one of those low hour pilots who just finished flight school. ;) I got a total of 354 hours at the moment. Got most of that during my studies (got a U.S. university Bachelor degree) in the U.S.. Then I did some additional flight training in Germany.

Thanks all so far who replied. It's much appreciated. :)

IronWalt 8th Nov 2005 14:49

RyanAir Interview Prep
Greetings All,

I have just been invited by RyanAir for the first interview/sim evaluation. I am looking for referals to sim centers and interview prep companies that have an inside track on what to expect. I am not wanting to do this cold. I have about 9500 hours and have FAA licenses with a 737 type rating. So apparently they are hiring us yanks if we have lots of experience.

Any advice would be appreciated.

DrLecter-HH 11th Nov 2005 13:27

Preparation for Ryanair Sim Sreening!!!

I want to take a few hours for Ryanair Screening on the Boeing 737-200. Does anybody here knows a phone number of the Simulator Centre in East Midlands, or somewhere else where I can get a good preparation for this Screening?

In andvance, thanks for the postings and help....


flighttime2.0 11th Nov 2005 19:21

You will not be able to get hours on the east mid sim its running flat out for Ryanair!
You will have to go to the 737-200 sim in dublin airport, contact parc aviation for details but beware this sim is also very busy so might have to wait a few weeks but great prep for the Ryanair sim check.


herta 11th Nov 2005 20:35

gehe mal zum Kaeufer... docht haben sie ein 737-200 FNPT 2 sim fur CCC benutzed

Wing Commander Fowler 11th Nov 2005 21:12

Think there's sumfink rong wiv your quayboard dude......

DrLecter-HH 12th Nov 2005 08:01

@ flightime 2.0

Thanks for the tip.... Do you know the runner of the sim in EMA? Is it Ryanair or another company? I have heard in Bournemouth is another B737-200 sim. Does anybody here know something about this sim?


frogone 12th Nov 2005 09:31



For the old faithful EI box. Ball park 330 an hour including instructor. Gone are the days when it was 300....thut thut..


Tim_Q 12th Nov 2005 15:49

East Midlands sim is Ryanair yes, I don't know how you can book this but I do know it is very busy. This is the only one in the country as far as I know apart from this one in Yorkshire which isn't a certified 737-200 sim by the looks of it....

There isn't a 737 sim in Bournemouth, but there is a 727 at EAAC which is used for sim check prep course by a third party company, sorry I can't remember their name but I think they advertise in the back of Flight.

PierreA300 14th Nov 2005 17:05

You can contact SFA ( Sabena Flight Academy )
There is a sim 737-200 with oportunity in the schedule
You can check the site www.sfa.be or contact +32 2 752 57 50 for booking
( I m instructor there so I know well SFA )

Capt Flinstone 5th Dec 2005 08:37

Sim Result Ryanair
HI TO U ALL..........

Last week I did a SIM-check at Ryanair, and unfortunatly I did NOT pass....

No reason, just fail .

But oke, i like to know how many other pilots has passed, or failed last week??

Any pilot I have met last wednesday,they can contact me via email.

Best regards, and suc6 to you all

Capt Flinstone

Boomerang 6th Dec 2005 18:10

Can anyone who has done the grading describe the profile to be flown. All I have recieved is the above info. Ie departure aerodrome/rwy, SID? airwork? approaches?

Any info much appreciated.

Also, are the powersettings/speeds/handling of the 737 "classic" ;) sim similar to a 737NG sim?

Piltdown Man 6th Dec 2005 20:48

I'd wait until they pay you to attend. MOL keeps telling us how rich Gypoair are and they need pilots. Make them wait!

Base leg 6th Dec 2005 20:55

there are some who would call that last comment about 'gypoair' racist- wonder why you can't express yourself without lowering the tone......

Carmoisine 8th Dec 2005 13:04

Carmoisine, Don't feel too bad about it. Despite what people who don't work for the company will tell you, its not uncommon for people to fail the interview. I did my interview with a captain the far side of 5K hours who failed. The day I went 2 others failed too. Sorry to hear of your misfortune!

naughtybutnice6792 27th Dec 2005 13:25

Anyone had a Ryanair Interview fairly recently???
The subject says it all folks!
Just interested in what sim work they give you,
Any replies would be gratefully received!


pimo 2nd Jan 2006 08:23

Re: Sim Result Ryanair
This simcheck with Ryanair you guys are talking about , is with the 737? are you guys already typed?


muck-savage 9th Jan 2006 17:46

ryanair sim assessement profile ??

I have a sim check soon...I heard that they have changed the profile to leeds i think !!!

Anyone know any better ?


homerj 10th Jan 2006 11:06

Re: ryanair sim assessement profile ??
Fiwud 2x dep out of Leeds Bradford( rwy 14), land on rwy 32 .all the other stuff the same( Steep turns , eng. failure en route to ndb)

realcapitano 13th Jan 2006 12:46

Re: Ryanair dress-code

Originally Posted by despegue
What always works is a navy-blue or black suit.
Black leather classic shoes, but NOT laquered. They must be clean, also the underside. Wear a white or light blue shirt.
A red tie, without prints on it.Ever Watched the Presidential debates? They always wear red ties because this makes a person look confident, strong and a "leader" without being "dull".
Facial hair is OK for already a while now people. A ringbeard is actually quite distinguished, as long as your beard is trimmed and your haircut is tidy. People who still believe that having facial hair will stand in the way of a job have some catching-up to do, or live in the US.
ps. I have been previously involved in recruiting/selecting for Flight Academies and Airlines.

............................................................ ..........................................
i will attend an int shortly with ryanair. could you explain more in details in the forum or here about the sim profile, typical questions asked during the technical int or the most frequent questions asked and some tip that you might feel to share

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