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Maun,Namibia and Zambia it is then!!!

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Maun,Namibia and Zambia it is then!!!

Old 15th Feb 2010, 07:11
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I've followed your thread since day one.....and I am sad to see you didn't make it "THE" legendary, successful thread we all would have wished for Kash mate!

Take good care, and keep us updated - I am sure somewhere along the line there's a fancy right hand seat waiting for you!

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Old 15th Feb 2010, 16:59
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Kash, I admire your efforts, mate, but I think you are missing on something very important and this is actually what separates you from success in your endeavors.
It is called imagination and visualization.
Use your subconscious to get where you want to be.
It is simple.
Just take some time (about 15-30min.), sit in a quiet place and imagine everyday you are already doing what you want to do. See yourself at the LHS of a C206 holding the controls and enjoying the beautiful scenery laying beneath you.
Pretend it is happening right now, act as if it was already true. Increase all positive and pleasant feelings while you do it.

It may look like a woo-doo bullshit to you right now, but please try it for a month. Do it everyday and than come and tell me it is not working. I have used this technique with great success for many things in my life. It has always worked. Always!
Good luck!
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Old 15th Feb 2010, 19:16
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Safe Journey

I too went to Maun a 4 years ago and was unsucessful at gaining employment, yes roughing it out in a tent in a tent during thunder storms at the audi camp doing the morning rounds to the operators getting demoralised. You know when you are flogging a dead horse and it is liberating when you know its time to stop and you do.

The cards where stacked against me probably more so than you, being a light drinker, not a very sociable type of person, quite agressive, and not an a*** licker. Allied to this not being South African or from New Zealand but from the UK like yourself. All traits which do not lend themselves to gaining employment in Maun.

In retrospect it was a good experience, certainly focussed my mind when I returned back home to blighty, and felt I had done myself justice in knowing who I am rather than what you had to be to get a job, just to add I and am currently working overseas on 6 figure salary, in real money tax free.

Anyway enough about me, though it is one of my favourite subjects so the ladies tell me but they seem to like it, not to worry young Kash chin up there's a big wide world out there and something will happen when you least expect it. You have broadened your horizons and learnt some new things about yourself that will serve you well in the future even though you may not realize it at present.

You may be a few quid lighter in the pocket, but you have a myriad of memories that money will never be able to buy in a period of time that will never come to pass again. You didn't lose an arm or a leg or hurt anyone and you did as much as you could. As you can see from the response of these pages everyone respects you for giving it a go as do I.

All the best in your future endeavours.

P.S. I don't think flying a sh***ed out overloaded 206 for 2 years in uncontrolled airspace will do any favours in the UK. Take the instructing route by the time you do 2 -3 years full-time the industry will hopefully be on the way up. European carriers will prefer disciplined chap with a proven traceable and known track record from a 'nice' FTO.
SAs & NZs have their own requirements they are more in tune with what the operators in Maun are looking for in terms of hours and longevity.
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Old 15th Feb 2010, 20:24
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Much respect Kash,

Hard luck on not finding anything this time, but for sure with your attitude and heart you will find a job before 99.9% of everyone else in your situation. Keep trying and one day that stroke of luck will come.
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Old 16th Feb 2010, 03:08
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I want to buy you a beer!


When you get back I would like to buy you a beer and I'm know there are a couple of other guys here that would like to buy the one after that and the one after that....

Good effort.

I'll watch the posts and PM you when you get home.

Muddy Boots

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Old 16th Feb 2010, 07:29
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Morning All,

Firstly thank you so much for all your kind words, it really means allot to me to have the support of my peers and seniors. Many people leave Maun happy and wishing that they never have to go back. Well I left heartbroken, I donít know if Iíll ever make it back to Maun but what i do know is that I have just met and spent time with some of the greatest people I have yet come across.

My journey home is yet incomplete, I am currently in Johannesburg spending time with one of my best friendís family who have been greatest hosts and extremely welcoming. I was painted a picture of South Africa by a few pilots in Maun; let me say that picture was far from the truth in the short time I have spent here so far. However I am only spending a day here before I move on so they may be right.

I miss my friends and family back in the UK; however I would go back to Maun in a heartbeat. I have travelled the world a few times. But I have never come across so many people that I would class as the greatest people to make a difference in my life.

I will be leaving for Dubai today, but before that my friendís family will be showing me around Johannesburg which I am really looking forward to.
I donít regret or feel bad about going to Maun, like I said Maun has been a great experience. I have left there with more than I went with.

We must carry on searching for what we are looking for. My journey is yet far from the end, I still have much work to do. As I have always said keep your hopes high along with your strength and courage.

For now take care my last post will be tomorrow hopefully.

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Old 16th Feb 2010, 15:25
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Hi Kash.

Sorry to hear things didn't work out for you on your trip but I must applaud you on the positive effort you have put in this far to making your dreams a reality. I'm sure with your attitude something will turn up eventually.

Enjoy your trip home and if your heading back to Manchester, I'll join the queue Muddy Boots has started and buy you the second beer.....looking forward to hearing more of your stories!
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Old 17th Feb 2010, 00:33
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hey kash i have been reading this since the beginning also. i havent read this in a few days, cause ive traveled to ecuador, but i just got on a computer down here to see whats going on. i was suprised to see your decision, but it makes sense. i was hoping the best for you. you return home with a good attitude, just like you had for the majority of your duration in maun. i hope you stay in aviation, and respect you for your decision to go such distances to try getting a job. so long!
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Old 17th Feb 2010, 19:12
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Kash, great story and very interesting reading. Sad to see it all came to naught. But a great experience and a good talking point at interviews.
Keep up the good work.
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Old 18th Feb 2010, 21:13
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Your a True Son of your Father Kash360, I must say your humility is worth commending.

Check your PM its worth a try, just try.

Stay Well

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Old 19th Feb 2010, 23:07
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Dear Peers,

As always and always will do, I hope you are well and good. I am now home in the comfort of the surroundings that I have been used to for most of my life. However, in a way this place feels fairly strange to me now. I think I may have left a part of me in Africa, as you are all aware that I have always complained and moaned about the heat in Maun. However, I am prepared and willing to return back to Africa in a heartbeat. I still find myself lost in a journey that seems to be endless. I have regained my energy and strength but have seemed to have lost hope, and so I find neither doors nor hope are accessible just yet.

I know it has only been two days since my return, but seen to always recall yourselves advising that I should have stayed there longer. I feel that I shouldíve, but under the circumstances I had to make a decision that knowing all operators had hired. As mentioned before, that I have come back with more than I went, I find myself to have acquired new skills that I wish that had acquired years before.

Not for a second did I believe that this thread would have been so viewed. I would like to thank each and every one of you for viewing, posting and PM. The primary focus of this thread was to highlight the difficulties that we as pilots experience once training had been completed. It should have also highlighted areas where I had thought were an advantage point to securing a job, Along with showing my mistakes. I know I have come away from Africa without a job and so my theory cannot yet be proven. But I truly believe that, it is the basic skills in life that will take you forward in your future career for example; Personality, manners, etiquettes, so on and so forth.

All companies know that we can fly, as we all hold licences. I will utilise my new acquired skills from Africa throughout all aspects of my life. I am far from giving up on this journey, as I feel it has yet just began. I am now following all the leads that you have all provided.

For all those who are thinking about becoming pilots in the future, please, please, please do not be taken in by the schools that promise you right hand seats of a shiny new aircraft. I am sure that it has happened to a very few number of us, but the truth is that getting the license was the easy part, and I am now finding this out for myself that ninety Ė nine percent of us have to sit around for months to find just a glimmer of hope.

Again, I would like to thank you all for all that you have done for me. You will certainly hear from me again, but for now I must bring this part of a journey to an end, and it would be wrong for me to carry on with this thread as i am now no longer on the battlefields of Africa. But please keep your hopes high, along with your courage and strength. I am sure that our journeys will come to a positive end.

For thus journey, I bid you farewell and bow out.

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Old 22nd Feb 2010, 12:34
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The end of the thread!

After discussing this with Kash360 we have agreed to close the thread after the last post and leave it as a 'sticky' for a while for others to read and learn from.

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Old 22nd Mar 2010, 00:01
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Ladies and Gents,

Firstly allow me to take this opportunity to thank PPRuNe and moderator HWB for providing me with a platform for me to voice my opinions, thoughts and advice. Iím sure you will all join me on applauding them for the service they have provided for free.

Secondly, HELLO!! I was very fortunate for HWB to allow for this thread to be reopen for me to provide an update of my status on my return to the UK.

I have always criticised and mocked those fools who return home to the UK expecting it to be as sunny and as warm as it was on their holiday. They return back to the UK wearing shorts, t-shirts and flip flops. Well let me say I have too joined the ranks of those fools, arriving back just over a month ago wearing the same stuff.

As you may be aware I came home bearing no fruit from my travels. As much as my family were pleased to see me as I was to see them. I couldnít help notice the disappointment in their eyes as they saw the disappointment in mine. I spent the first few days locked in my room trying to come up with a new plan of action. I made a list of all possibilities open to me everything to resending the 1300 CVís and cover letters, following up phone calls, sending over 400 CVís and cover letters to engineering companies and many more. After taking a few days of being captive to my bed I broke free from its chains and did everything I have mentioned above and more.

Time is a funny thing after a while of doing nothing sometimes you find yourself doing things which you hadnít dreamed to do if the circumstances were different. I found myself looking at pay to fly websites, type rating websites. But I quickly brushed them out of my head. I would love to fly but not at the price of paying for a type rating or paying to fly. I donít wish to look back at myself in the future and say that I had a hand at screwing this industry up.

Itís been just over a month that I have been back home and have not heard of anything not even a whisper. I am planning knocking on a door that I wish no one has to ever knock on (job centre). I always thought of myself helping to pay into the system to help others but find myself pondering the idea of being the one who needs help.

My friends and am sure allot of your friends at your age have all got married, settled down, got a house and the usual happy family stuff. Leaving me to watch them all pass me by, while I live in my parents house at the age of 27 borrowing money of them.

I do look back and think was this flying thing really the right choice for me? But the truth is that it is!! I know Iím having a crap time at the moment and probably will do for allot longer but once I reach my destination I will then know if it were the right choice.

I have been following up a lead in Zambia, which I feel I have destroyed as I have been doing something I was afraid of doing which was pestering them. The lead I had was amazing and the person I was in contact with was so helpful and friendly, not just in trying to get me a job but also in all aspects of advice. I do still have hope that something comes through and comes through quick.

My day goes by faster than I can blink and when I look back at what I have done during it I find that I have done nothing what so ever. Iím at a loss now more than I have ever been in my entire life. I now donít know what to do. I will at the start of the following week start travelling from the top of the UK and work all the way south stopping at every airport that I know has some sort of connection to aviation and apply there.

But fear not my friends, me and you have come a long way since we began this journey, but Iím afraid will still have some distance to go. I have come across a thread I think called ďa glimmer of hope maybeĒ there has been many of these types of threads in the past on PPRuNe but never by someone like WWW. I am sure many of you have come across his posts and am sure you have as much respect for him as I do. But WWW has been famously known to forecast the economy and its trends, and the surprising thing is that he has a vision of things picking up which for us is great.

Anyway I wish all of you are well and you all still have the same amount of courage, determination, strength and hope as you first set out in your careers. I know that at the moment we are going through our lows. But like many people say ďevery dog has his dayĒ all we have to do is wait for ours.

I would however like to ask you all in fact beg you all that if you have it in your hearts, to please PM me any contacts or leads that I may be able to follow. And I promise that I will follow up every lead you send me.

For now I wish you well and the best in all your endeavours.

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Old 14th Jun 2010, 22:20
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This thread has been 'unstuck' as the Arfican season - and the recruitment that goes with it - is well under way.

I shall 're-stick' it if it becomes relevant time wise in the future.

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Old 14th Jun 2010, 23:05
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Truely Inspirational story

Hey Kash
Your story your effort and hard work is truely admirable you have also given in so much detailed info about your journey in maun tht it will help every person thinking of going to Maun.Hats off to you sure not every body has the balls to do what you did hats off to you . This is one of the best stories i have read.
I am exactely the same position as you are in so
Keep it up and good luck .
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Old 16th Jun 2010, 23:47
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I would personally like to thank moderator HWB for reopening this thread and allowing us all to share information and advice. This thread could not have been reopened at a better time, as some of you may be aware I am returning back to Africa on Friday as long as my passport comes back tomorrow with all the required visaís. However this time I shall be trying my luck in the North. I have been offered a position in Algeria to teach English to up and coming pilots. I will use this opportunity to try and cover more ground over a longer period of time.

As you maybe aware I started a thread called ďcalling all experienced pilots...we need help!!Ē I would like to take this opportunity to apologise on a few of my last posts on there as the comments I had made were negative and were unhelpful to both morale of other wannabes and myself.

Let this be the new day some have been waiting for and be positive and stop sitting around moping and moaning as to why we have not been given an opportunity flying. I have made many mistakes myself since being back, thinking that there is nothing to do, but the truth is there is plenty for us all to do.

Fingers crossed and finances allowing I will be covering Algeria, Morocco, Tunisia, Egypt and Libya. I may be trying to bite of more than I can chew but I am trying. I am not taking all my camping gear with me this time as I will spend the first two months in Algeria teaching and staying in paid accommodation but at the same time I will be running around trying to speak to as many operators and airlines possible. My father is at hand and has said he will send all the stuff out when I will require it.

I find hope returning slowly and courage returning even slower, but I am finding both and I will again try my best as I did earlier this year. The lead I was following in Zambia fell through, they offered me a contract, start date the whole lot but they never responded back and feel hard done by the company. I will not name them as this would be unprofessional but life goes on!!

Again this is your thread; it is here to help you and myself. You make this thread what it is, again I would like to ask for your support and advice as I go through another adventure of finding work!!

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Old 17th Jun 2010, 15:47
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I cant believe that comment from A320. (But then he flies an airbus so he wouldnt understand)

Poling around in G/A piston aircraft is some of the best fun you will ever have, particularly in Africa. The Algerians can be great fun, once you've tuned into their wave length.

You only live once.
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Old 18th Jun 2010, 14:43
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Thumbs down

if you don't like what i write, what s the point to have this forum?
why everybody want absolutely be a desperate pilot?.

I told to cash with his eng. degree that he should look for a job at airbus industry, he can even play with the flight sims 380 if he ask nicely the sim instructors and make some connection with the airlines.

this guy is an engineer, and I think it's a good time to look for something else than flying small planes in Africa.

so Kash, go make some real money in your profession, you can still fly later when demand is back.

now tell me I am wrong...I want hear why it's so much better going to africa with an engineer degree!???.
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Old 28th Jun 2010, 11:05
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Kash baby, howzit man? Where on this tiny planet are you? Back on the continent of dreams?
As for me? I had my share in rumbling across southern African parts. Then went home just to be called back a month later. So now I'm back in Nambia. Got a job in Swakopmund with Bush Bird. So keep up man! There's a place for every one of us!
Keep the faith!
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Old 28th Jun 2010, 16:27
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He's back in Africa on a short term contract teaching English to pilots. He will earn in 2 months what most new FOs earn in 6. Keeping his licences current, no debt, doing interesting stuff. He has the right idea-sort of guy that crew will enjoy flying/socialising with when he eventually ends up in the airlines.
When you get a chance to update us as to how it's going, do a post Kash!!
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