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So where are all the jobs then?

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So where are all the jobs then?

Old 28th Sep 2010, 13:23
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Shaun Ryder

No ILS no radar etc etc, you will never understand how challenging it can be until you experience it for real, memories of which, always provide for some good banter on the flight deck.
glad to see some pilots that became just that to fly a plane not just push some buttons for the $$$.
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Old 28th Sep 2010, 13:41
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I am a button pusher and making big $$$
If I need to or feel like it I will fly without automatics without a sweat.
Flying props for a long time single pilot in bad conditions is interesting and gives good memories as well as loads of stories to tell.I flew Sa227/be1900 single pilot/no autopilot.
However it didn't make me a better pilot than a Multi crew Jet captain at that time,far from that...i had developed bad habits over the years which i had to correct to fly this shinny jet.
I don't look down on other pilots who didn't make it on jets for whatever reason and i don't think prop/piston pilots should simplify flying a Jet as a button pushers that clearly shows their obvious bitterness and lack of experience as a professional pilot.

If my Fo never flew a prop before(airline cadet),why should i be bothered about it?As long as his standard is up to the job im quite happy
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Old 28th Sep 2010, 15:49
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I started my airline career on the B707 and we thought nothing of hand flying on a regular basis. Later on I converted to the B737-200 and once again we regularly hand flew from take off to top of climb and from top of descent to landing - we even hand flew circle to land! Also it was a matter of pride to close the thrust levers at top of descent and not open them up again until about 3 nm from touchdown (what they now called a CDA!).

Sometimes the autopilot was u/s and we would hand fly to the Canaries and back (4 hrs each way) at night! Even with the autopilot there was no Alt Acq and no Auto Throttle. Also No FMC - all fuel checks etc were manual.

Am not against automation which given traffic densities etc is a great aid but in the "olden days" we knew how to fly the a/c manually and took much pride in doing so.
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Old 28th Sep 2010, 19:21
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Spendid Cruiser

I definitely feel that there is a considerable amount of out of the box thinking that I quite haven't got the hang of yet
A very modest assertion I must say Spendid Cruiser! A desirable quality in yourself non the less, you are an asset to your employer, newbies take note!
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Old 28th Sep 2010, 23:37
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Cool Inquiry about int'l flying

Alright gang, I have been searching high and low for information on obtaining a pilot position with an airline overseas. There are people out there doing it but I have no clue where to even start. I have 1236 TT 300 Multi, no CFI , no turbine anything and I have had it with paying out my ears anymore for training or so called upgrades. Can anyone offer me any insite on where to look, how its done or who to speak to or anything? Thanx $1mil in advance!
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Old 29th Sep 2010, 20:20
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Try 'Eagle Jet'; they are always recruiting!
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Old 30th Sep 2010, 09:51
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Thanx $1mil in advance!
Am I reading this right? You have spent $1 mil on flying?
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Old 30th Sep 2010, 16:28
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shaun ryder, You are spot on.
But having said that I would not expect to climb back into a twin piston or an SEP that I have not flown for some years dispite many hours on those types and be any good at flying them at least to the standard I did back then. Thats what line training is for.
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Old 12th Oct 2010, 00:00
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i agree with instructing doesn't hurt to get some experience and get bit of money along the side lines. Thing that worries me is the logging the hrs you can only log hrs if the person you instructing is doing their ppl because they technically dont have a license so they not qualified yet right?, but once they have their license you the instructor cant log anymore hrs especially if you instructing them for the night rating or instrument etc I'm guessing FAA you can log but JAA/JAR you cant.
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Old 12th Oct 2010, 08:51
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I honestly find it ridiculous to see 250hrs CFIs teaching other people how to fly. They're barely legal to fly themselves, and I'd rather have someone with actual experience teach a newbie...
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Old 12th Oct 2010, 09:20
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CFI's with 250hrs..... not sure I like the idea of that.

FI's with 250hrs....no problem. We all have to start somewhere and if not the FI route then where else can you gain experience....I haven't got £££'s to go hiring a C172 for the sake of it.

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Old 12th Oct 2010, 09:22
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INNflight: CFIs should instruct for the pure love of instructing! They obviously love flying, so that should be sufficient. Besides, if an instructor requires an absurd request like money/payment for their services they should be laughed at in their face and then you should go find some instructor that will do the job for free! They want the hours, right? Why give them hours and money. C'mon! They should do the job for free in order to get a feel for what their airline job will be like.
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Old 12th Oct 2010, 11:22
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INNflight so who do you suggest is going to teach you? (I teach you but you would need a cool plane that I WANT to fly and it would cost you quite a bit!)

An experience Airline pilot? he probably charge 200USD/h and most have no idea of GA operations or how to basic flight (before you all jump me that was said by the Airbus guy)

The experience GA pilot? he is too busy, there are not many of them to train all the student pilots

The retired (after 60/65) after a life in Aviation comes to give back to the "youngens"? Too much liability to be teaching for peanuts and again there are not enough of them

You can start a lobby to change the regulations.....

This looks like it should be its own thread!
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Old 18th Oct 2010, 10:56
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Vito Corleone is correct

I'm sorry if this offends people but old Vito Corleone was bang on the money. This industry offers the average person nothing anymore but blood, sweat and tears. If you are a rich kid you can buy yourself a job unless you're a total retard (and even then there is always Easy Jet or Ryan Air I suppose). However for many good pilots and good people out there without a rich daddy in an airline they have been sold a lie by a ponzi scheme FTO. This industry is based on 'who you know' and not 'what you know' and the instructor industry is propped up by many people buying into courses they can't afford.
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Old 20th Oct 2010, 23:49
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Angry The jokers industry

I agree with the above poster, the industry is in dire straits. Salaries have taken a dive, unless you know somebody in an important position, you cant get in to airlines and corporate operators.

Aviation has to be the most neglected badly run industry in the world. I really wish I could go back 10 years and never have got into this industry.

I wish everyone on here the best with regards to their careers but I certainly wont be recommending aviation to anyone.
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Old 1st Nov 2010, 09:25
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try contacting flight training centres - they will probably have a special connection with an airline and can recomend you? - just throwing ideas around

OAA - British Airways
CTC-wings - Easyjet
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Old 7th Nov 2010, 11:32
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Just got a 737 interview

Happy days!
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Old 8th Nov 2010, 15:09
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This Forum is NOT for Job-hunting Experienced Pilots!

Not to be rude, but...

Anyways, what is an experienced pilots these days? Plus 1500 on a jet/turboprop? Plus 2500 SEP/MEP but not typerated?
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Old 8th Nov 2010, 17:40
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Well 1000tt 800Jet CL65, I´m not experience at all since I can´t find a job so far, already 4 month non aviation working
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Old 10th Nov 2010, 14:53
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When I was a child I always thought you had to be a super-human to do this job.
Now, in a different way, I can say I was right.
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