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The CTC Wings (Cadets) Thread - Part 2.

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The CTC Wings (Cadets) Thread - Part 2.

Old 7th Dec 2006, 08:07
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Just a further question to anyone. It's just occurred to me that way back in march when I first applied for the wings scheme, I applied through the Thomas Cook Website, just because I happened to be browsing at the time. I've heard nothing in relation to Thomas cook since. I was just wondering if anyone else had done the same thing and has it had any bearing on their airline placement?
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Old 7th Dec 2006, 09:08
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His, not completely sure what you are asking but I can try and have a go at answering. You can access CTC application via the Thomas Cook website, it is the same application but the background around it is in Thomas Cook website colours. When the scheme was orginally launched you were allocated an airline, Thomas Cook or EasyJet. As more airlines have come on board, all cadets are white tailed and allocated airlines as per each individual airline requirement. Thomas Cook remain a partner airline and take CTC cadets when they require them.
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Old 7th Dec 2006, 10:50
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thats the kind of answer I was wanting. I was just slightly intrigued as I looked at TC's website today and there is an option to "apply for Thomas cooks Sponsored cadet scheme" then the link takes you to ctc. Just wanted to check whether applying through this link could have any effect on placement.
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Old 7th Dec 2006, 17:56
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Hiya all!

I met someone that has just gone out to NZ and she is saying that their course are not starting flying until Feb due to all the delays they are having out there!

Anyone else know anymore?

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Old 7th Dec 2006, 20:04
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I have just been going through the original wings thread and i have a question regarding the recruitment of cadets in the older age group.

I am currently 27 and have been considering applying to the CTC scheme. I read on the previous thread that EasyJet and Thompson have a maximum age limit that was/is around 26 years old. These posting were back from the end of 2004 i believe.

Does anyone know what the current situation is with regard to older cadets?? Would you automatically be excluded from entry at cadet level and go into the pool and (hopefully) get a job as direct entry??
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Old 7th Dec 2006, 22:20
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AFAIK, there is no restriction on the airlines that you can join if you're at the top end of the age scale. All cadets can be placed with any airline; who you end up with is dependent on the requirements of the various partner airlines when you come to the type rating stage of your training.

Regarding delays in training; it's impossible to say how soon after arriving in New Zealand you'll start flying. It's dependent on weather, instructor and aircraft availability etc. The first few weeks are very busy; in addition to induction you have the six NZ PPL exams to study for, as well as a type rating exam (Essential Knowledge Quiz) to sit for the aircraft that you will be flying. Therefore, you can expect your flying to pick up after this initial period.
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Old 7th Dec 2006, 22:42
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I was just reading through the CTC FAQs, (again) (for about the 5th time! )

This jumped out at me:

Cadets also have some expenses, including:
Accommodation and living costs in the UK on leave and during Basic Training (where not provided in the course fees)

Where is it not provided in the course fees. As far as I can tell, basic training is 11 months, for how much is accommodation paid for?
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Old 8th Dec 2006, 10:04
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CTC guide.

Well i'm out at stage 3 but i may as well offer some advice to people who are thinking of applying to CTC or are already going through the process.

To be successful at CTC from my observations you will need the following traits.....

Good Apptitude - People will argue that yiou either have this or you don't but i honestly think you can improve over a perios of time. To do this play some computer game (use a joystick), practise some IQ test, improve your multitasking skills. Try pilapt prep.... http://www.cockpitweb.com/pilottest.html ... if you're really god awful at these things.

Good Maths ability - Maths is a very easy one to improve on if you have enough time. Practise long subtraction, addition, multiplication and divsion. Everyone can so this give time regardless of how rubbish you are at maths. Also learn your square numbers, currency conversions and fractions. Try this website for some practise. http://www.thatquiz.com/

Demonstrate Teamworking and Reasoning Skills - This will be easier for people who have worked full time. So if you haven't join some teams - sports teams is a good example. Also forums can be a good way of improving your reasoning and debating skills. Don't be dominant or shy, the key word is "participation", you aim is to do what's best for the team, not yourself.

Have a History of Some Leadership and Demonstrate Them - May come with teamwork and once again may be easier for people who've worked full time. But there's plenty of opportunities for people who haven't. Join a sports team like a five a side football team. Show initiative in some way get people to follow you. Take control of situations.

Show a History of Responsiblity - Lots of things you can do here too but asking to do more responsible things at your workplace is the obvious choice. Generally just being conscious of being in responsible in your life will put you on the right path.

Show a History of Determination and Hard Working - Work hard at school and university, do extra curricular activities and succeed in them. Show them you can focus and hit targets and if you had to overcome unforseen obstacles on the way....well they love that!

Demonstrate that you've Pursued a Career as an Airline Pilot - This can be done via simply getting flight hours, joining air cadets, working in the airfield bar and getting to know some pilots. Use your initiative.

Demonstrate a knowledge of the industry - Subscribe to magazines, read the aviation forum, look at airlines websites (In particular the partner airlines), routes structures and fleets, watch documentaries. There's plenty to do here.

Some Experience at Interviews So You Can Sell Yourself - A lot of young people applying may not have ever had an interview. So get yourself a few throwaway interviews at jobs which you don't necessarily want but are challenging jobs. Also read some websites on good interview skills, i recommend here..... http://www.businessballs.com/interviews.htm . Be calm, relaxed but confident on the day.

If you don't have the majority of these i would seriously consider delaying you application up to about a year and working on these skill - you may possess these skills but might have trouble demonstrating them. CTC really do take only the best of the best for obvious reasons - they're investing a lot into you - the pass rate from application to acceptance is something like 4%. They don't allow reapplications so even though at a later point in life you may make a great student you will never get a chance (unless you're asked for a resit) to get on this great scheme.

I've learnt a lot of lessons through CTC and i'm glad i went through with it. It really was the first step for me and i kind of regret that one of the best opportunities for pilots out there was the unsuccessful learning curve for me. But it has certainly opened my eyes and given me the hunger to become an airline pilot one day. Thankfully, time is on my side.

Cheers and Good Luck,

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Old 9th Dec 2006, 06:37
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Rj111, sorry to hear that you're out. Many thanks for an excellent post though - hope you are successful elsewhere!
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Old 10th Dec 2006, 16:19
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age requirement

Could someone tell me about the age limit requirement, about each compagny (easyjet, monarch,...), for a Cadet who has succeeded the CTC Wings training ?

Thanks !
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Old 2nd Jan 2007, 16:44
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Just a quick question, has anyone had problems get the money side of things sorted with the bank etc? As in, have they just said no?? Thanks K
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Old 4th Jan 2007, 18:32
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can anyone give me any info on stage 2 revision. Obviously adding subtracting division, time/distance euro conversion. Anything else like fractions or algebra??thanks
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Old 4th Jan 2007, 19:58
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I have the worst credit history ever due to never being in one place for longer than 2 yrs. This didn't cause me any problems though. Walked into HSBC and 40 minutes later walked out with the unsecured loan in my bank. A very painless experience as it is handeled by one person in one branch only. Good Luck
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Old 5th Jan 2007, 10:20
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wheres the old ctc thread for reference??
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Old 5th Jan 2007, 11:55
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Originally Posted by newbie008 View Post
wheres the old ctc thread for reference??

Here you go...this should work. enjoy the read!
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Old 5th Jan 2007, 16:49
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How long did it take to get the apptitude test results after failing stage 3 anyone?

It's been about a month now. I think i'm going to have to start hassling them.
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Old 5th Jan 2007, 17:26
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They dont give you any feedback unless youre succesful in passing as far as I know rj111. So I wouldnt expect scores any time soon...
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Old 5th Jan 2007, 18:17
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Whilst we are all aware that, in France EU law has very little effect if the French government doesn't want to do something , in the UK the government tends to bend over backwards to appease their masters in Brussels.

Hence, we have Age Discrimination legislation which prevents any employer or provider of vocational training from treating any person any different by virtue of their age. It also applies to qualification bodies vis-a-vis issuing of any professional qualfication.

I notice that CTC no longer publish age restrictions, although whether this is in response to the introduction of the legislation or just a commercial move I do not know.

So the answer should be that age does not matter.....but in reality, who knows?

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Old 5th Jan 2007, 18:37
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Does anybody know how many applicants are usually selected to re-apply after failing stages 2 or 3? Also, is it neccesary to re submit stage 1 etc first?

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Old 5th Jan 2007, 18:58
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BR40737, You do not need to re-submit stage one at any point after initial application. There are no longer any re-sits if you fail stage two. I dont know exact figures, but there are plenty of people out here who gained a place after failing stage three first time round. Hope this helps, Good Luck
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