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The CTC Wings (Cadets) Thread - Part 2.

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The CTC Wings (Cadets) Thread - Part 2.

Old 17th Nov 2007, 12:42
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How long do CTC usually take to respond to an initial application?

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Old 18th Nov 2007, 14:11
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Boeing Cockpit Vs Airbus Cockpit

Have read through all this thread and found it very interesting aswell as useful for phase 3 prep.

Not trying to second guess questions just Iím quite interested to know what the fundamental differences are between the Boeing and Airbus cockpit-seems to crop up on this thread a few times. Its easy to find plenty of differences when comparing Boeing & Airbus designs/technology generally but specifically related to the cockpit Iím struggling a bit. Apart from the obvious difference in control yoke vs. side stick arrangement what else is fundamentally different in there(any point in the right direction would be appreciated)

Thanks very much.
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Old 19th Nov 2007, 03:26
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Perhaps not a physical difference between airbus and Boeing, but an important one none the less. Airbus aircraft are restricted by their computers in relation to manoeuvres. For example, the computers will not allow the aircraft to pitch up more than 30 degrees, where on a Boeing the pilot may override the computer software in the event of an emergency. Not sure which way is correct but there are valid arguments for both.
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Old 19th Nov 2007, 15:28
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R T Jones...bang on there
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Old 19th Nov 2007, 16:48
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As well as that mentioned above...the FMS/FMC also run on different software for programming the routes etc.

The hardware layout in terms of cockpit position, buttons and screen is all similar and the theory is the same, however the software is different.

Not to forget the classic magenta boeing route line, compared to that of the "green airbus"
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Old 20th Nov 2007, 13:17
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Sorry if this has been mentioned before but looking at old posts I have read there is a group discussion at Phase 2. Is still the process ?

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Old 20th Nov 2007, 14:07
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When I had my Phase 2 there wasn't anything like that.
There was a meeting with the woman who heads up the training. Then a short break, and then we had tests.
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Old 20th Nov 2007, 17:34
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Nope, its just a presentation for about an hour, a small break then into your maths and aptitude, there is no group work at phase 2
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Old 21st Nov 2007, 12:07
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Awesome i got through yesterday to phase 3

But, after reading a few of you having phase 3 booked 2 months away, in mid january, i was suprised to be given 6th December for my interview.

What does that mean? Or is it that everyone usually just defers their phase 3 by a month?

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Old 21st Nov 2007, 12:43
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Yay got through to phase 3 aswell, although i have to retake my maths guess CBBC has alot to answer for there

I got given phase 3 date of 6th aswell but cant make that one as im away so luckily i can get onto another one in Jan.

Who else made it through?
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Old 21st Nov 2007, 15:39
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Hello Everybody,

This is my first post. I've been wading through this thread and it is very interesting reading. I have a question, if I was accepted on the course did the training and was offered a job with easyjet, could I work in spain? The reason why I am asking is that on easyjets website it shows the UK contract cadets payscale, but not the spain contract.
It wouldnt be the end of the world if I couldn't work in spain, but I quite fancy getting a suntan!

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Old 22nd Nov 2007, 12:12
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It depends on easyjet really, if they need people based in spain then yes, bit early to be thinking about where you will be based tho isn't it?
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Old 22nd Nov 2007, 19:19
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If you get through the course and are offered a place with Easyjet then you'll be given a chance to state a preferred basing. Whether or not you'll get the base of your choice is up to the compnay but there generally isn't a problem with getting where you want within a fairly short timescale (a few months). Most people go on the base transfer list and get what they want before they finish type rating.

However, you have to realise that it is by no means sure that you'll get EZY. Depending on the time of year you may be much more likely to go to one of the other airline partners (the charter operators tend to pick people up around Christmas time). You do have a right of refusal but i'm not aware of anyone ever using it in the past. With minimum hours and an aviation industry so prone to volatility imho it would be silly to turn down any offer, especially when the t&c at all the partner airlines are so similar.
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Old 22nd Nov 2007, 19:23
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You can turn down twice but I would be very shocked to hear that anyone had every made use of that option!
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Old 28th Nov 2007, 12:03
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Got my stage 3 on 10th Jan having had to wait 6 months due to my failed attempt in July! Anyone else going down then?
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Old 28th Nov 2007, 15:12
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I'm currently filling out the applicationform for CTC wings, but I am not sure what to write under references.

It says you should put at least two people who are not in your family or close friend and who has know you for at least 5 years.

My problem is I have no such persons... I have only worked at my job for 2,5 years and has never had a job which lasted longer. All the people I have known for 5 years are either family or friends...

So what do you do? Should I write up family and friends or should I write up people from my job even though i have not known them for 5 years?

Thanks in advance!

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Old 28th Nov 2007, 17:12
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personally, if i was in your position, i would put my employee (boss)/ team leader at your place of work, even though you have only been there for 2 and a half years. its not really fitting to put your family as a reference on any job application form.

i hope this helps and good luck with the application process.

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Old 28th Nov 2007, 21:32
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I apologise for not being able to read this thread in its entirety, and hope not to offend if I'm asking something that's already been clarified. Basically my situation is such that I am not able to apply for entry to this scheme for another two years (I'm with an employer that you can't really leave without a lot of notice) and when that time comes I'll have to hand about £20-25,000 of my own cash to put towards training. I'm trying to find out how the funding for this training works in a bit more detail, what the arrangements are etc. It seems like a marvellous scheme, but at the same time the funding issue is a real sort of grey area. The website doesn't really clarify things much either. I'm a bit particular about this sort of thing as a I used to be an Independent Financial Adviser and I don't commit to anything of this magnitude without first understanding it to the extent that I can happily explain it to someone else.

So, apologies for the long post, but if someone who has undergone this programme before, or someone from the school can comment it would be much appreciated.
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Old 29th Nov 2007, 02:59
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Funding: if you are succesful in and get into the Wings Scheme, HSBC will provide a loan that will cover ALL the training cost, if you need remedial training (IE: you mess up) you will have to pay for any extra hours by yourself.

HSBC loan is unsecured at a rate of aprox 2 and a half percent over the base rate APR, interest is calculated to 9 years and you pay it back in 7, 2 years after you start the training.

Most partner airlines pay most of the bond back to you (or directly to the back) so you end up paying the interest out of your salary, you could self finance the program and get the money back from the airline 2 years later but most cadets dont have that much money.

if you need any more information PM me.
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Old 30th Nov 2007, 18:56
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PM Sent, cheers!
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