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The CTC Wings (Cadets) Thread - Part 2.

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The CTC Wings (Cadets) Thread - Part 2.

Old 3rd Apr 2007, 16:22
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Yes Craig

Im out on the 2nd, meet and greet on the 18th April, subject to medical tomorrow

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Old 3rd Apr 2007, 16:39
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Well, my celebrations have been temporarily beached! I spoke to HSBC yesterday to get an appt to do the paperwork, and ask some more detailed questions about the finance. Talk about a wakeup call. The stark reality of taking out a personal loan for 60k+ feels a bit different when you are about to go and do it.

Remember kids, this isn't a "bond", it's a loan with all that that implies i.e. kiss goodbye to most mortgage lenders wanting to deal with you afterwards.

HSBC told me that they have arranged some mortgages for ex-cadets. Any such people care to comment about the financial challenges they faced on graduating and returning to the big bad world?
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Old 3rd Apr 2007, 18:14
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I'm probably missing something here (which is good since I'm well into the course now!) or just being naive, but I don't see how this is a problem. Say, for example, you start working for Easyjet; you're earning a decent living wage and the bond payments are being accounted for on top of that. The banks can see you're earning and you've got the means to pay off the bond as planned, so why wouldn't they talk to you? You've got a decent job, your big training debt is under control and you're a potential customer - I would have liked to think they'd be happy. Of course, if you lost your job you'd be up the proverbial creek without a paddle, but I've never heard of anyone that's gone through and then done that.

You say you asked HSBC these questions, you've been told that the implication will be nobody will want to give you a mortgage but "HSBC have arranged mortgages for ex-cadets". The cynic in me says "how convenient!" They would say that wouldn't they...

EDIT: I do see the point, though, that the arrangement with HSBC is unique in that nobody else gets a loan that size unsecured, which might scare off potential mortgage lenders who know nothing about it. HSBC do know about it and the associated risks, of course, and they're much happier to sort out mortgages knowing that debt exists on that basis. Hmmmmm. Looks like I'm going to be owned by HSBC for much longer than I thought, then!
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Old 3rd Apr 2007, 20:30
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I asked the hythe branch and they said they will give CTC students the opportunity of a 100% mortgage after the course
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Old 4th Apr 2007, 10:43
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CTC Fleet


I'm just going through my preparations for my phase 3 and am slightly uncertain as to what the fleet status at CTC is at the moment. Their website has articles saying they operate Seminoles and Dutchesses - is this still the case or is to now only a DA42 operation?

Also, single engine, the Alpha is on the way - how many have been delivered to date of the initial 12 ordered - there is a delay isn't there? Have any of the 14 options been exercised? How many DA42s are there actually - some places say 8, others ten some 7!! Whats the answer?! Are there anymore on order? Also, are the 172s/ Katanas all going to be entirely phased out this year?

Thanks very much in advance for any light you might be able to shed!

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Old 4th Apr 2007, 11:41
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Having passed my Phase 3 last week, you're better off spending your time learning about the partner airlines (all 8 of them) and trying to learn their fleet as well. They didnt actaully ask me anything about CTC themselves but everyone does have different Qs.

Make sure you learn about examples of teamwork, pressure situations etc.
Best of luck!

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Old 4th Apr 2007, 14:08
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Hi Socloss

Thanks for the reply - I just want to make sure I cover as many bases as possible. As for the airlines, I'm learning the basic stuff - ie type of airline, when founded, basic history, fleet and orders, key route network, CEO etc. Are they going to probe any deeper than this? I thought that as there are 8, if anything they would just brush over each of them. Also, how relevant are BA - they don't seem to be such an established partner as their name is on some publications but no on the website. I'll learn their basics to be safe though.

I think I have a decent range of examples for teamworking, leadership, decision making, communication etc. I have a fairly decent understanding of the industry and think I'm up to date on anything significant that's relevant. How much detail do they want you to know about CTC itself?

Appologies, so many questions! Don't want to cock it up because of lack of preparation! I see you're based in Newbury - is this the case? If so, that's actually where I'm living for then next three weeks (and have been since August) - small world. Perhaps I might be able to interest you in a pint so I could pick your brain a little - I'll buy! No pressure, I know having a stange bloke ask you for a drink on a pilots forum is not exactly the norm!! hehe

Thanks in advance

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Old 4th Apr 2007, 14:18
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At my stage 3 i was just asked about what aicraft the partner airlines typically operate, wasnt asked about ceo's, they asked me whether i would like to fly boeing or airbus then which boeing i said 75 or 76 and they said what kind of routes would you be flying to in that aircraft (ie. what destinations)

Wasnt asked anything else about ctc, i was asked about what i'd do if i was the FO and the captain was disobeying SOPs, what effect making an unscheduled landing due to a sick passenger would have, what navigation devices do modern aircraft use, main disadvantage of gps, probably some other stuff ive forgotten. It was fairly technical, but then again the questions are aimed at your level of experience (ie. what you put on ur application form)

As others have said its highly unlikely you'll get the same questions as ctc keep an eye on these forums and probably have hundreds of questions to ask.

I would say leadership/teamwork example questions are the main focus, i was asked for times ive been in a team i didnt want to be in and what i did, also if they were to bring in some of my mates what would they say i could change about mysef, and what do i think i could change about myself. I was also asked to explain my performace at a-level and at uni, if i was happy with it and if i thought i could have done/could do any better.

Hope this helps, im sure others can add with their experiences
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Old 4th Apr 2007, 15:13
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Thanks for the reply

You are right, they must have a massive bank of questions so I can't try to pre-empt them too much. While I'm thinking about this, basic CRM probably but not something I've really studied that much. If the captain wants to drink before a flight or intends to disobey SOPs, as a co-pilot, surely I should say that I am not prepared to let the flight go ahead as it cannot be operated safely backed by the fact that I have studied the same things he has, have the qualifications to fly and that it is my job to ensure the safe operation of the flight. That could be completely not what they're looking for - if so, somebody please please say!!

While I'm at it what is the main disadvantage of GPS by the way? Is it that GPS approaches have not yet been approved? I should probably know this given my background!!

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Old 4th Apr 2007, 16:10
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Id be happy to meet for a beer sometime, PM me and we can sort it out.

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Old 4th Apr 2007, 16:16
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The main disadvantge is that the US Military own the satellites m8, as for CRM thats exactly what they want, the fact that even though the Captain may be some old salt 20-30 years your senior who thinks he's seen it all, you're not afraid to speak up about it, and at the end of the day SOP's are there for a reason, whether you've been flying 20 years or 20 months.

All the best anyway for it anyway
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Old 5th Apr 2007, 14:39
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hi guys

how long do ctc contact you after your web site application .?

PAJ, as you're saying there are 8 partners allied to CTC , how can you be sure easy jet will hire you at the end of your training ?
Or do they take the best of the best to BA? the second to EZY, the 3rd to ABC air ?

or are you directly oriented to EZY if you registered on the CTC website through EZY site ?
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Old 5th Apr 2007, 15:36
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You seem very keen on EasyJet!
There is no guarantee that they nor any of the other partner airlines will hire you. However, CTC claim that nobody has finished the course without having an offer of employment from an airline, subject to 6 months line training. There is a holding pool for cadets to enter should they not be taken on but as of yet, nobody has entered it.

Im not sure how it works in terms of who takes who but if BA turn up wanting the best, thats what they will get. Some people prefer working for a low cost carrier to start off with, as pay increases quicker and you generally get more hours under your belt faster.

Best of luck to you.....

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Old 6th Apr 2007, 07:46
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Hey All,

Ive been looking at CTC Wings NZ, and they seem to be a pretty good crowd and the guys on the promo video seem to be pretty good to work/train with.

I was wondering if you guys can answer some Q's about it?

Do you pay for all your training? If so what would be a ballpark figure?

What are the chances of getting an instructor job with them afterwards, as downunder we cant get into an airline untill we have thousands of hours and even then you will be lucky.

Would they support you if say you wanted to move to the UK to take up a job with an airline over there?

What are all the instructors and management like? easy to get along with, stern but full of knowledge?

How easy/hard is CTC wings programme to get into?

How long does the course go for say 0 hours till your licence?

Would it be better to get my PPL first then apply?

Anyone know much about CTC NZ specifcally?

And one more....How old do you have to be to apply?

I have trawelled through both threads and tried to sive through all the non related crap and got some answers from that. Answers to the above would be really helpfull.

Thanks heaps,

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Old 6th Apr 2007, 15:17
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Thanks airgus.

Another question, i have been trawling through FAQ's and these forums and i dont get whether kiwis are able to apply or not.

From what im reading if a Kiwi applys i have to be able to work in the EU?

If not Im living in Western Australia and im a NZ'er so am able to work in NZ etc so does this mean i can apply?

Ive spent all day trying to work out whether or not to apply, how many kiwis would they take on each course and how often do courses start in NZ?

Thanks again
a very pilotdude09 lol
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Old 6th Apr 2007, 16:59
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hey Socloss
yeah I'm keen of EZY as I applyied on their Web site as a cadet (ctc site) and let me thank you for your answers.

I'm wondering how it works and wanna know as much as possible.
I'm actually flying in Canada, have 88 hrs of flight, PPL, actually flying to have my cpl. is that a good profil to them ?

do you know how much time they need to answer phase 1 ?
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Old 6th Apr 2007, 19:19
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CTC Wings in NZ

CTC Wings NZ is a completely separate scheme to the CTC Wings Cadet and ATP schemes. As far as I know (and please do bear in mind that this is only what I've gleaned from being around the training centre) the scheme is set up in concert with a university in NZ, allowing you to get a student loan for the full amount of the training, up to and including a NZ CPL/IR.
Once this is obtained, those cadets who CTC want/ need will be asked if they want to stay with CTC as an instructor. If you choose to do so, CTC will, as I understand it, train you to category "C" instructor standard, and you will be issued the appropriate rating. You will then be employed as an instructor in the single engine team. There is not, as far as I am aware, any provision for graduates of the course to be placed with any airline. You are getting NZ, not JAA, licences and ratings.
I cannot comment with any authority on the jobs market in NZ; as it does not affect me I have not done the necessary research. However, from speaking to my primary and secondary instructor, and others, the general consensus is that to be considered for a job with a small turboprop operator (i.e. Eagle or Air Nelson) you need to have a considerable amount of twin time. I will not give a total required as I honestly don't know what it might be, but it is certainly in the hundreds. Most instructors seem to be expecting to work as an instructor for several years at least before moving to an airline job.
I hope this information is of some use.
(pilotdude09- I have assumed for the purposes of this post that you are not eligible to live and work in the EU. If I've misunderstood, then there is plenty of information in this and the previous Wings Cadet thread on the UK Cadet scheme, and if you are eligible to live and work in the EU, please do read those threads.)
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Old 7th Apr 2007, 14:26
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Thanks a kind of magic that cleared alot up. Wasnt sure if say you done the NZ stuff if an airline like Easy jet would sponsor you in the UK, me being hopefull

So basically the ctc wings programme is great for a i guess you could say head start and it helps majorly that you are able to get a student loan.

My Great Grandfather was a UK citizen and my father is entitled to a UK passport however as his son apparntely im not, so going to ring the uk emb in canberra and find out.. Or maybe there will be another way to move to the UK?

Otherwise CTC is still a good idea and ill apply when i turn 18. Then do instructing for a few years then go onto Air Nelson, REX or similar......

Thanks for your help guys, if theres anymore info post or pm me
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Old 9th Apr 2007, 21:53
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French guy :)

Hi everybody,

I'm a french young boy (20 years old).

I had my Private Pilot Licence last week and I had plan to go to Canada to get my CPL/IR.

Someone told me that compagnies like Easyjet was recruting Cadets and Professionals in UK. Why not ? This personn said that Easyjet paid for our formation if we were a great cadet (good marks to exams) otherwise we have to pay for it. And then we are sure to work for easyjet.

Is easyjet the only compagnie to propose this service ? Is cadets only for english citizen ?

I read few topics on PPRuNe about ctc wings and the 4 steps. Is CTC wings the only way for cadets ? Is ctc a compagnie or the system root for joining an english compagnie ?

I have a lot of question but to start, it is quite enough

Sorry for my certain mistakes, but I hope you will forget them

Many thanks.
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Old 9th Apr 2007, 22:01
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Low hour cadet joining Easyjet are bonded for their type rating, either through CTC or GECAT.

No, other companies offer bonded schemes, but for many you must pay money up front.

As an EU citizen you are free to apply to any schemes provided you meet their requirements (minimum hours, experience etc.)

CTC are a flight training company conducting commercial training and type ratings.

CTC is merely one of very many companies to offer training.

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