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Ryanair Interview and Sim Assessment (merged)

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Ryanair Interview and Sim Assessment (merged)

Old 9th Nov 2014, 08:49
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Several account

I have sent my first application in May13 and nothing... I have created two other accounts and nothing. I have withdraw all my accounts and waited 1 month... Now I have re-apply with my initial account... Wait and see
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Old 11th Nov 2014, 09:45
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I had light wind, 10-15kt no gusts. Rwy 27 Liverpool also and ceiling was between 1000-1500ft AGL.

Good luck
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Old 12th Nov 2014, 09:12
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I sent an email to CAE 1 week ago with my CV and details about my application, but I still no phone call.
Do you know how long does it take usually?
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Old 12th Nov 2014, 11:38
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Anyone else on CAE 1415 starting 29th Dec?

For anyone who has done the induction week, can you tell me exactly what it entails, what paperwork you need to take?
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Old 13th Nov 2014, 13:59
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Hi all,

Had the assessment yesterday no tricks they really try to calm your nerves didn't work for me.

I was first in the simulator Dublin was the choice of the day RW28 cloud base 700ft wind 310/10. Both me and my sim buddy got non standard departures to 5000ft levelled off and some GH. Position fix using NDB then intercept and track inbound. Fire in the gally for both of us with vectors to the ILS and the GS & LOC failed on once localizer established.

Interview HR:-
Tell me about Ryanair? (Interrupted during answer told to fast forward to present day)
Why Ryanair?
Why did you choose your flight school?
How much have you spent on training?
Have you got any debt?
How are you going to pay for TR?
Did you like your instructors?
Have you had a student who you did not get on with? (I'm a Instructor)
Why have you not done a JOC? (Finished my training in 2010)
Do you have a girlfriend/wife/kids?
Pick 3 bases.

Tech Interview:-
Explain how a ASI works?
Explain how a Altimeter works?
Then was asked about errors with theses regarding blockages while climbing and descending?
Explain Dynamic Pressure?
Explain a pitot tube?
Explain TAS/IAS what happens when you climb and why?
Weather associated with thunderstorms including CB formation?
Why do you avoid them?
Last MEP you flown?
Explain the Hydraulic System?
Explain the Electrical System?
Does it have a critical engine? Explain why?

That's the nitty gritty part of the day everyone wants to know but here is a little insight to how I felt the day went and any feedback from people who got the job and people who didn't would be nice.

I feel I will get a negative response! I was a little nervous, prepared on flight sim as much as possible unfortunately I couldn't afford 250ph + Instructor cost for sim prep along with the other costs. so I never been in a jet sim, never flew one, did my MCC 4 years ago on a steam driven king air.Word of advice if you didn't do your MCC on a jet, never flown one in a sim get some time in one if money permits. My sim partner had recently done his MCC/JOC at simtech in the sim we used on the day and had done the Ryanair assessment prep they offer the day before in the sim and it really showed and he only had minimum hours compared to my 1900TT.

In the sim itself very fast ! I was PM first, I feel that this part for me was excellent and I supported the PF 110% radio work very good very quick to pick up errors and as a team and correct them. I think its from years of teaching flying that my PM skills are good, it couldn't of gone better. Now my turn for PF, to begin with I flew it like I stolen it lol took a while to settle in. I feel that my sim partner could of been a lot more supportive in his PM role and I missed a couple of calls ! but if it helped any I nailed the ILS. As for pilot briefings ect my sim partners was excellent , god it was like he flew for BA with all his emergency briefings what we do at different speeds on RW sounded awesome I think I got everything in but was not so slick and fancy. Also at the end of my interview we shuck hands and they 'wished me well in my future career' I took it as thanks but no thanks.

I wonder in the part where they decide who gets it and who don't how much they take into account your flight school report and references and if you passed everything first time? Could it be a tipping point to if you get the job or not if your performance was not brilliant on the day but shown potential and you had outstanding reports and references.???

Suppose I will find out soon enough...................................

Age 32
92% Average first time passes in ATPL exams
First time passes in both CPL/IR in minimum hours
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Old 13th Nov 2014, 22:30
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LGW 1403 Type rating

Anyone LGW 1403 type rating starts 19th january 2015 ?
Let s set up a facebook group.
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Old 14th Nov 2014, 06:25
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Svicky, could you please specify what 3 questions you were asked?
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Old 14th Nov 2014, 06:51
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I had the same experience as most of the other guys I think.

Arrived in the Stansted training center early morning. After talking with the other candidates for a while in the break room, we were all asked to come to a conference room.

In the conference room we were introduced to the HR guy, and two pilots/sim guys. They talked about what would happen today, and then went through the sim profile on a powerpoint.

Afterwards we were told to make our own sim partners, so I partnered with the guy sitting next to me. Two french people partnered up, etc.
We were then given a couple of approach plates for Liverpool, and told we would be flying the SID something, followed by the NDB approach.
So me and my partner went through everything, and talked about what we would do in each segment, what callouts we would use on top of the ones given in the PDF (we added 80 knots, and 1000 feet to go on climb/descent, didn't get any comments on that, but anyway).

Then it was turn for the sim, we were supposed to fly about 45 minutes each. Remember that you get graded equally for your PM and PF performance, so if your partner does something stupid and gets the plane into a bad state, and you said nothing, that's pretty much equally your fault. Think multi-crew here. Help each other as much as possible, but don't "fly from the PM seat".

Each of us took off, intercepted the SID, and then went through some normal turns, turns + descents/climbs (at the same time), airspeed changes etc.
When the assessor was happy with that, both of us got some sort of abnormality happening. My partner got a heart attack, I got a fight breaking out. Basically remember the NITS briefing for the FA, a PA if strictly needed (neither of us did one). Discuss with your partner (not too long) what the course of action will be, and make sure everyone concerned is on the same page (FA, ATC etc). During this our flight was frozen, so we didn't have to concern ourselves with where the plane was going, if you're not frozen, handing over controls while you are doing many of these things might be prudent, but up to you.

At this stage we were placed on a perfect inbound path to the NDB beacon, so we didn't have to do any racetrack or something, just straight in and straight out. We briefed the approach (while the plane was still frozen), and then told the assessor when we were ready.
We then flew the approach. Remember here to brief before you start the sim (with your partner) how you want the approach to be flown. We both flew a normal CANPA approach, where the PM called out each mile, and that worked fine for both of us.

The last part then was the landing from the approach. At no point here is it wrong to do a go around. If you feel the approach is unstable (too high, too low, too high sink rate, out of alignment with the runway in a big way) when you are getting close, just go around, and say later what went behind that decision. It's a lot worse to have some hard landing at xxxx fpm because you wanted to nail that touchdown.

After that, we were just placed on an ILS, already established on the GS/LOC, with perfect throttle setting, fully configured. So just don't touch anything (or do very very small adjustments), and the plane flew itself down basically.

So that was the sim portion, a short while later we had the interview. My interview was pretty straight forward, they looked at all my paperwork, including taking a look at all the originals, and collecting the copies.
The HR guy asked me a little about why Ryan Air, what did I expect to get out of Ryan Air, what my 3 top choice of bases would be.
Then the guy who did my sim check earlier, asked me a little about my logbook, like where was this last flight from and too.
He asked me a little about what kind of plane I flew last (C208B), but didn't ask any technical or detailed questions about it.
Asked me what my worst/most difficult situation in flying had been (flaps frozen), and what I did to remedy the situation, steps made, etc etc.
Asked me about wake turbulence separation requirements (medium behind medium, medium behind heavy) on approach, and on take-off.
Asked me about the reason behind having swept wings.
And that was it basically.
Was told good job, and left the premises.

I had a sim session the day before in a 737 fixed base sim, and it was nice to have some experience already in how the airplane is going to handle. Especielly the power/pitch couple, how many degrees you fly with, power lever movement, etc etc.
If you already have done your MCC in a 737, then no worres, but mine was in a TP, so good experience for me.
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Old 14th Nov 2014, 07:32
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Thanks so much for such a great insight @Photon85 and @eaglescout! It really is appreciated by the rest of us here, and even still not being 100% confident you still wrote a very detailed account of your experience. It makes a great change from certain guys here who asked everyone for help prior to there interview, were then successful and didn't have the courtesy to share there experience or help others!! Again many thanks guys and please let us know what your outcome is and wish you both the best of luck. Just out of curiosity guys what nationality are you, and was there any Irish guys at either of your assessments, just trying to dispel the non hiring of Irish theory!!

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Old 14th Nov 2014, 09:16
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Had the assessment yesterday no tricks they really try to calm your nerves didn't work for....
Hi Neil! Shame you weren't able to come to Dublin city, was awesome!

Anyway, I had my assesment the same day (12th of november).
Was the first one to go for the interview, 2nd group in the sim.

During the tech interview I was asked:
- weak points of the cfm56 when working on it (since I was a jet engine mechanic)
- what type of engines are they, and what are the pros of this
- where does the 737 get his hydraulic power from
- how many hydraulic systems on the 737 and at what pressure
- how are the flight controls operated
- how is the landing gear operated
- explain me the wing of the 737, starting from the tip
(i started with explaining the winglets, and then he asked about the ailerons and what else is used during a turn. Then to the trailing and leading edge high lift devices, to end with explaining the vortex generators)

HR interview was :
- Why RYR
- why that flight school
- have you had many different instructors during training
- what was the hardest part during training
- why did you wait 1 year to apply for RYR
- 3 bases

Next was the sim, very happy with my simpartner as we both did our mcc on the 737. Our procedures where almost exactly the same.
Airport was Dublin, SID Liffy 4A, flown up to the VOR. Then take heading 100, some climbs and descends, slow down to 170kts with flaps 5, vectors for the ILS, go around at minimums (but visual), vectors ILS but on the ILS we got G/S and LOC failure so we used the ndb to track to the runway and used DME/Altitude read out. Landing.

Switched seats, basically same flight for my partner, except that he had no vectors and was to track to the ndb, then self position for the ILS (outbound 140 to 10DME, then left turn to intercept localizer), landing.
APU fire on the runway, advice atc, engine shutdown and evacuate.

That was it, i found it strange we didn't get any emergencies in the air.

Overall I think it went pretty well. Could answer all the tech questions, sim went well, was happy with it.

Now just hope for that positive call...

25 yrs old Belgian guy
214 TT
89% average ATPL, 1 retake
first time passes CPL and IR

@speed alive rotate: our group was: 2 UK, 1 Belgian, 1 French, 1 Spanish, 1 Finnish, 1 German and an Italian guy

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Old 14th Nov 2014, 12:15
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I would like to thank all the people who have contributed to explain in details their assessment... I think it helps a lot.

I really like the question 'Why did you wait a year to apply for RYR' as a lot of people here have been waiting for RYR to call them... For yearS ;-)
At the end I hope they will call me one day or another!

Again thanks a lot
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Old 14th Nov 2014, 12:38
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Well, for me it was because I was saving up some money first.
My flight school forwarded me to RYR on the 16th of october, phone call the 27th and interview the 12th of november.

Flight school was CAE Brussels, and it goes very fast once they forward your CV.
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Old 14th Nov 2014, 14:33
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Assessment 13Nov


A big up for everyone that has shared their details from the assessments, it has really helped me a lot, so here is my contribution!

I did my assessment yesterday in London.
The day started in a breifingroom together with 7 other guys, we all sat down talking to eachother for 30minutes before the HR-guy came talking to us.

He explained how the day would look like, nothing special and he really made us feel calm and explained that they want us all and we are not competing against eachother.

Then the assessor came and talked about the simulator assessment, we went through the breifing package, we got plates for East Midlands rwy27 and we were told to pick our partner(I met up with a guy at the hotel the day before so we paired up)

We were the second group so we had about 1,5h to review and breif our flight together.

Then I was called for the interview with the assessor and the HR-guy. The HR-guy started asking me questions from the applicant-form (have you been in any accidents etc) then they asked me for all the paper then he asked me:

-Where did you do your training?
-What was the most challenging part of your training?
-What do you know about RA, how many ac?
-What have you heard about our training?
-What have you worked with earlier?
-What bases would you like?

Then he asked me to email him a work reference from a job I did 7 years ago,even though I had already brought 2 other work references...

Then the other guy asked me some technical questions:

-What airlane did you fly during your training? (cessna172 and da42)
-What do you think about the cessna and why?
-What engine is there in the cessna? (the manufacturer, I got a blackout and couldnt remember lycoming... I simply said that i couln't remember. He tried to make me guess but i didn't)
-Do you have problems with carb-ice in the cessna?(no since it's fuel injection)
-Do you have a lot of problems with icing in sweden? how do you solve it?
-What me ac did you fly?
-Does it have a critical engine and why?
-How do the de-icing work on that ac?
-What kind of engines?

Then he continued with the following questions regarding the 737

-What kind of wings to the 737 has?
-Advantages/disadvantage of swept wings?
-What is Mcrit?
-What is machtuck?
-How to we prevent it?
-If we want to fly that fast, how come we are able to land?(he was looking for high lift devices)
-What kind of hld do the 737 has?

He also asked me what kind of fighter jets we have in Sweden and where they are based... and that was the end of the i

I got the feeling that they ask you questions they think you know and you can take the interview in the direction you know, for example I said that one advantage of swept wings is to raise the mcrit, then he directly asked me what mcrit was and so on.

Really relaxed and that are not trying to bust you, just be yourselves and dont make any guesses, if you don't know the answer, simply say so!

Then we had another 30min before the simulator to breif.

In the simulator I started as PF and I did so in the left seat. We were cleared the Wallasey 2N departure. we did the emergency breif and to breif and then we took off from rwy27 with winds 240/10

Halfway through the SID he told us to turn left heading 120 and then he wanted me to do som climbs/descends and turns. then we got a call from the cabin saying we had a man with a heart attack and they had tried everything and nothing worked, I told her to standby and gave the controls and radio to my PM. Then I breifed him of the situation and we did the DODAR and decided to go back to east midlands. Then I called the CC while pm declared a PAN. I was going to give the NITZ breifing but the assessor just said OK.

we got cleared radarvectors towards the NDB for the approach and while he took care of that i fixed everything for the approach and breifed it before I took the controls again. Then we did the full procedure Ndb/DME appch for rwy 27 got down to minimums with contact and then asked my pm to confirm with tower that we are cleared to land, unfortunately there was a vehicle on the runway so we had to goaround.

After cleaning up he freezed the simulator and positioned me at the descent point again so that I could fly the approach and land.

Then we swapped and the other guy got almost the same flight except for that there was football hooligans fighting in the back stabbing each other with broken bottles. We tried by severla means to calm them down but as suspected nothing helped... same kind of approach again with g/a and replaced for another appch.

I think that the most important factor in the simulator is the CRM, and that it is better to be to clear with what to do than not.
I am satisfied with how we did but it is impossible to tell what the assessor thinks.

No matter what I am one experience richer and I got the opportunity to meet som nice guys.

I hope this helps and I wish you all the best!
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Old 14th Nov 2014, 15:35
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Proficiat Stijn!
As a modular in Belgium I did not get lucky so far! BFS then Hub'air in my case! But apparently they really are interviewing a lot of people! Maybe I will win lottery this time.
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Old 17th Nov 2014, 08:25
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Question High-School Grades Important?

Hey everyone,

I'm approaching the end of my flight-training.
I was woundering if anyone knows what Ryanair' views on High-School grades are.
I didn't do extremely well, and am also missing a few classes to be able to get my full HS diploma. Is this a problem?
I am planning on taking those classes when time permits, but I am therefore woundering if I should do that before applying for Ryanair or if I can apply as soon as I'm done with training.
When I'm finished with my flight training (Intergrated course) I'll have about 300 hours where of 150 are PIC (I had my PPL before starting my course, that's why I'll have more than the Intergrated course minimum requirement).
So say I have 300 TT, 150 PIC, CPL/ME-IR, JOC/MCC, 1st time passes on all ATPL exams (age 19). Do I stand a chance getting a job with Ryanair?

Thanks for answering!
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Old 17th Nov 2014, 10:52
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Got a positive reply today by email, they will contact me with further details when they have a date and location for my TR!!!
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Old 17th Nov 2014, 11:24
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Assessment 13th November

Hey svicky. Congratulation. I got a positive reply today. Are you in contact with the other guys?
I thought that there would be a Group in whattsapp.
PM me.
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Old 17th Nov 2014, 12:12
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Date for TR

that is exactly the same e-mail that I got.
If this can be helpful, last Saturday I met some RYR recruitment personnel at the Flight Training Exhibition in Milan and I asked him what are the current plans regarding TR dates.
he aswered me that they are working with CAE to fix the new course dates and the average waiting time is approx 4 months (this means April for us) but they are considering the opportunity to place some additional courses in January.

so let's wait and see... Anyway congrats and maybe we can keep in touch for the future.
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Old 17th Nov 2014, 19:29
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No one at cae1416?
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Old 18th Nov 2014, 10:23
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Ageist RyanAir CAE - Equality Act Discrimination - Let us Know !!

RYANAIR - AGE Equality Act Discrimination - CAE Employee Reveals All By Email

Probably the Hottest topic at the moment is the number of applications that are being overlooked by CAE for Ryanair simply based on the AGE of the applicants.

Ryanair announced earlier this year that they required over 1000 new cadets and have actively ignored experienced and older pilots favoring young cadets.
"We have now been emailed by a CAE Employee confirming inside information regarding AGE Discrimination and No New Irish Pilots"

A recent number of tests have been carried out confirming altering the (DOB field - that is also none compliant) to prove CAE/Ryanair will then call the cadet.
Other tests have shown applications that have been completed just 6 months ago are being replaced by new recent applications.

We are gathering more information to add to our current research and this will all be presented to Acas
Equality human rights , GOV.UK, Government Equalities Office and the National Press within the next 30 days - Lets see how many +35yr old cadets and Irish pilots they can prove they've successfully interviewed in the latest recruitment drive.....!!!!!!!!!

This is not the first time Ryanair have been fined for similar conduct - Ryanair fined 8,000 for ageist ad - Independent.ie

Please tell us your story in total confidentiality your name will never be disclosed at [email protected] - >>>>> "38" stories received so far Thankyou - Keep them coming Please

We are going to put a stop to it for good.

Press Editor.

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