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The CTC Wings Scheme thread

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The CTC Wings Scheme thread

Old 13th Jan 2006, 22:20
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Re: New - The CTC Wings Scheme


check your PMs.

Mark, check the forum! Stage 3 is about being yourself and showing how much you want to be on wings. The interview is fairly informal, however you need to have a bit of knowledge on the wings scheme - the main airlines involved etc - they won't ask rediculous questions like the wingspan of a 737 . Just have a general knowledge of the website.

Apart from that take JediDude's advice - relax and enjoy, and don't start shouting and ordering people about in the team exercise(nor the interview)!

best of luck
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Old 14th Jan 2006, 02:24
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Thumbs up Re: New - The CTC Wings Scheme

Funny you should mention the wingspan of a 737......Going back to my interview in may 2004 (Was it that long ago???!?!), i was asked what modifications were made to the old 737s (300/400/500) to create the 737NGs. I was searching for an answer, but somehow mentioned new wings....apparently thats correct . I then mumbled on about Winglets and was subsequently asked what the advantages of installing winglets to an aircraft were.

Again, I splurted out an answer to do with reducing fuel consumtion leading to either an increase in range or increase in payload that can be carried. Seemed to go down well. Still not sure if thats the right answer, but it got me on the course In 3 weeks time im meant to be flying the 73 sim, guess its time to hit the books.

I dont expect any of u guys to be asked anything that technical, just thought id give an old timer's recollection of the interview.

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Old 14th Jan 2006, 11:29
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Re: New - The CTC Wings Scheme

Sorry to hear you didn't go through JediDude. I got the good news that I made it through to final stage and Im heading back down to Bournemouth on Friday for my Sim ride. Fingers crossed!! It was nice meeting you and your family the day before and I wish you the best of luck for the future. Checked out your website by the way, very very impressive.
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Old 14th Jan 2006, 13:49
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Re: New - The CTC Wings Scheme

Thats good news MX16. Good luck on Friday. I'm sure you'll be fine.
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Old 14th Jan 2006, 18:35
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Re: New - The CTC Wings Scheme


What's this "searching...mumbled...splurted"
Considering you know every conceivable difference between a 300 and a 400 - down to the number of rivets, I doubt very much that you struggled on the technical aspects in the interview.

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Old 16th Jan 2006, 13:02
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Question Re: New - The CTC Wings Scheme

Hey there.

Very motivating this thread to apply for CTC Wings. I have not applied yet but am about to. I just have a few questions about that program and its financing.
If I understood right one has to deposit this bond of 60.000GBP at CTC and they will transfer it to the Airline in case they pre-selected you. When you are done with the training you start to work at that airline and over period of 7 yrs you will get paid those 60K ? Reading between the lines means to me that one will have to work for that particular airline for at least 7 years. Is that correct?
Furthermore how about the TR? Will the company pre-finance it?

Happy to receive an answer....
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Old 16th Jan 2006, 13:46
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Re: New - The CTC Wings Scheme

You don't have to work for them for 7 years if you don't want, but then you are responsible for your own payments obviously. As far as I know Easy finance the TR which takes place through CTC anyway.
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Old 16th Jan 2006, 20:22
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Re: New - The CTC Wings Scheme

hello all i am a newbie to this forum but i must say well done to everyone who has posted all the info in the thread!!

i am planning on applying to the ctc wings scheme at the end of my degree, but having read ALL 24 pages i have a question:

it says on the ctc website that due to the large amount of applications they recieve they are unable to answer specific questions, however it seems a few people have got hold of ctc to ask various questions!?! how do i get in contact with them?

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Old 16th Jan 2006, 21:59
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Re: New - The CTC Wings Scheme

...be grateful you didn't make it through, or you would have found yourself with 2 mortgages on your shoulders LOL

Touch n Go
...by the sounds of CTC's presentation there's no guarantees of being preselected. Chances are you'll enter a holding pool for a couple of months (if you're lucky) and then get hiredand start earning money and repay the bond (which from 60k has in the meantime become 84k.... wizardry ? interest ? LOL). All fine if you go with easyJet, but you could also land a "seasonal" job with Thomas Cook. That was a bit unclear in the presentation.

In any case, if all goes well with the bond, you'll need lots of cash for other things, such as the foundation course (priced 9000 NZ$ on the website, and 12000 at the CTC presentation) , any additional flying hours CTC might see as necessary on top of your training programme, ground examinations, medicals, eating and surviving without work for 2 years (say 5k a year at least ?) altogether I'd say 15-20k before even starting. And unless you're a rich kid, you'll have to take a loan for those as well.

Yeah I guess the pleasure of flying is priceless but a sponsorship to me is more like "you give us your talent and commitment, we take care of all the rest" while here it's all good when they ask you enthusiasm and commitment, but it's a big gamble in terms of money (unless you're a rich kid, again) and us normal people with a normal job simply can't afford certain things, no matter what's the talent and skills we might supply.
A pilot shouldn't take chances with safety under any circumstances, so why should cadets take a big gamble with their (or their families') savings ?

Sorry, maybe a bit crabby - but realistic I guess ?

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Old 17th Jan 2006, 08:50
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Re: New - The CTC Wings Scheme

Originally Posted by WilliDeHavilland

...by the sounds of CTC's presentation there's no guarantees of being preselected. Chances are you'll enter a holding pool for a couple of months (if you're lucky) and then get hiredand start earning money
almost every cadet currently in NZ assigned to an airline and new cadets who are currently learning basic stalls being offered jobs with airlines.

Its also not uncommon for cadets to be preselected before they even start. Therefore I dont see much 'luck' associated with getting a job, and as for hitting the holding pool, not much risk of that now is there?

Please post only from reliable sources.

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Old 17th Jan 2006, 09:27
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Re: New - The CTC Wings Scheme


Indeed it sounds a bit negative. But it is always better to not just stare in the bright and very positive direction, at least for an additional perspective.


Good to hear that nearly all Cadets were pre-selected. If you are in this group I suppose you will be fine. Otherwise I do not think it makes sense to do the "self-sponsored-hope-scheme". The price is way too high for that.

For those who are interested in another Flight School there is Intercockpit in FRA (Germany). It costs "only" 65k which is about 40-42kGBP. So far they have done a good job in getting jobs for their cadets. They have a council of several airlines they are working with. Just to give you an insight about the German market.

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Old 17th Jan 2006, 11:22
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Re: New - The CTC Wings Scheme

Just asking for more detail on someone elses post. What other costs are you responsible for throughout training? Does the 60K cover the training and thats it? What about food, accom and transport? Cheers for info
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Old 17th Jan 2006, 15:28
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Originally Posted by JediDude
Well, I just got the results from my stage 3 and its a big fat no, with no chance of being re-targeted.

I sort of knew I'd fluffed the interview, I think nerves got the better of me. I didn't mention some of the evidence of my motivation and made an arse of some of my well-thought out answers specifically examples on leadership and flight deck communications.

Cheers to MX16 for the lift in the morning and the good advice the night before, hope you done well dude.

For anybody else going to stage 3, relax and enjoy it. Despite my failure I still think that the folks at CTC are brand new and very friendly.

Oh well, life goes on. Does anybody have any good Plan Bs for a married 29yo man with kids and a mortgage who's getting paid off in 5 weeks?
Sorry to hear you didn't make it beyond stage 3.

Was just wondering if you'd PM me sometime with details of how to create a good impression on the application for the CTC wings scheme as i'm hoping to apply just as soon as I finish my darned A-levels.

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Old 17th Jan 2006, 16:31
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Touch n Go
...interesting about the German scene... every 2nd time I'm on a Ryanair flight, the Captain or FO seem to have a German accent ! (unless they are all playing a recorded message LOL)

Ich fliegen Lufthansa !!!
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Old 17th Jan 2006, 17:34
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ctc wings stage 3

i searched high and dry for info on stage 3, seen as youve been there and done it jus wondering what info u need to know about the airlines and ctc apart frm the obvious fleet size and type. anything else they ask you. what examples of motivation did u use. im struggling for ideas.i really dont want to mess this up. i realise ur a busy bloke butif u gud jus drop an informative email to me or sumthink i would very much appreciate. any info u think i need to no, any links or anythin. please reply, i gotta go down on the 24th jan 2006, email or add me on msn, its [email protected]
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Old 17th Jan 2006, 20:16
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If anyone has been through Stage 4 recently I would really appreciate an indication of what to expect. I am a PPL holder but I haven't been current for a long long time.

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Old 17th Jan 2006, 21:57
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Smile money

hi guys. I've only just applied to the ctc wings programme since i just turned 18 a few weeks ago and i'm in the process of completing part 1 b).

I would like to spend time going through everthing on this site about CTC however im in the middle of my second year uni exams and my free time is very limited at the moment.

Anyway, i didn't realise before there was a 50/60 grand payment made at the very beggining and was wondering, is this a deposit or a payment?

If accepted by the airlines i have applied for will they pay for this or will they at least guarantee me a job at the end?

funnily enough at 18 i dont quite have 50/60 grand to give and so i would have to take it all out on loan.

I just need to know whether i'm gonna be paying a loan back for the rest of my life or if there's any way i know for certain i will earn it back.

Also - i read on the site all expenses are paid - does that include residences/food/flights to and from new zealand etc.

Oh and also how often will i be able to come home during that year and a half of training (this ones for my girlfriend)

I'm sorry if this post just annoys people who think i cant be bothered to read the rest of the posts but like i say im a busy guy.

Any replies are much appreciated
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Old 17th Jan 2006, 22:10
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Hi guys,

I'm going to Southampton the 24th of this month for phase 2 of the wings ATP scheme. I'm not fishing for tips and tricks, just like to know if there are any ppruners going as well? I read we are 15 in total. Good luck to everyone in the running.
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Old 18th Jan 2006, 09:11
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as u said, there is already ALOT of info on this, money-wise, CTC put you in touch with HSBC if successful and they provide an unsecured loan of 60k for the training, in addition to this, you can take out 5k per year for living expenses and you will also need to supply CTC NZ$9000 for the foundation course (3300) which can also be taken via HSBC. If you have any flying experience, you will do a shorter foundation course and get a refund for unused hours. All in all, you end up spending about 7 years paying it back at a grand a month once employed.

Unfortunately, the 5k living expenses must also cater for (in NZ) food, fuel for the cars, your room cleaning when you leave NZ, class 1 medical renewals, travel insurance, laminating of charts and any alcohol related activities.

In NZ CTC Provide accommodation, vehicles, a laptop for your ATPL studies, all your flying equipment, uniform, exam fees (written and flight tests), remedial/extra flying when on the Wings Course (once finished the foundation course) and various other bits and bobs.

When you finish in NZ and you come back to the UK, you get provided with accommodation...thats about it. You have to pay utilities, transport and pretty much everything else. When you finish at Bournemouth however, I believe you get accommodation and food in Southampton. Not sure about the full details on that one.

As for returning to the UK, you spend about 6 months in NZ, then go home for 5 weeks to do module 1 of the ATPLs, then you go back out for about 3-4 months to finish the flying. Then you go to bournemouth to do your second module and the CPL/IR. After that, its all in southampton.

No guarantees of a job, but thats life, anyone who demands a job guarantee is never going to find one. However, its not in CTCs interest to have you sat around without a job and they pride themselves on getting their cadets jobs. People are out here in NZ starting to learn to fly and have jobs lined up back home. Some even have a job as soon as they have been allocated a course number. So I wouldnt worry about that one too much.
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Old 18th Jan 2006, 10:10
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...it's great news knowing that cadets in NZ already have a job lined up back home.
It's a bit unfortunate that this wasn't mentioned in the face to face presentation I attended at my stage 2 selection. All they mentioned was the holding pool. Maybe they do it to discourage applicants ?

It's great to know that cadets in NZ already have a dark and cold cockpit waiting for them that only needs to be flown ! I wonder who buys all these brand new 737's and sits them in a hangar waiting for CTC cadets to fly them ! LOL :-)

cheeky !

best regards
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