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as u said, there is already ALOT of info on this, money-wise, CTC put you in touch with HSBC if successful and they provide an unsecured loan of 60k for the training, in addition to this, you can take out 5k per year for living expenses and you will also need to supply CTC NZ$9000 for the foundation course (3300) which can also be taken via HSBC. If you have any flying experience, you will do a shorter foundation course and get a refund for unused hours. All in all, you end up spending about 7 years paying it back at a grand a month once employed.

Unfortunately, the 5k living expenses must also cater for (in NZ) food, fuel for the cars, your room cleaning when you leave NZ, class 1 medical renewals, travel insurance, laminating of charts and any alcohol related activities.

In NZ CTC Provide accommodation, vehicles, a laptop for your ATPL studies, all your flying equipment, uniform, exam fees (written and flight tests), remedial/extra flying when on the Wings Course (once finished the foundation course) and various other bits and bobs.

When you finish in NZ and you come back to the UK, you get provided with accommodation...thats about it. You have to pay utilities, transport and pretty much everything else. When you finish at Bournemouth however, I believe you get accommodation and food in Southampton. Not sure about the full details on that one.

As for returning to the UK, you spend about 6 months in NZ, then go home for 5 weeks to do module 1 of the ATPLs, then you go back out for about 3-4 months to finish the flying. Then you go to bournemouth to do your second module and the CPL/IR. After that, its all in southampton.

No guarantees of a job, but thats life, anyone who demands a job guarantee is never going to find one. However, its not in CTCs interest to have you sat around without a job and they pride themselves on getting their cadets jobs. People are out here in NZ starting to learn to fly and have jobs lined up back home. Some even have a job as soon as they have been allocated a course number. So I wouldnt worry about that one too much.
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