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Funny you should mention the wingspan of a 737......Going back to my interview in may 2004 (Was it that long ago???!?!), i was asked what modifications were made to the old 737s (300/400/500) to create the 737NGs. I was searching for an answer, but somehow mentioned new wings....apparently thats correct . I then mumbled on about Winglets and was subsequently asked what the advantages of installing winglets to an aircraft were.

Again, I splurted out an answer to do with reducing fuel consumtion leading to either an increase in range or increase in payload that can be carried. Seemed to go down well. Still not sure if thats the right answer, but it got me on the course In 3 weeks time im meant to be flying the 73 sim, guess its time to hit the books.

I dont expect any of u guys to be asked anything that technical, just thought id give an old timer's recollection of the interview.

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