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hi guys. I've only just applied to the ctc wings programme since i just turned 18 a few weeks ago and i'm in the process of completing part 1 b).

I would like to spend time going through everthing on this site about CTC however im in the middle of my second year uni exams and my free time is very limited at the moment.

Anyway, i didn't realise before there was a 50/60 grand payment made at the very beggining and was wondering, is this a deposit or a payment?

If accepted by the airlines i have applied for will they pay for this or will they at least guarantee me a job at the end?

funnily enough at 18 i dont quite have 50/60 grand to give and so i would have to take it all out on loan.

I just need to know whether i'm gonna be paying a loan back for the rest of my life or if there's any way i know for certain i will earn it back.

Also - i read on the site all expenses are paid - does that include residences/food/flights to and from new zealand etc.

Oh and also how often will i be able to come home during that year and a half of training (this ones for my girlfriend)

I'm sorry if this post just annoys people who think i cant be bothered to read the rest of the posts but like i say im a busy guy.

Any replies are much appreciated
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