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Re: New - The CTC Wings Scheme

JediDude grateful you didn't make it through, or you would have found yourself with 2 mortgages on your shoulders LOL

Touch n Go the sounds of CTC's presentation there's no guarantees of being preselected. Chances are you'll enter a holding pool for a couple of months (if you're lucky) and then get hiredand start earning money and repay the bond (which from 60k has in the meantime become 84k.... wizardry ? interest ? LOL). All fine if you go with easyJet, but you could also land a "seasonal" job with Thomas Cook. That was a bit unclear in the presentation.

In any case, if all goes well with the bond, you'll need lots of cash for other things, such as the foundation course (priced 9000 NZ$ on the website, and 12000 at the CTC presentation) , any additional flying hours CTC might see as necessary on top of your training programme, ground examinations, medicals, eating and surviving without work for 2 years (say 5k a year at least ?) altogether I'd say 15-20k before even starting. And unless you're a rich kid, you'll have to take a loan for those as well.

Yeah I guess the pleasure of flying is priceless but a sponsorship to me is more like "you give us your talent and commitment, we take care of all the rest" while here it's all good when they ask you enthusiasm and commitment, but it's a big gamble in terms of money (unless you're a rich kid, again) and us normal people with a normal job simply can't afford certain things, no matter what's the talent and skills we might supply.
A pilot shouldn't take chances with safety under any circumstances, so why should cadets take a big gamble with their (or their families') savings ?

Sorry, maybe a bit crabby - but realistic I guess ?

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