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Originally Posted by JediDude
Well, I just got the results from my stage 3 and its a big fat no, with no chance of being re-targeted.

I sort of knew I'd fluffed the interview, I think nerves got the better of me. I didn't mention some of the evidence of my motivation and made an arse of some of my well-thought out answers specifically examples on leadership and flight deck communications.

Cheers to MX16 for the lift in the morning and the good advice the night before, hope you done well dude.

For anybody else going to stage 3, relax and enjoy it. Despite my failure I still think that the folks at CTC are brand new and very friendly.

Oh well, life goes on. Does anybody have any good Plan Bs for a married 29yo man with kids and a mortgage who's getting paid off in 5 weeks?
Sorry to hear you didn't make it beyond stage 3.

Was just wondering if you'd PM me sometime with details of how to create a good impression on the application for the CTC wings scheme as i'm hoping to apply just as soon as I finish my darned A-levels.

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