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MK Airlines banned from movements Filton

Freight Dogs Finally a forum for those midnight prowler types who utilise the unglamorous parts of airports that many of us never get to see. Freight Dogs is for pilots and crew who operate mostly without SLF.

MK Airlines banned from movements Filton

Old 27th Mar 2010, 16:03
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EXUP you have to read carefully, I didn’t mean the A/C was physically in the Bermuda’s! Only the ownership.
And yes I do care for people… so crap the romantics. Lets al be critical and search for at least a bit of truth. Who says that in the long run, this isn’t the best for all? Or are you saying “in the long run we are all death”?
You’ll agree that in a philosophical way “life” and “reality” is but one big rumour. Truth can only be approached (as Mahatma said) by learning in a scientific Popperian falsificational way. Theory (rumors) and empirics (tests to prove the latest rumor’s wrong) are the modus vivendi. Certainty is what one w’ll never have! Life is one big rumour. Sad but that’s all we have… So do you not agree that it is our eternal duty that we should go for the latest rumor? Well then let’s go for it and find the latest one that’s closest to the MK truth. Besides we are on a rumours network are we not?
Absolute truth is for the pope and the ayatollah’s of this world. (and for naïve romantic 21 year olds). Same for pure messages of hope and glory, and songs of praise!

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Old 27th Mar 2010, 16:33
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get the idea stop spreading usless information please, your not doing any one any good just making your self looking like a useless . move on get a life
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Old 27th Mar 2010, 16:55
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I never thought I say this but Hydro you win I give up trying to make you understand the difference from an informed rumour & the Bull***t you preach. Why not find out why LA is not on the CAA list before you make something up. Your last post is a classic you go from talking crap to quoting phylosophy (excuse the spelling) in the space of two lines. Forget what Mahtma said & listen to what I & a couple of others have said move on get a life & stop trying to influence a situation that you are clearly ill informed on & which has no effect on your life.
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Old 27th Mar 2010, 22:09
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I presume Hydro is living close to Ostend airport, but is not affiliated with EBOS and MK. The conversation he runs looks like he hates MK self, and the great people who are working for this company. Also for everyone who is involved at Ostend and other country's MK is serving. I feel sad for Hydro, and I apologise as a fellow countryman for him.
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Old 31st Mar 2010, 12:05
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To the Flintstones

Dear, dear, dear, How sad to see. I come down of my painting ladder (just the ordinary works, not the Michelangelo style) and again I find the whole bunch of “shhhh, shhhh… give us only good news” types looking for my dead body. I only said that ownership of G-MKLA, according to the UK CAA, was no longer at MK’s (that’s all). And I just suggested, in line with the title of his thread, that this transfer of ownership seems logical, that getting rid of the KLA might be sensible as it is the only AC with RR engines. I could be wrong of course, for ex. why did MK acquire it in the first place? Technical or financial reasons? Have a guess.
Was my previous post a possible start of a “bad quality” new rumours? Maybe. I agree there are rumours and rumours, and the quality is different. One has reasonable rumours, strategic rumours, rumours starters, well informed (how do we know?) rumours, etc. etc. Well… I like them all. Specially EXUP’s last one, I quote: “Yes I do know the story on LA & its not straight forward…etc.” . I certainly wouldn’t like to chase him of the forum, or have him shut up. Our fathers fought against fascism decades ago! Freedom of speech, open debate, etc. is the most valuable thing we have. EXUP’s literature is great fun, surely nobody wants to go back to the book burning ages in Europe!? Therefore to the young fellow posters I’d like to say: bring some arguments in, leave the emotions for the ladies pages and the cover-up exercises of the pedo-part in Catholic and other Churches. Flintstones of the world, shoot at me with arguments, and don’t try to strike me, but my arguments, with bat! Should be easy if my quality is low.
BTW: I see the movie “the belly of the beast” has been removed from you tube!? Did CAA step in? MK’s operational procedures culture was not ‘good’ in the past to say the least, sticking objects to a nose gear doesn’t improve it. If anything gives MK a bad image, it’s MK itself! More frequent, more open and better communications would help them a lot. There latest website news is nearly a year old, difficulties are not communicated, and more important wages are not paid, good explanations are needed! So it’s there fault and no mine if there is plenty of room for whatever rumours!
Again, has everybody been paid now? Can we close this thread? It’s very quiet if I am not around.
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Old 1st Apr 2010, 16:29
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Hydro, whatever you are smoking I want some of it 'cause it is obviously of high quality :-) PPRuNe needs people with 'spirit' like you on it.
I understand some MK staff have been paid two weeks salary which means they are probably about 5-6 weeks behind. The only person left in sales is working from home as doesn't want to pay the cost of commuting with salary outstanding which seems fair.
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Old 2nd Apr 2010, 23:20
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Let's shine some light on this..
Some of the staff received 20% of februaries salary,some received nothing. This was given as a gesture to keep people in the "family" and to stop any further leavers in order for the survival of mk as the general opinion is that the failure will come from within .From whats been said, FZO is very quiet , only a few hardcore engineers remain in work as for most are either on the sick from stress or cannot afford to travel or no longer have the means to travel as the bailiffs have struck (twice so what i,ve discovered and cars have been taken back) yes the strong will say " But the remainding 80% has been paid" yes it may have but we have now crossed into april and have we seen wages for march yet? .All we can do is pray that this much talked about large financial injection arrives before the fatal injection
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Old 3rd Apr 2010, 09:00
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Lambrettaman before making false statements make sure you have the facts.

There is not one person in sales one and both of them have been in the office last week and will be going forward.

I guess you miss working for Mk
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Old 3rd Apr 2010, 14:13
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1) The second person in Sales has joined from the crewing department which says it all really. 2) Up until last week the main Sales person had NOT been traveling to the office for the previous three weeks from his home in Surrey. 3) I have never ever worked for MK. I suggest YOU get your facts right MKA Freighter................
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Old 3rd Apr 2010, 20:12
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1) Why does this say it all?
2) My my how do you know he lives in Surrey? I have no idea where he lives. This information is very close to home dont you think?
3) Right ok what ever you say sir
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Old 3rd Apr 2010, 21:03
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As I Am Sure You Are All Aware That The Caa Has Visited Mk Hdq Last Week With A Team .interviewed All Managers Under Caution.mk Has A Cash Flow Problem. Caa Will Come To Mk Hdq On April 9th With Following Criteria.pay Crew Salary For Last 4 Month,pay Staff Up Todate--march Salary,pay All Outstanding Debts Is Fuel/handling ,overflights/eurocontrol Etc.this Is In The Region Of 20 Million Plus.if They The Investors Dont Come Up With Money,they Will Shut The Airline Down.my Question Is This.....will They Pay Staff Redundancy Packages Or Throw A Very Loyal,decent ,hardworking Team Away?
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Old 3rd Apr 2010, 22:23
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Even though I take no pleasure in this, mighty8 post is accurate.

My thoughts are with all the hard working employees at this time.

Good Luck.

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Old 4th Apr 2010, 01:59
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Would an investor with 20 million use the money to pay the debts of a company with a cash flow problem and which requires significant further investment in new equipment to ensure it's long term viability ?

Or would the investor start a fresh using the money for lease payments on newer generation aircraft ?

Why pour money into a black hole when a potential purchaser could pick up the pieces of MK he wanted at a bankrupcy sale for a few pence on the pound ?

Perhaps a phoenix rising from the ashes of bankrupcy is being planned leaving the creditors out of pocket and a new owner starting off with a clean sheet.
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Old 4th Apr 2010, 08:47
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The post by MIGHTY8 is spot on...I wish all fellow staff the best of luck. Its been fab working with you.

Maybe a new start up after MK may appear...if so count me in.

Cheers all
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Old 4th Apr 2010, 10:01
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Other than the staff, what does MK have?
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Old 4th Apr 2010, 13:25
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Grrr I Love It!

i effing love it! google magma aviation ltd.oh surprise surprise! ex mk commercial director , ex mk commercial manager and ex mk operations manager have set up their own company.i watch with interest!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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Old 5th Apr 2010, 21:09
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Go ex-MKA !.

Good luck with your endevours ex-MKA .. you deserve every chance to make it work
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Old 6th Apr 2010, 20:06
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I wish the guys at Magma all the best, they have done the right thing at the right time...good luck chaps from your old work mate
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Old 7th Apr 2010, 09:39
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Thumbs up

What, jumped from a sinking ship ?
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Old 7th Apr 2010, 11:53
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They will need all the luck in the world. Oil prices are approaching $90 a barrel Brent and expected $100 for the second half of this year! They better lease a couple o 800's for starters!
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