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MAM Conditions

Old 15th Jan 2007, 11:24
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Hey guys,

Did anyone from Perth get into the Jan 23rd ground school????
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Old 30th Jan 2007, 03:10
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Any lucky Melbourne people been accepted for the 2nd Feb Training School?
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Old 8th Feb 2007, 07:07
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Can anyone tell me for Contract C, with the month that you aren't given any fliying, can you pick this month so you could plan for a holiday etc? Or do they choose the month and the first you hear of it is the issue of the roster?
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Old 9th Feb 2007, 07:53
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I believe that you can pick the month, however you would not be authorised to take that month in a high traffic period, ie Easter, Christmas, NYE, school holidays etc. A quick chat to your base manager would sort this out. Also you are still able to pick up duties on that month off if you were running short of cash and they had flights available...

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Old 11th Mar 2007, 10:03
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im currently a MAM C casual FA and am considering a transfer to the SYD base ( my partner has been offered a transfer to SYD .... )
would like to know a few things such as :

what kind of flying do u get out of SYD ?
how many overnights on average p/mth ?
how many hours on average p/mth ?
bla_bla and all tha jazz...
anyone out there that could give an idea?
many thks
happy flying to u all
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Old 11th Mar 2007, 21:43
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Casual C's get alot of the regional flying.

Lots of BOM, PVG, PEK, SIN etc...

They usually have about 4slots on the asian flights and up to 8 slots on the BOM flights. They are usually long trips (6days) so lots of overnights.

The B contracts just seem to get the MEL returns.

Not sure what type of flying your after but you can be assured of being away quite abit.
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Old 11th Mar 2007, 23:03
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thanks for the reply sydney_sh .
that certainly helped. u have kinda confirmed what i have beard before.. lots of overnights, being away a lot. not sure if my partner will like that!!!
so arent the B casuals in sydney getting the regional as well ?
in perth the flying seems to be shared quite a bit amongst Bs and Cs.
many thks
happy flying
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Old 11th Mar 2007, 23:33
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Good luck with the transfer I know of 2 MAM casuals trying to transfer into Sydney from Brisbane and they have been waiting for over a year and have been told not to hold their breath cause it wont be happening anytime in the future
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Old 12th Mar 2007, 02:22
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wow !!! never thought that getting a transfer as a casual would be that hard !!!
might have to reconsider things a little...
thks for ur input.
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Old 12th Mar 2007, 04:23
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Actually, I saw a notice that one of the casuals had printed off their email on my last trip. It seems the FAAA, MAM and QF are looking at a "Fair distribution of flying patterns" amongst Contract B and C. They are also looking at a transfer system... my advice if you want to transfer is to speak with your MAM co-ordinatior or the FAAA if you are a member to get an idea of what timeframe they are working in. Good Luck.
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Old 22nd Mar 2007, 07:36
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MAM C casuals Bris base

Hi Everyone,

Would love some knowledge.

Im training in Brisbane (MAM C) at the moment and would love to know the likely trips and overnights I can expect in a roster.

I would also love to know anything else you can let me know about what I am in for when i finish training.

Thanks for your help
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Old 28th Mar 2007, 08:41
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Expressions Of Interest forms for MAMers interested in Employment with QF were sent out recently. The usual particulars, references and employment history were on the form with boxes on the front to be ticked as requried - Full Time, Part Time, Fixed Term, Short Haul, Long Haul, and all the Australian bases were also there too. This form is normally sen tout every year but last year was an exception. Blah Blah blah...

My question is.... was this sent out to all MAM employees... or just ones who have been flying with MAM/QF for a certain amount of time??
Umm and side note... the new J/Class Meal trays look really strange in the cabin! i like the glasses tho...
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Old 28th Mar 2007, 22:27
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I think that they were sent to ALL crew, whether you have been around for 5 seconds or 5 years... Don't be suprised when the Contract C people with a language are the only one's to be offered a permanent job.

## Heard that the new in-take of Full-time staff will be a collective of Australian Airlines, MAM (very few), JQ and regionals similar to the 2005 in-take.
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Old 28th Mar 2007, 23:44
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I noticed that MAM has outlined a recruitment drive in all ports for the rest of the year. Are they planning for something or is this just common practice due to shortages?? I recently attended MEL recruitment day and the lady from QF said nothing was planned for the short term. It appeared that QF had more involvement this time than the people from MAM. Any feedback on MAM/QF would be appreciated. Are there likely to be any changes to the 'C' contractors??
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Old 29th Mar 2007, 00:28
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WOULD it be cheaper to have language speakers full time or contract c??? who knows?! as it is they can build short haul language speaker rosters which ever way they want and pay them a minimum of 85 hours at the MAM rate, not 140 hours as a full timer. AND force their month unpaid leave. and a lot of language trips have great band payments too that arent paid to casuals either. there must be things im missing that would make them MORE attractive than non language skilled crew?

and i feel for the poor east coasters who went to perth for permenant mainline jobs and have waited so long to transfer back 'over east'. it would be really shitty to make 30 contract c language speakers full time in sydney (cos thats where the majority of the language trips leave from) and leave them stranded for many MORE years. i know what youre going to say... cookie... crumbles...

i was also under the impression that MAM and regional progression into mainline was an agreement between the union and the company to ease the troubles of being the junior crew members at the bottom of seniority. unitl recently the most junior SYD based F/As in short haul had been flying 5 years (am i wrong?).... how frustrating! they are the first to pick up in FWAO so can build some nice lines. so for them FWAO is great (when it works) haha so many things to complain about lol

also we all know QF want to expand MEL long haul. AO crew get the feeling they will be offered it an di reckon it makes sense. is this MEL expansion planning for the 380? or... umm any other ideas? can MAM crew only be offered permenant for Short Haul?

oh and unlucky if you dont check your email cos there is only an 8day window to submit it

hahaha i have so many questions!

anywhooo they are just EOIs which in the end mean nothing till qwannas decides what they want
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Old 29th Mar 2007, 00:31
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I think the language speakers have something that the company need... The company has a very hard time finding suitable people. It would be given to them to stop them leaving.

The quality some (alot?!?) of the flight attendants that have come through and who are now online, are well below that of the past. There are around two flight attendants quitting per week, so they are trying to raise the bar and get more suitable applicants coming through.

Contract C is here to stay, the only changes will be that the working conditions will get harder. Contract C is the classic churn and burn contract so that there is a constant in-take of new people.

## BTW, would there be a huge in-take to deal with something that is happening at the end of the year??? That is, Long Haul EBA is up.
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Old 29th Mar 2007, 00:36
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yes! THATS what i forgot! the Long Haul EBA

can of worms
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Old 29th Mar 2007, 00:57
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Some of those poor eastcoasters that went to perth for permanent in 2005 only spent just over a year in Perth before being transfered back. Although the rest of them will be coming up to their 2nd year in July this year. The company CANNOT make "contract C language speakers" or anyone else for that matter permanent in Sydney without first actioning the transfer list this is an EBA provision. The word is if you want permanent be prepared to go to Perth.

I am not aware of any agreement to take MAM's into shorthaul whereas Eastern and Sunstate (regionals) have whats called the regional progression agreement, which is an actual document and forms part of their EBA's this dates back to the old Australian Airlines day and is between the FAAA and the company. When 32 or more external applicants (being MAM or off the street recruitment) are taken into Qantas regional progression is actitivated. JQ have a seperate agreement but along the same lines.

Junior cabin crew do quite well if they choose to bid reserve. They often get a better pick of flying then the more senior crew as the seniors will be bid for trips drop them and the most junior has the first opportunity to pick this up, I personally believe that is a good system.

I have heard over the past month that permanent will be offered sometime this year and it will be Perth, hopefully other bases as well but QF have to adhere to the EBA transfer list provision. I have also heard it will be made up of MAM and Australian Airlines and this will actitivate the career progression agreements of Eastern, Sunstate and JQ.
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Old 29th Mar 2007, 02:29
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thanks for answering the question about the perth movements HalleyGag (sorry just kidding.. GalleyHag) the reason i brought that up was cos cokecropduster thought that language speakers would get f/time over non-language skilled crew members. i guess maybe with our bestie Carmen working her magic it is more likely nowdays for PER based language speakers to be covering PEK, HKG and PVG ex SYD ??!??

i do know that the regionals and JQ have their own CP agreements. i was wondering if ever MAMers were going to be offered fulltime, would it only be for SH not LH? Does ANYONE know that?

and yes junior most crew are doing so well with FWAs. there is a large group a little more senior then them that are stuck in the middle. too junior to get what they want and too senior to pick anything decent up. it is even worse for CSMs...
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Old 29th Mar 2007, 02:31
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my understanding is that mam has an "in principal" agreement for transfer to full time as if it were written in an eba it may not be legal as it discriminates against the "street". my guess at the end of the day,20 or so positions to mam in perth as per every 18 months or so then wow look what everyone can get then employ another 500 or so casuals. cheers gigs
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