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SocialFlyer 23rd Jun 2007 07:50

Virgin Blue Medical
Hi Guys,

For those who have been through the Virgin Blue medical for Cabin Crew could you please tell me how it works with regards to payment etc.... At the recruitment day they said you pay for your own and it could cost anywhere between $190 and $250. Is it similar to the Qantas ones where you are required to go to a CASA approved doctor??? Or do they send you to their doctors and you pay for the entire process at the one location???

Thanks guys

ozangel 23rd Jun 2007 08:54

having been through both, i can tell you now the process for each is exactly the same.

The main difference is, the virgin one costs about $175, whereas the QF one set me back more than $300 after pathology etc.

Medically they both test for the same stuff. They will both allocate a doctor to visit.

Sylphie 27th Jun 2007 10:35

More Qs.. haha

Originally Posted by dj_candidate

and then after a break those that progressed come back for the exam and more in-depth 1-on-1's.

Sorry to come back with mooore Qs but, by 'exam' I take it you mean there is no Role Play anymore? What's the exam? :uhoh:

I received an invite for the July 17th VRD. So it didn't take too long to get an invite it turned out. Yehh!

SocialFlyer 27th Jun 2007 13:20

Virgin Recruitment
Hi Sylphie,
After the first cut on the day all the people who progress in the afternoon are taken into the room and required to complete a 20 minute test where you read various passages and use the information to answer multiple choice questions. It tests your skills in reading and comprehension and using information to answer questions. It's not difficult, fairly easy. I managed to complete the entire test and even go over it again, but there were some people who didn't finish it in time. I don't think it really matters if you don't complete it, it's more to see how much you get correct of what you do complete.
Following the short test you are then given time slots to attend the 1 on 1 in depth interview (mine lasted around 50 minutes) and then another time slot to complete the role play (around 10 minutes)
I finished up at 5.00pm on the day which was long considering I started at 7.30am. Expect to be sitting around waiting a lot. A word of advice people got very slack when sitting around waiting and were slouching, talking on mobiles complaining about waiting etc.... Remember you are ALWAYS being watched at all times so no matter how tiring it gets keep smiling, posture straight and focus. Cabin Crew spend a lot of time waiting around delays, standby, reserves etc... Its all part of the assessment... I suggest you get into the frame of mind from the start of day that YOU ARE CABIN CREW and start behaving like them. Think about when you go to the airport and you always stare at how they behave, you have to pretend the day of your interview is a flight ie.. the waiting area is the airport, and the assessment room is the cabin (that's what i did anyway).

Sylphie are you based in Melbourne or Brisbane???

Sylphie 27th Jun 2007 13:55

I'm in MEL. The invite was also for MEL base. Fingers crossed!

Wow. Amazing how things change in a year. I went to a VRD May 06 and got all the way through the day. The test we had last year was similar, but done when the group assessment was done, but I think it was more general VB knowledge. I recall being there from 7.30am til around 5.30ish. It was a very long day especially when you're waiting around and feeling nervy.. and I also noticed people slouching, slipping off their shoes, getting impatient. [I'm not saying I'm perfect but I was mindful of this and didn't even have my phone on except for lunch]

Thanks for the info SocialFlyer, best of luck, I hope you get it! :ok:

PER210 28th Jun 2007 09:51

does anyone know when DJ are starting the regional routes?

Grove 28th Jun 2007 12:42

Virgin Medical..
Anyone know how long after medical you could expect to hear back for Virgin?? Waiting Waiting and more Waiting!!!

SocialFlyer 29th Jun 2007 06:05

Hey Grove,

Noticed you are from Sydney, did you attend the Sydney or Melbourne recruitment for Cabin Crew??? How long ago was your interview and medical?

joshgem 29th Jun 2007 14:28

Airport Interview
Hi everyone,

I had my vrd on 21 st of june for ground crew, made it through the whole day, i could hardly contain my excitement.

Got a phone call from virgin blue last night (28th thurs) i have an interview at the airport this friday can anyone tell me what to expect they said it will only go for approx 45 mins, is it a similar interview to the one at the vrd day, the one in the second half of the day , the questions where they wanted specific examples of, tell me about a time when......

Hope this makes sense.

thanks guys.


wirgin blew 30th Jun 2007 05:19

does anyone know when DJ are starting the regional routes?
E-Jets (Embraer) 170 will be intergrated into the network by the end of the year. I think we are getting 3 by the end of this year and the rest by the end of next year. BG is looking at around 60 regional ports (June Voyeur) to attempt and work out which ones could possibly accomodate the E-Jet and also make money for VB. I dont think that you will see the regional ports serviced till next year but who knows. I think more likely you will see them used on either short sectors out of SYD such as CFS or possibly CBR. The Lounge members have recieved information that a Lounge is coming to CBR so expect a big push to get the Government on board.
I have been told that CC will be asked to put in an expression of interest to fly on the E-Jet initially and that by the time we have all the planes the whole CC will be cross trained on both types.

SkyHighFlyGal 30th Jun 2007 08:25

Hi All,

Just a quick q - I have previous experience with both DJ and Ansett as cabin crew, and am trying to get back into the job... I've had my CV active with DJ for a couple of months now, have been 'blue starred' and I still have not heard anything.

I've said I will go to a MEL or BNE base (currently living in BNE). I believe they are actively recruiting cabin crew at the moment - is that correct? I am just wondering why I haven't heard anything, as I seem to have everything they want...

Do you think because I previously worked there but left, that this will go against me?

I'm through to final checks with Emirates now, but did love the fun atmosphere of DJ!


wirgin blew 1st Jul 2007 13:55

Do you think because I previously worked there but left, that this will go against me?
Maybe. They know everything about your work history already and can see whether or not your worth having back or not.

jetflite 2nd Jul 2007 02:12

Guys & Girls,
My partner is interested in DJ as CC.
Whats the Pay like ?
and whats the training process like ?
Eg: Is it 4 weeks? 6 weeks and conducted in Bris or Mel ?
What are the chances of getting Bris as your CC Base ?
she was in dubai with Emirates, will this hinder her efforts or help?

Any info would be great, feel free to PM me.


SkyHighFlyGal 2nd Jul 2007 07:03

Hmmm... for all intents and purposes my personal file they hold should be good... I was promoted to Cabin Supervisor within 10 months of being there, so my performance monitoring must have been ok... :confused:

Oh well, will keep updating my application and see what pans out....

SocialFlyer 2nd Jul 2007 09:19

Hi SkyHighflyGal,

In response to your question about re applying, my mate worked for them for 3 years and then left to work for Emirates for 3 years. He recently returned and has rejoined Virgin as Cabin Crew again. He had no problem re joining. At the end of the day I guess they understand that the crew would also like to experience long haul if the opportunity is there.

I cant see it being a problem.

jessygirl 5th Jul 2007 02:14

I'm also interested in what Virgin Pays ?
and what the training process is and how long it takes?

any information would be greatly appreciated...

ishkaban 5th Jul 2007 11:38

Regards to training, currently the CC training is 5 wks, although I believe the next training group (100) which starts next week in BNE is a 4 week course.
Pretty sure they are compacting it down a bit.

Throughout the training you are paid a gross of around $550 (approx), then once completed your BASE gross is around $650.(approx)

Training basically consists of ALOT of theory such as regulations, standard operating procedures, emergency procedures etc. Only around 1/4 of the training is what actually happens with service between take off and landing.

It is a highly intensive very full on training period, and the expectations are high.
You really can't go out on weeknights / weekends etc as your focus on study and learning is required to successfully complete the course.
People do fail the training!

Saying that its a hell of alot of fun too and the instructors and fellow crew really bond throughout the training period. Which gives you alot of confidence once you go online

jessygirl 6th Jul 2007 04:37

ishkaban - Thaks for the info, greatly appreciated.

If your base wage is $650 after training do you recieve flying hours allowance eg: $15p.h and away from home allowance ?
Whats the annual income ?

The training seems similar to emirates airlines.


ishkaban 6th Jul 2007 13:14

No flying hrs allowance, as you are paid a full time wage.

There may be times where may only actually work 3/4/5 days a week and then have a cpl of available days, where they may call you. If so a generous call out fee is offered plus penalty style rates while flying

Also Virgin offers 4 weeks paid annual leave and also 2 weeks paid ad hoc leave. So thats 6 wks a year, which is pretty good.

I guess the additional income is made from overnights, which is around $90 per night tax free allowance. Once online you can request as many or as little as you like. Typically you may do 3 or 4 a week.

Important to note that VB is undergoing a massive growth phase due to E jets later this year and also LH next year etc . So there will be a lot of oppurtunity in the near future for quick advancement up the chain, if thats what you are looking for. It is the ideal time to look into working for VB.

Its hard to give an accurate figure on a yearly salary, as it depends on the individuals chosen work patterns and such but perhaps a figure could be around $60000pa

joshgem 6th Jul 2007 15:22

I was just wanting some advice in regards to the medical, when they do the urine test do you think antidepressants would show up, should i tell them that i was on them, i have recently stoppped taking them about 8 days ago.

thanks in advance


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