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flytheplanemay 21st Sep 2007 03:54

That is why we pay our fees. So we are in the loop with decisions that are made on our behalf. And if you want to know what is happening, pay your fees too and and then you wont have to scrounge for information elsewhere!

Have a good weekend.

uz32 21st Sep 2007 06:21

You are bound by a collective agreement voted and agreed by all Virgin Blue crew. If a collective agreement does not suit you, maybe one of John's AWA's will suit you better. Check out Jetstar Int Cabin Crew AWA to see how well Flight Attendants do on individual contracts.

$11 per week, tax deductible - Less than 2 Latte's!!!

CHEIFTAIN 21st Sep 2007 06:52

Thanks Wirgin blew. :O

sinala1 21st Sep 2007 07:16

I am not going to bother continuing this discussion, neither of you have taken any notice to the points I have been making. I suggest instead of jumping up on your soapbox, you take into consideration the information given and attempt to understand the point of view I come from. :ugh:

Want2Fly! 22nd Sep 2007 08:28

Excited!! / nervous!!
My VRD is only 5 days away now! :eek: (Thurs 27th) And I'm sooo excited, but the nervousness is starting to creep over me. Fortunately for me, I tend to talk a lot more and try to cover any nerves, rather than go all shy and quiet. But I really wish the day would arrive already! I can't stand waiting for it, lol.

I have my suit, tie and shoes organised. I've opted for a purple, thick striped tie, hoping to stand-out just slightly from the other blue or red-tie wearing guys. It'll be the purple tie on white business shirt under a plain black suit. It took me forever to decide on the tie - had to get the opinions of just about everyone I knew, hehe. :}

I've also been in touch with a DJ Cabin Supervisor that I was introduced to by a workmate and she has already given me some good tips and advice on the recruitment day process and what to expect. But she's been a bit busy of late, and trying to get through to her is a bit hard - I really want to rehearse the common interview questions with her and get her to evaluate my responses.

It's mainly the questions where they ask you to describe customer service situations I've dealt with including an angry or disgruntled customer, etc. I've noted down a few that I recalled and am trying to go over and over them in my head but I'm paranoid that I might go into far too much detail about them and wander off the main point, or I may try to summarise too much. :ugh:

Plus that all-important 'why do you want to work for Virgin Blue?' question I can just see myself saying so many irrelevant things. My response would be along the lines of; "I'd love to continue doing what I have a real passion for and that's working with the general public in a face-to-face customer service environment, constantly meeting new people, working in a fast-paced team environment which can really challenge and stimulate me, and doing so with Virgin Blue would be perfect because my outgoing, bubbly and hard-working personality is very well-suited to the style of service I receive from cabin crew on your flights."

How would you guys rate a response like that? Is that too wordy or have I left out some big brownie-points kind of things?

I was also advised to brush up majorly on what I know about Virgin Blue including their history, their ownership, management team, fleet size, number of destinations, inflight product, and future plans such as the Embraer jets and V Australia. I already know a great detail about all those things but I'll be making sure I do some more research there. :ok:

Any advice or help you can give in these areas would be awesome guys! And yes I have already read through the entire thread on Virgin Blue recruitment (the one from last year which is now locked) and followed the journeys of those guys from VRD to online flying - quite a great read. :cool:

wirgin blew 24th Sep 2007 04:39

What does everyone think about the changes to the modified leave and attendance policy.
Please call ops by 2000 the night before and in extreme circumstances call 2 hours before. I would have thought that 2 hours was in the EBA and that was the end of that. I understand they have an airline to run but by writing this rubbish it just encourages the disenfranchised to call at 2 hours and 5 minutes.
Also the roster publish has been pushed back by a couple of days. Does this mean that we get paid extra because we didnt get our roster 7 days in advance?

flybabyfly 26th Sep 2007 02:47

Virgin Blue Discount
Hi All,
I Just recently got a job as Guest Services at Sydney, and I am so excited. My training starts in 2 weeks and I wanted to know if anyone could tell me who the discounts work? Is Virgin Atlantic included in the discount? Thanks Heaps xx

ishkaban 26th Sep 2007 08:36

Head to the Virgin Blue intranet while at work - All offers are under the staff travel section

runway 25 27th Sep 2007 11:00

Discounts of Virgin atlantic only apply to Vb emoployed staff. If you are contracted to weststaff of AA unfortunatly these dont apply..... Good luck with SYD GS. There are many challenges in such a busy port, but some great people there too! Have fun!

flybabyfly 28th Sep 2007 01:52

Thanks for all the information on the discounts, i havent actually started yet so i cant look at the virgin intranet, i am employed by Virgin Blue so i am so excited about the virgin atlantic discount!! can someone tell me how much the discount is?

TINTIN25 1st Oct 2007 13:01

Virgin Blue Sky Girls
Do you have to be really good looking to work as Sky Girl with Virgin Blue?

I have only seen beautiful girls and handsome guys working there?

Is this an un-written rule when hiring? There seems to be a huge preference towards blonde sky girls for some reason? Do they employ people that not white Australian to work as Sky Girls and Sky Men?

slice 2nd Oct 2007 09:39

TINTIN25 WTF is a Sky girl ???

TINTIN25 2nd Oct 2007 13:07

Sky girls (sky Men) are the special ones that bring me my drinks in flight? I think the modern generation prefer to call them Flight Attendants! I just like calling them Sky Girls! ;)

DJ_Fly_Boi 3rd Oct 2007 10:32

Skygirls? Skymen?

What the?

Please get into the new century! - I am a Flight Attendant and I am a part of the Cabin Crew. I, personally, take offence to being called a "Skyman" or as "somebody who brings my drinks".

Flight Attendants of this modern generation are safety and service professionals - we are not employed because anybody 'thinks we are nice to look at'. We are employed based on a number of different behavioural competencies - Safety Orientation, Customer Service Orientation, Integrity and Team Working - just to name a few.

We are not 'Barbie Dolls' and 'Pretty Boys' - we are trained to; evacuate aircraft in the unlikely event of an emergency, to fight fires, perform CPR, deal with the death of passengers whilst in the air, to care for women that suffer miscarriages, to deal with people that faint, throw up and have numerous other medical conditions in the air - heart attacks, strokes etc. - there are many crew online with my airline - including myself that have dealt with many of the situations Ive mentioned.

No airline in Australia would employ crew merely for what they look like and they all employ crew from various cultural backgrounds and we come in all different sizes!

Yes, I will admit - grooming pays a part in our general presentation - but the uniform and grooming is a way of uniting your crew and making us proud to do the job that we do.

But to even suggest - that we are only employed on looks is an insult.


groundcrewdude 3rd Oct 2007 12:27

I feel for you! Each time we ground crew see the cc take to their flights, they are always cheery but yet so tired.....you guys do AN AWESOME JOB!!!! With those ex Jamstar (JQ) customers!!! They become better after being with us for a while!!!:)

ozangel 3rd Oct 2007 12:47


thats awfully nice of you to recognise. Thanks!

DJ_fly_boi... ignore tintin... he was rejected by his friends in dunuda and looking for new turf where he can leave his scent and stir the pot... he is either young and naieve or been around for too long and secretly disliked by everyone he meets (essentially old and naieve).

That said, I will take what he says as a compliment - although secretly suspect he certainly has not been on one of my flights!!!

wirgin blew 3rd Oct 2007 15:47

Good to see TINTIN25 got banned. No doubt he/she will be back under another name at some stage.
Any news or gossip for me. It appears that the EBA will go unresolved for another year. Looking forward to 2008, not like the CC Dept didnt have enough to do with EMB, 777, SYD base and + the EBA. I wonder if it will be the EBA 2006-2008 or if it will just be from whenever it gets agreed upon +3-5 years.

Sylphie 5th Oct 2007 09:34

After trying for over a year and a half I finally got offerred a position as MEL CC with Virgin Blue TODAY! Just had to burst out here. I'm very happy. I've always come here to receive the most awesome advice and info from everyone here. So I wanted to say thanks, as although I feel I did it, I did it with everyone's help.


sinala1 5th Oct 2007 10:02


Thats awesome Sylphie, congratulations on a job well done :)

Welcome Aboard :ok:

SocialFlyer 6th Oct 2007 03:55


Great news to hear that your dream has finally come true. I just finished my training and had my wings night last night, what an absolute blast (my head is pounding now!!!!!!!!!!!)... Be prepared for a hard 5 weeks but it is all worth it. The Melbourne trainers are great, they will definately look after you.. See you online after your training...


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