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High as a Kite 21st Mar 2007 00:28

Virgin Australia - Wannabes & Recruitment

I didn't want to interrupt the very important EBA discussions going on in the official Virgin Blue thread so I thought I would start my own....

I currently work for Atlantic and I've been lucky enough to be selected for the exchange #5 starting in May.

I'm looking for some help and advice about setting up home in Brisbane. A group of us are interested in house sharing but we are not sure about the best areas to look for property. I thought it would be wise to ask the experts.

Also it would be great to get to know some of you before embarking on this exciting adventure.....

Cheers :ok:

ozflyboy 21st Mar 2007 00:59

Hi Kite!

You have made a good choice with BNE (if you indeed had a choice this time) - great weather, and a good base with crew who have been around for a while in general.

I have just returned from exchange number 3 - had a ball over there!

Most Atlantic crew seem to gravitate to the New Farm, Teneriffe, Newstead or Fortitude Valley areas as they are close to the nightlife, cafes/bars and public transport to get you out to the airport. They are a little more expensive, but you are only here for a year, and compared to London prices - it is cheap!!

See you soon!

Oz :ok:

Gpik 21st Mar 2007 01:40

Hey Im also heading over to Oz on the fifth exchange. Im goin to be MEL base, tho training is now in BNE, initially it was supposed to be in mel, looking forward to it, cant wait till im sittin on the VS200 to hkg/SYD (hopefully in J0when im headin over!

PER210 21st Mar 2007 03:07

is it hard to get selected? (move from Blue to Atlantic)? And what type flying do you do while you work for Atlantic on exchange?

Cheers :)

PitPin 22nd Mar 2007 11:30

Virgin Aus Pay
Could somebody please give me approx annual pay for Australian Virgin cabin Attendant ?

flitegirl 22nd Mar 2007 14:25

I'm taking a bit of a guess here, but from what i've heard through the industry, a VB flight attendant is on a salary in the high Au$30k range. Considering how hard they work, it's not the best.

High as a Kite 22nd Mar 2007 15:37

Hi Oz,

I chose Brisbane base for exactly the reasons you mentioned. :)

Thanks for the advice about where to live. A group of us are going to try and do a house share.

Glad you had a great time on exchange #3. I'm hoping to have an equally memorable experience.

See you soon.

Cheers HaaK :ok:

sinala1 22nd Mar 2007 22:34

Pitpin/Flitegirl - currently VB Cabin Crew are on approx $44K before overnight allowances, VB Cabin Supervisors are on approx $52K before overnight allowances

easttowest 23rd Mar 2007 00:38

hi guys, this is my first time posting on this site, I am EK crew living in Dubai and I really want to get a job w/Virgin....I've been invited to a VRD next week, can u pls tell me what to expect, and how many days off work will I need after the interview????

thanx a million!!!!!

Brisvegasboy 23rd Mar 2007 13:59


Sinala1 is correct with base salary.

VB crew actually take home anything between A$1500 (Cabin Crew with one-two nightstops) and A$3000 (Cabin Supervisors who have worked a few available days and have had 5-6 nightstops) per fortnight.

I have only worked one week out of the past two (mostly available days), was away for 4 nights in that week, had a couple of available days (home standby) that I wasn't called in on and will still take home A$2600 for the fortnight.....not too bad really......:ok:

flitegirl 24th Mar 2007 02:35

good for you :D

I don't really care though.... your response would be better directed to PitPin - he/she was enquiring about VB pay.

notalwayssunny 24th Mar 2007 04:43

Hi flitegirl
I think you've been included in the response due to your own comment. It does pay to check your facts before you make them.

flitegirl 24th Mar 2007 12:20

You'll note in my original post I stated that I was taking a "guess" and was repeating what i'd heard through industry talk. I never insisted that I was stating facts. My point is that those of you "in the know" should be replying to PitPin. :rolleyes:

PitPin 25th Mar 2007 13:12

Whatever !

Brisvegasboy 26th Mar 2007 07:12


Do the above posts answer your question??



PitPin 26th Mar 2007 11:23

Yes thankyou for the info

smn99 2nd Apr 2007 11:59

Virgin Blue commuting
Hi All

Just wondering if there's many Virgin Blue CC staff who commute from interstate to their base regularly?

I'm from ADL and am going to a MEL-base VRD... just trying to suss out how feasible it would be to not completely relocate if I were to get the position! Ie. Would travel benefits & rostering breaks make it possible to spend time back in ADL every fortnight??

I can see with the EBA discussions that it's all a bit up in the air at the moment but I'd just like to know if it's currently done?

I'm a newbie so apologise if this has been discussed before - can't seem to find it! :O

Melbourne 9th Apr 2007 03:49

Virgin Blue Cabin Crew Recruitment
Anyone know if Virgin Blue plans to recruit cabin crew for Melbourne or Brisbane base in the next few months?

smn99 17th Apr 2007 01:26

Anyone know if Virgin Blue plans to recruit cabin crew for Melbourne or Brisbane base in the next few months?
Don't know about any specific upcoming dates, but I was invited to attend one in MEL - actually taking place today. Would have like to have gone but decided against it as I'm not available to relocate at this stage.
Was also asked to one in BNE about 2 months ago... Going by other posts there have been others inbetween too - so they seem to be hiring on an ongoing basis?

I've heard it's a bit of a "random draw" as to who gets the VRD invites... Just make sure you check into your online application regularly to keep it updated & put all the "right" answers on there to keep your application visible!


Melbourne 17th Apr 2007 03:21

Thanks for your answer with regards to VB recruitment

FA1 18th Apr 2007 12:17

It took me about 6 months to get an invite for Virgin Blue cabin crew and that was with a blue star referal.

wingswest 23rd Apr 2007 08:25

Virgin Blue Recruitment...,Can any VB crew help!?
I am an an Aussie working as a F/A for a large UK airline, based out of LHR for 10 years...,however I want to get back home and and want to work for VB. Despite the challenges facing VB at the moment, I admire the corporate culture at VB, having experienced the service several times. I was wondering about any VB team-members' opinions of VB and how I should aim my CV and any subsequent interview tips..ie. what are the 'magic' words, phrases etc. Having extensive flying and customer-service experience is one thing but I have heard that they like to hear the 'right' words too. As part of the same 'family', I was hoping a F/A at VB might be able to point me in the right direction. Perhaps we might fly together someday. Anyhow, thanks for your time and any help offered. Much appreciated and safe flying!!! Thanks again, WingsWest

Bidan 1st May 2007 02:54

I applied back in Dec, received an invite to attend Mel seminar on 23/5... Dont quite understand the process as once I accepted the invite I was then advised they will let me know if I would be required to attend... Thought I had already been invited!!!

Bidan 1st May 2007 02:58

Also just curious to know if Virgin have part time positions for Cabin crew??

crewbus 1st May 2007 06:04

Re part time. Virgin Blue does offer part time, however the waiting list is about a mile long, with crew moving up the list at about 1 per month. Fellow crew please correct me if I am wrong. Not sure how quickly the CS moves, but considering nearly every CS is on the list, I cant imagine it being very quick!

I think you also have to be in your position for 9 months before you can put yourself on the list.

Regarding the recruitment days, just be yourself. If only we knew what the icing on the cake was as too getting selected. Usual things apply, team playing, adaptability, customer service. I imagine past experience would come in handy.

Not sure how they pick people of the database, I assume it is a list and it goes in order of when you submitted your details. Make sure you have 6 months left on your CPR and 12 months on your Level 2 or you wont even get a look in.

Goodluck to anyone applying.

sinala1 1st May 2007 06:11

Hi Bidan,

Yes Virgin does have part time positions, but not as a direct hire - you have to get in, and then put your name on the list... at the moment there is apparently over 100 people on the list for each base - and the movement is very very slow sorry!!

The Bullwinkle 1st May 2007 07:35

I admire the corporate culture at VB
:yuk: :yuk: :yuk:

__FA__ 1st May 2007 10:20

Honey Hostey

Im not sure how it works!! Ive had an aplication with virgin for over a year, have all the credentials also and have never received an invite to a VRD, yet friends that apply, with less qualifiactions and experience then me have got an invitiation to a VRD strait away!

Bidan 1st May 2007 10:59

Hi HostieHoney,
I recieved the email about a week ago.. Have replied to say I would like to attend but havnt been given final o.k.... The email said I must advise of my interest by Sunday 13th May..

beachwave40 3rd May 2007 11:53

Has anybody herd of the conditions being offered to fly International? I'm hearing they have been circulated internally ? T/F ?

sinala1 3rd May 2007 23:23

False... Sorry!

darcyfk7 4th May 2007 00:17

hi hust to answer your questions regarding Vb recruitment day in brisbane, i have been lucky enough to to invited to one neing held in brissie on the 30th of may. im not sure of any in melbourne.

exmax 4th May 2007 14:10

I got the same email about the VRD on the 23rd in MEL but being in Sydney, I'd find it hard to commute. A very good friend of mine is a CS out of BNE and says that some people do manage it. Can anyone currently working for DJ confirm or add any light to that, also about any info regarding DJ opening a base out of SYD for their regional flying?

wirgin blew 6th May 2007 04:22

SYD base and VB LH all rumours at this stage. Watch this space for more info as it comes to hand.
LH are seeking expressions of interest at this stage and I would advise anyone interested to register for this via the VB home page.
Happy flying.

I Just Want To Fly 6th May 2007 16:46

Article in Airliner Magazine over here in the UK. Confirmed the order of several B777 by DJ to operate their long haul services. Many of us Aussies flying here in the UK are keeping a close eye on developments back home, but very little info actually filtering through.

Sylphie 9th May 2007 13:50

Question re: Grooming and Makeup at DJ
Another thread got me curious as to what the rules/requirements are for Virgin Blue crew, regarding makeup. Do you need to wear specific brands or colours on lips etc, is it a must to wear lipstick, do they stipulate which colours of eyeshadow to wear etc?


jessygirl 16th May 2007 10:38

Hi All. . .
Anyone care to shed some light on the actual training program once you have been selected, Eg: Emirates run a 5 week training course, with exams etc.

What do Virgin Run? How long? Where? etc.
and do you get to pick which base you work out of. . . .
any information would be great....


Sylphie 16th May 2007 11:05

Not sure where it is jessygirl but I know it runs for 5 weeks and there are a lot of exams. I think you really just choose where you are willing to work on the application as far as I see.

PS. If anyone has an answer for my above post that would be awesome! :p

wirgin blew 16th May 2007 23:53

I believe that the 5 weeks has been extended to 6 with weekends off. You train in either MEL or BNE depending on where you nominate to work.
Currently there are groups training in MEL and BNE and I have heard that there will be at least 1 group a month in MEL till the end of the year, not sure about BNE.
VB need a lot of crew to fill up the spots on EMB's if CC get that gig as well as replacing the churn of CC who dont realise how hard this job can be on your family and friends. Currently MEL crew averaging close to 10 overnights a month. I personally have gone from an average of 7 to at least 10 every month. My hours have also increased from around 100 to 120 per month, rostered. Available days are on top of that.
I wish you all well but this job has definitely gotten harder in the last 12 months.

Melisa 21st May 2007 15:30

Virign makeup etc...
Sylphie: I work for Virgin Blue as ground crew and i know the same hair and makeup rules apply for both Ground crew and Cabin crew... There is no particular brand we have to wear, but it is compulsory to at least wear lipstick, blush and mascara. Then as for hair, you are not allow any wild colours or two toned colours, and if your hair is longer than 25cm in a ponytail, it has to be then worn in a plaited bun or a normal bun with a hair net. With both ponytail and bun hairstyles we have to wear a black ribbon tied in a bow and they have also allowed us to wear a thin alice head band if you want. With colours of eye shadow, you are only allowed to wear natural colours like browns, beige etc.. but no purple, blue etc...you get my drift. :)

Hope that was the info you needed :)

Also yes Virgin Blue will be flying to the USA end of next year and i think it will be set up as a separate company again just like Pacific Blue and Polynesian Blue. I'd LOVE to be Cabin crew for that!!

As for being picked for VB VRD's, i noticed alot who get an invitation have been 'Blue stared' by a current VB employee, or have had some form of airline experience.. I "Personally think" the system just picks whatever special 'words/companies' from your application online to consider you for a VRD. I don't really know how they hand pick from all the thousands of applications they recieve, but thats how i percieve it..

In the CC interviews, you first do an individual 5 min one on one interview, then from there a test, then group activities, then get cut, then a individual role play (like a problem situation with one recruiter acting and the other taking notes), then a final interview which can take about 40mins..

If ever you don't get through Cabin Crew you can always apply from Ground Crew and work from there.. They are recruiting like crazy at the moment! Probably because the company is growing so fast with alot of new things happening eg.. New Embraer Jets arriving by August etc...

Good Luck to you all :ok:

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