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High as a Kite 20th Mar 2007 23:28

Virgin Australia - Wannabes & Recruitment

I didn't want to interrupt the very important EBA discussions going on in the official Virgin Blue thread so I thought I would start my own....

I currently work for Atlantic and I've been lucky enough to be selected for the exchange #5 starting in May.

I'm looking for some help and advice about setting up home in Brisbane. A group of us are interested in house sharing but we are not sure about the best areas to look for property. I thought it would be wise to ask the experts.

Also it would be great to get to know some of you before embarking on this exciting adventure.....

Cheers :ok:

ozflyboy 20th Mar 2007 23:59

Hi Kite!

You have made a good choice with BNE (if you indeed had a choice this time) - great weather, and a good base with crew who have been around for a while in general.

I have just returned from exchange number 3 - had a ball over there!

Most Atlantic crew seem to gravitate to the New Farm, Teneriffe, Newstead or Fortitude Valley areas as they are close to the nightlife, cafes/bars and public transport to get you out to the airport. They are a little more expensive, but you are only here for a year, and compared to London prices - it is cheap!!

See you soon!

Oz :ok:

Gpik 21st Mar 2007 00:40

Hey Im also heading over to Oz on the fifth exchange. Im goin to be MEL base, tho training is now in BNE, initially it was supposed to be in mel, looking forward to it, cant wait till im sittin on the VS200 to hkg/SYD (hopefully in J0when im headin over!

PER210 21st Mar 2007 02:07

is it hard to get selected? (move from Blue to Atlantic)? And what type flying do you do while you work for Atlantic on exchange?

Cheers :)

PitPin 22nd Mar 2007 10:30

Virgin Aus Pay
Could somebody please give me approx annual pay for Australian Virgin cabin Attendant ?

flitegirl 22nd Mar 2007 13:25

I'm taking a bit of a guess here, but from what i've heard through the industry, a VB flight attendant is on a salary in the high Au$30k range. Considering how hard they work, it's not the best.

High as a Kite 22nd Mar 2007 14:37

Hi Oz,

I chose Brisbane base for exactly the reasons you mentioned. :)

Thanks for the advice about where to live. A group of us are going to try and do a house share.

Glad you had a great time on exchange #3. I'm hoping to have an equally memorable experience.

See you soon.

Cheers HaaK :ok:

sinala1 22nd Mar 2007 21:34

Pitpin/Flitegirl - currently VB Cabin Crew are on approx $44K before overnight allowances, VB Cabin Supervisors are on approx $52K before overnight allowances

easttowest 22nd Mar 2007 23:38

hi guys, this is my first time posting on this site, I am EK crew living in Dubai and I really want to get a job w/Virgin....I've been invited to a VRD next week, can u pls tell me what to expect, and how many days off work will I need after the interview????

thanx a million!!!!!

Brisvegasboy 23rd Mar 2007 12:59


Sinala1 is correct with base salary.

VB crew actually take home anything between A$1500 (Cabin Crew with one-two nightstops) and A$3000 (Cabin Supervisors who have worked a few available days and have had 5-6 nightstops) per fortnight.

I have only worked one week out of the past two (mostly available days), was away for 4 nights in that week, had a couple of available days (home standby) that I wasn't called in on and will still take home A$2600 for the fortnight.....not too bad really......:ok:

flitegirl 24th Mar 2007 01:35

good for you :D

I don't really care though.... your response would be better directed to PitPin - he/she was enquiring about VB pay.

notalwayssunny 24th Mar 2007 03:43

Hi flitegirl
I think you've been included in the response due to your own comment. It does pay to check your facts before you make them.

flitegirl 24th Mar 2007 11:20

You'll note in my original post I stated that I was taking a "guess" and was repeating what i'd heard through industry talk. I never insisted that I was stating facts. My point is that those of you "in the know" should be replying to PitPin. :rolleyes:

PitPin 25th Mar 2007 12:12

Whatever !

Brisvegasboy 26th Mar 2007 06:12


Do the above posts answer your question??



PitPin 26th Mar 2007 10:23

Yes thankyou for the info

smn99 2nd Apr 2007 10:59

Virgin Blue commuting
Hi All

Just wondering if there's many Virgin Blue CC staff who commute from interstate to their base regularly?

I'm from ADL and am going to a MEL-base VRD... just trying to suss out how feasible it would be to not completely relocate if I were to get the position! Ie. Would travel benefits & rostering breaks make it possible to spend time back in ADL every fortnight??

I can see with the EBA discussions that it's all a bit up in the air at the moment but I'd just like to know if it's currently done?

I'm a newbie so apologise if this has been discussed before - can't seem to find it! :O

Melbourne 9th Apr 2007 02:49

Virgin Blue Cabin Crew Recruitment
Anyone know if Virgin Blue plans to recruit cabin crew for Melbourne or Brisbane base in the next few months?

smn99 17th Apr 2007 00:26

Anyone know if Virgin Blue plans to recruit cabin crew for Melbourne or Brisbane base in the next few months?
Don't know about any specific upcoming dates, but I was invited to attend one in MEL - actually taking place today. Would have like to have gone but decided against it as I'm not available to relocate at this stage.
Was also asked to one in BNE about 2 months ago... Going by other posts there have been others inbetween too - so they seem to be hiring on an ongoing basis?

I've heard it's a bit of a "random draw" as to who gets the VRD invites... Just make sure you check into your online application regularly to keep it updated & put all the "right" answers on there to keep your application visible!


Melbourne 17th Apr 2007 02:21

Thanks for your answer with regards to VB recruitment

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