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roamingwolf 14th Jun 2007 09:05

you would be hard put to offend me.i'm always getting a dob because of a sense of humor.

who is lisa robertson and my name isn't ralph

smartalec888 15th Jun 2007 03:02

HostieHoney, Congratulations on getting the position with Virgin... a friend was also accepted today/yesterday after passing the medical...

Did you attend the Mel or BNE recruitment day?

SocialFlyer 15th Jun 2007 07:04


Can I ask how long ago you went through the recruitment process and which state it was in? I attended the Melbourne session on Wednesday and made it through to the end and now waiting to hear back. Just wanted to get an indication of timelines for medical, references etc.


Sylphie 15th Jun 2007 11:53

LOL sorry flitegirl, I didn't pick up on it.

Good Luck SocialFlyer and congrats to HostieHoney! Ground crew would still be heaps fun [though stressful as all hell, haha] and you don't have to wait quite as well to reapply that way. That's my gameplan if I ..*gulp* don't progress with cabin crew.. I've applied for Cabin Crew about two weeks ago so hopefully I don't have to wait really long for an invite.


smartalec888 15th Jun 2007 13:19

Hosiehoney:Sorry to have gotten too carried away! That's awesome that you got GS! I've heard from a mate that PER-BNE (either direction) is a right kerfuffle....

If anyone's interested... apparently VB are intending to hold monthly recruitment days.... sounds like there's alot of positions to fill.

SocialFlyer 16th Jun 2007 01:42

VRD Recruitment
Hi Guys

Congrats HostieHoney on your achievement of getting a position with Virgin as Ground Crew. I know of a few people who started on ground, then worked towards Cabin Crew and now are supervisors. They say that having all the ground and flying experience gives you a great competitive advantage if you want to progress.

As for me my final interview with Virgin for Cabin Crew was on Wednesday and now it's the painful waiting game to see if I got a medical and reference checks. Spoke to a few people on the day and apparently they are saying Virgin is having a minimum of 1 ground school per month for Cabin Crew for the remainder of the year. That would be over 100 or so positions if that the case, therefore I'm sure there are plenty of opportunities. I also heard the recruiter saying they had a number of recruitment days planned.

I'll keep you all posted on my progress to date.


poplover 16th Jun 2007 02:57

Ground school 9 july
Hey guys,

has anyone else here been accepted for the CC training starting 9 july!
they called me on friday and told me i have been in shock ever since! i'll have to move up from SYD.

SocialFlyer 16th Jun 2007 07:05

Congratulations Poplover, thats great news.

Are you moving to the Melbourne or Brisbane base? Can ask how long ago you had your interview?


poplover 16th Jun 2007 07:58

Thanks, i had my VBRD about 5 weeks ago now so everything happend quite fast! quicker than i had thought, i'll be moving to BNE so desperate to find a nice place nice person to share with, whats your story, what base wil you be at. all the best!

In adittion to the eabove if anyone knows a good website to find a place or if you are looking for someone to share with or you know anyone please let me know asap, the unit/house has to be fully furnished (but will be able to bring own bed roon furniture).

Oh and will be checking some places in BNE this Tuesday (19th june)
Thanks guys.

dj_candidate 16th Jun 2007 09:40

New Recruits
This thread is ballooning of late with newly accepted and nervously hopefuls so thought I'd add myself to the list.

Like Social Flyer I had my final interview this week. Can anyone who's been to recent VRDs say what the ratio was from morning to afternoon? We started with 33 and finished the day with 22 (29th May). Candidates that flew in from interstate were given 2nd round interviews that day and locals were called soon after with times and dates for theirs.

Poplover, congrats on getting the 9July training group - I have to give my employer 4 weeks notice (been there too long) so even once I get over the hopeful shock I'll still have an age to wait. As for your accomodation predicament: there is a website seqrents.com.au that lists a lot of the unit, townhouse and apartment accomodations in South East Qld, regularly they have private adverts for share also. Don't be too hopeful that Brisbane prices are markedly different to SYD unfortunately.

Well done to those starting soon, and fingers crossed for everyone still waiting. :ok:

Sylphie 17th Jun 2007 03:33

Wow. Have they changed the VRD format of late? When I went May last year it was all in one day and then wait for reference checks or possible medical invites. What's this final interview you speak of? :eek:

dj_candidate 17th Jun 2007 04:21

Hi Sylphie

I understand that a single day for recruiting is the standard procedure: 5min 1-on-1 introductions, couple of group excercises and then after a break those that progressed come back for the exam and more in-depth 1-on-1's.

However, due to the numbers that were progressed, many of the in-depth interviews were held on a separate day. Given there were 22 to do, and the first was scheduled for 2pm, some would have been in for a VERY long night. This possibility was pre-empted in emails confirming our attendance at the VRD.

I have noticed a new question in the online application asking if candidates would like recruitment to be held on weekends, would be beneficial for those who currently work full-time and don't have very understanding bosses.

edited: typo

smartalec888 17th Jun 2007 05:22

Whoever said that VB will be having monthly ground schools is correct... also will be having (if numbers persist which i'm sure they will) monthly recruitment drives (if not more) there's 2lined up for July atm and possibly 3.

joshgem 18th Jun 2007 07:05

Ground Crew vrd this Thursday 21/06/07

I am very new to this forum, i am going to be attending my first vrd for ground staff this week, is anyone out ther able to give me an insight of what to expect as you can imagine i am very nervous.

Thanks in advance


joshgem 18th Jun 2007 09:27

Thank you for your quick reply, i will take it all onboard.

Anyone else been through the vrd directly through virgin blue, just wondering if it is done similar to the previous post.


SocialFlyer 18th Jun 2007 12:24

Cabin Crew Recruitment Melbourne Base
Hey Guys,

Well i received an email from the recruitment team today stating I have been progressed through the recruitment day and they will be in touch within 2 weeks to discuss my application.

I have no idea what to expect next, but i'm assuming they mean references and medicals. Ohhhh the pain of waiting.

Has anyone else heard back yet?

dyal1 20th Jun 2007 13:05

getting an interview
hey everyone
it is exciting to hear that Virgin Blue are planning to have several recruitment days soon and plan to hire many CC in the near future. I applied with DJ several months ago but was not invited to any of the recruitment days that i have been reading about in this forum lately.:( To all those people that were invited, well done. Im 19, currently in university with only 1 job reference (customer service based). Id like to know whether u think i have a chance at getting asked to attend the upcoming VRD's. Were there any hopefuls with similar backgrounds to me? Do Virgin Blue hire 19 year olds?
Id hate to miss out on this opportunity when a major airline is hiring.
Any ideas??

Melisa 21st Jun 2007 11:44

Hey HostieHoney! Congrats on getting Ground Crew! So i guess il be seeing ya at work when you start! Are you with Westaff cause im employed through them as well.. Kinda fighting for hours at the moment though but hopefully it will pick up soon when it gets busier..

SocialFlyer 21st Jun 2007 12:50


Well done on getting the position as Ground Crew. I have a few friends in Melbourne working as Ground Crew and seem to like the work and opportunities they are presented with.

As for me it's been a week and a half since my final interview for Cabin Crew and I am still waiting patiently for the next stage to see if my references will be checked. The last email said I had progressed past the interview and more information would come within 2 weeks. Hope to hear something by next Wednesday.

Fingers crossed guys.... I'll keep you posted. Has anyone from Melbourne Recruitment on 13 June heard back yet???

sinala1 21st Jun 2007 13:47

Originally Posted by SocialFlyer
I am still waiting patiently for the next stage to see if my references will be checked. The last email said I had progressed past the interview and more information would come within 2 weeks.

I don't mean to jinx you but I daresay if you have recieved an email saying your application Has been progressed, then yes reference checks are pretty much a certainty :ok: If you had failed at interview stage, then your application wouldnt be progressed...

Good luck! :O

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