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smile 29th May 2007 21:18

Don't take any notice if they are recruiting or not- even if they are 'only' taking expressons of interest apply via StaffCV. And update/re-send every couple of days to show that you are still interested.

Sylphie 2nd Jun 2007 05:31

Does Virgin Blue stipulate that as Cabin Crew, you must live within a certain radius from the airport?

smartalec888 2nd Jun 2007 11:07

Sylphie: I heard from a friend who works @ VB that they its ideal if you live within 60mins (ie: if you get called in to fill in) but I don't think that's a rule...

Hardly a prob for me as I'm lapping it up here in Ascot :O

wirgin blew 2nd Jun 2007 23:18

Sylphie: not an issue as far as I can tell. I know people live in Ballarat, Geelong, etc. Even if you live in places like Berwick or Cranbourne you might only be 50kms from the airport but in peak hour you would have to allow 2 hours.
With our available days we have to be given 2 hours notice so if you live futher out you probably just sit around at home all day waiting for the call.

Jelly16 3rd Jun 2007 12:23

Vrd Day
I have been invited to attend a VRD day in MEL mid this month and am flying over the night before and leaving in the evening on the day of the VRD. Does anyone know what time it goes till if selected all the way though? I understand that its an all day event. Id need to catch a taxi about 6 or so to get to the airport to catch my flight home.
Does anyone have any tips on preparing for the interview?

Grove 4th Jun 2007 09:58

Anyone have any news re..ref checks, medicals....hope I get a call soon!!

Grove 4th Jun 2007 11:04

Bluepearl.. Have no idea what you are asking?? Doesnt make any sense??

sinala1 4th Jun 2007 11:56

Short answer - No. Sorry!

Reserves are part of everyone's roster, but currently we have no casual cabin crew (excluding cross trained ground crew in outports).

Sylphie 4th Jun 2007 12:50

Hi Jelly,

The VRD can last up to any time, I've met people who went home after the whole day ended at 4pm for them, and others were still there at dinner time. When I went to my VRD in MEL last year, I was just leaving at almost 6pm. It is wise to book the latest flight possible, last year I met a girl at the interviews who was cutting it so very fine to make her flight back to Adelaide, that she had to change it because she was still waiting to do her 1 hr interview.

Good Luck for your interview! :ok:

Sylphie 6th Jun 2007 11:47

With regards to hairstyles, you mentioned the appropriate length, but are girls allowed to have fringes?

flitegirl 6th Jun 2007 12:59

No, bad 80s fringes are definitely inappropriate. But perms are fine.

Sylphie 6th Jun 2007 13:25

Oh.. I didn't say anything about "bad 80s" fringes, I was just meaning side fringes, or blunt flattering ones.. as long as they didn't get in your face.

I only ask because I've seen people with these hairstyles at interviews, and just wonder if it's something they make them change once hired.

wirgin blew 8th Jun 2007 12:50

Its another way of doing things and adds value to your resume when you transfer internally. However the downside is that you must be a good employee whilst you are ground crew as your record will be looked at when transferring.

Brisvegasboy 9th Jun 2007 06:21

Perms and the like.....
I think somebody might be getting a little confused.....it QANTAS that allows perms, not Virgin....

flitegirl 9th Jun 2007 07:45

I think somebody didn't get that I was taking the mickey

SocialFlyer 13th Jun 2007 07:39

VRD Melbourne
Hi Guys,

Did anyone attend the Virgin Blue Recruitment day for the Melbourne Cabin Crew positions, today at the IBIS?

I just got back home now from it.

Sonique 14th Jun 2007 01:09

Speaking of what's allowed...since when have virgin blue cabin crew been allowed to carry back packs on their backs through the terminal. It come complete with crew tags too ! Almost choked on my latte :O

This chick obviously doesn't like a suitcase on wheels ! Is that allowed ? Just didn't really suit the f/a image in my opinion.

smartalec888 14th Jun 2007 02:04

The suitcase on wheels is a better suited look...

Usually if you see CC without bags that usually means they have people.

roamingwolf 14th Jun 2007 03:10


I used to be CC for Qantas & Actually Qantas prefer a blue rinse to a perm...

Hey your first name wouldn't be lisa would it?

DJCCGuy 14th Jun 2007 05:44

Crew Bags
With regards to the bags, Crew are issued a company Crew Bag, which is a shoulder bag, and they are to be used at all times when in uniform. Personal bags are not allowed.

We are also allowed to carry one additional bag with us, such as a laptop bag, food cooler bag etc.

The overnight bags must be a wheelie style suitcase, being all black or all red, so a backpack style is not allowed under the Grooming & Uniform Regulations.

Do any other DJ crew here dislike the shoulder Crew Bag? I find it is bad for my back and shoulders, and have heard they are trialling a wheelie style crew bag for us also? Can anyone confirm?

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