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Fingerscrossed2 10th Jul 2010 14:02

Hey Kaks,

In the same boat... :( the wait is killing me... i completed my sfa and cpr training
today so trying to stay positive, whilst waiting for an update! Have any of your referees been contact yet do you know?

Fingerscrossed2 10th Jul 2010 14:08

Hi Bubblyguy,

How is your process going? Have you commenced any training yet?
May I ask how long after you received the initial emailing congratulating you on
progressing through the RD were your references contacted?

bubblyguy 11th Jul 2010 13:03

Hey fingerscrossed2,

I got through all the processes and start ground school next week.

Been such a long wait between resigning quite a few weeks ago and starting next week. The recruitment process for me was quite rapid. The longest wait was between submitting the application and going to a VRD.

Hope you guys get through! :)

ellie8 13th Jul 2010 00:44

Hi bubblyguy,

congrats on getting through to start ground school with VB, thats awesome. If you dont mind me asking, how long after you submitted an online application did it take for you to get a phone interview/invite to a VRD?


bubblyguy 13th Jul 2010 09:26


Took a month and a half in between doing my application and getting VRD which happened a few days after the VRD invite.


KAKS 13th Jul 2010 14:19

Hey Fingerscrossed2

I had a ref 2 weeks after my VRD and a week after I got an email to say I made it past recruitment day and that they will contact me fortnightly to advise. That was 21st May and ive still heard nothing.. STRANGE. When was your VRD?


ozflyer26 15th Jul 2010 03:36

I attended a VB recruitment day on the 7th of July, they said they would be in contact within the next 2 weeks.

Did anyone else attend the one on 7th or 8th and have heard back yet???


Fingerscrossed2 19th Jul 2010 12:48

I did my VRD day mid June, i got an email 2 weeks later saying i had progressed
and would receive fortnightly updates, it was 2 weeks on Friday :( and i haven't heard a thing... :( want this so much its almost pathetic... but really just want
to know where i stand, so so proud of everyone getting through, just wish
i knew if it was meant to be for me or not...

superflygirl 20th Jul 2010 04:41

heyyy ozflyer, i attended RD in sydney on 7th of july toooo and i havnt heard a thing, getting very anxious. i thought i went well in my interview :O ha ha, actually really really hoping i went well in my interview. alot of friends have gone for jobs and they didnt hear for weeks and weeks so hoping that its a good thing that they're taking there time.. let me know when you hear from them :ok: goodluck

LEE 86 20th Jul 2010 08:13

I guess it's only the 3 of us who attended VB by the sounds of it. Ill let you both know when I hear something!

Good luck Ozflyer26 and Superflygirl

Waning the job 20th Jul 2010 08:49

Text speak
[Text speak]

Read the first sticky thread at the top of the forum.

ellie8 20th Jul 2010 09:01

VB SYD Application
Is there anyone STILL waiting to hear back from their on-line application for SYD base that closed on June 14th??? I havnt heard anything! Soooo confused as to what has happened to my application??? I applied on June 12th! Does anyone know if they will be holding any more recruitment days? Good luck to those waiting on good news regarding their applications:ok:

hb78 20th Jul 2010 10:44

Word is recruitment at VB is slowing up for the time being (not sure how long the delay may be), so this could be why you haven't heard yet. Things change at a moments notice here though so hang in there, I'm sure you'll all hear soon.

ozflyer26 20th Jul 2010 12:38

Yeh I'm still remaining positive, hanging out for that phone call, text, e-mail, letter whatever is coming next!

Guys make sure if you hear anything make sure you update the rest of us.. Would be cool if we all got ground school together!

Hope your all well:ok:

Waning the job 20th Jul 2010 13:21

tomorrow the within 2 weeks since the RD will be up! so tomorrow will hopefully be the day we get told some good news! :ok:

LEE 86 21st Jul 2010 02:46

Hey all,

I was unsuccessful, I received the email this morning.

Good luck everyone, today is the day you will hear!


Waning the job 21st Jul 2010 03:17

hey sorry to hear LEE 86.
I was successful & will be notified in 2 weeks bout what's happening! am finally able to relax a little now after receiving the email.

ozflyer26 22nd Jul 2010 00:54

Hey waning

I got an email similar to yours saying that they will be in contact every 2 weeks. Didn't say I was successful but aldo didn't say I was unsuccessful..

Hope to hear back soon :ok:

Fingerscrossed2 26th Jul 2010 12:30


How is the training going? :)

bubblyguy 28th Jul 2010 12:58


Very full on but you just got to commit 110% to it and it will all pay off. :)

Got an awesome group. Can't wait to get in the sky with everyone. The 6 weeks training is a bit full on but we are getting it done (extra week as we are getting extra training due to being Perth so we are trained in everything).

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