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Fingerscrossed2 31st Jul 2010 11:52


Whats the hardest part? Just remembering everything or the actual learning
procedures etc?

I heard the next group are going through mid sept... So hoping so much I will be there! Have you done the melbourne stint yet for training?

flyingroxy 31st Jul 2010 13:37

Hi there
Have just come across this forum, I also have been going through the Sydney recruitment process, attended the RD a few months ago, received an email about 6 weeks ago informing me that Cabin Crew training to commence in September, but have just received another email last week saying it has been pushed to October but will confirm soon, also mentioned that they will not be contacting my referees till just before training starts, anyone else in the same situation? So keen to get started.

Jackbr 1st Aug 2010 07:39

Hi all,

Do the Virgin Blue recruitment days still involve the whole song and dance routines they did when they first started up, or are they more "refined" now?

RJsyd 3rd Aug 2010 09:42

flyingroxy, I got that email too... and a few days later they rang up asking me to do the medical. I got the offer in the past week to start in the August/September school. I did my RD back in mid May.

flyingroxy 4th Aug 2010 03:24

Hi thanks for the reply, notice your location is Melbourne, presume you are attending flight school in Melbourne, I am located in Sydney, without being too personal I would be interested in what the medical entails, good luck.

KAKS 4th Aug 2010 06:37

Text speak
[Text speak]

Read the first sticky thread at the top of the forum.

RJsyd 4th Aug 2010 09:38

This is for the Sydney base, I'm moving up soon. The medical is really basic, basic muscle movement and the drug and alcohol test.

flyingroxy 5th Aug 2010 12:42

Text speak
[Text speak]

Read the first sticky thread at the top of the forum.

flyingroxy 6th Aug 2010 00:24

Hi again
Thanks for the info, good luck with the move to Sydney & training, still waiting for the confirmed October training date. Would love to hear how the training goes.
flying Roxy

superflygirl 7th Aug 2010 05:05

hey guys. I recieved my email about being successful past the 7th of july recruitment day and they said they would be in touch within two weeks... that was over two weeks ago now (was suppose to hear by wednesday last week) and i still have not heard anything back :( im pulling my hair out... i did receive an email regarding my first aid cert etc, saying they recieved my docs and they were updating my file but that was all. would anyone shed some light on the situation at the moment with training etc. my referees have not yet been contacted either. anyone know what is going on or in the same situation as me?? i need to give my job at least 4 weeks notice and am worried virgin will just say you have to be here on this date. moving from qld to sydney is not the easiest move either..

ozflyer26 7th Aug 2010 08:19


Lee86 and myself were on the 7th of July session and we both heard back on the 2 week deadline saying that they will be in touch every 2 weeks with an update, i beleive he was unsuccessful from his response in this forum, I however was called on the tuesday just gone to say that i was successful and both my references have been called and i was told ground school dates for Sydney coming up.

I have commitments and have opted for one in October. So rest asure there is still plenty of time for Virgin to contact you and for you to give your current employer notice.


superflygirl 7th Aug 2010 08:39

ozflyer - thanks for replying so quickly!! :ok:

Did you receive the email saying that you had progressed past the recruitment day? and when is the next training? Did they also ask about medical? Sorry im picking your brain! :)

flyingroxy 7th Aug 2010 09:45

Hi superflygirl,
I am also very eager to get started as I posted on July 31st I attended RD months ago, have had my training start date changed a couple of times, the last email informed me October and they would not contact my referees till around late august/early sept from memory, I am also keen to get the medical appointment out of the way and give my present employer a full 4 weeks notice at least, my last email also informed my i would hear back within 4 weeks, I should hear back in 11 days & counting.

ozflyer26 8th Aug 2010 02:47

Hey, at the recruitment day they said we should hear back in 2 weeks.. On the 2 weeks i received an email informing me they would update me fortnightly on my application. The following 2 weeks (4 weeks after the RD day) i received a phone call saying i was successful. They told me they need to contact my referees and will be in contact with me again soon and told me the ground school will be in October. Nothing about a medical as of yet, im assuming this will be told soon.


flyingroxy 9th Aug 2010 11:13

Hi all
Still waiting, starting to worry a bit now as I have only received emails advising my application is still active with an October start for training, have not received any actual phone calls to say I have been successfull, and my references still have not been called, it seems different candidates are handled differently.:confused:

blue_raz 9th Aug 2010 12:35

Hey flying roxy im in the same position as you, last email was re October start. I went for the RD in May so its taking a while!

I know what you mean! I cant stand waiting....!

No time frames or anything just they will when they confirm the next ground school.

flyingroxy 10th Aug 2010 12:34

Text speak
[Text speak]

Read the first sticky thread at the top of the forum.

RJsyd 12th Aug 2010 10:39

To Roxy and Raz. I know how painful the waiting can be. But as the email you got sent after the interview said, people will be processed at different stages so life just has to go on in the interim I guess.

I've got my fingers crossed for you guys that something good happens soon though :)

AmandaUC 13th Aug 2010 02:16

Brisbane Open Days?
Hi everyone, I'm new here :) Just wanted to know if anyone here knows of any open days coming up for Virgin Blue in Brisbane or Gold Coast?

Thanks :ok:

ilana182 13th Aug 2010 23:12

Tell me about it AmandaUC!

I've been waiting for DJ CC jobs in BNE for ages ... my insider says not to get my hopes us for anything THIS year.

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