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benjamin1991 11th May 2010 07:49

So anxious, driven insane with waiting
Hi Guys, I applied for Auckland based Pacific Blue cabin crew. I got my email on March 24 saying that I had made it past the recruitment day and that they will be contacting my references over the coming weeks, I still havn't heard a thing. A friend of mine from the recruitment day has heard. It has been almost 6 weeks. Should I be worried? My references havn't heard a thing, the waiting is making me sick. :hmm::eek:

Flyinghigh2 15th May 2010 09:53

Hi guys, I had a phone interview for Perth base today, RD is this Tuesday.. anyone else going on Tues?

Polynesianguy 16th May 2010 12:31

Hey dude dont worry it can take its time but once they've contacted your references you'll probably get an email with dates and times for you to have a full medical check. Once this is done and you've passed your bound to get another email stating when the next training course starts so dont worry mate you'll be in like the rest....see ya online!!!

TreBoo 17th May 2010 15:07

Virgin Blue - Perth Base
Hello, I had a phone interview last Friday 14th for Perth Base and was told that it will be about a couple of weeks away until a date is set for recruitment? But just seen a post saying that recruitment day is tomorrow Tue 18th. Anyone else heard anything about this?


oli90 21st May 2010 00:07

hi everyone,

I was invited to the RD day a few weeks ago for sydney based VB CC, turned it down for work and yesterday they sent me another RD invite for the Sydney based positions. There is a VRD in sydney on the 18th and 19th june. Anyone get the same email???

It's ironic that I am due to start GS for Jetstar Casual SEQ based CC on the 21st June.

WHAT DO I DO?????????????????

Cart_tart 25th May 2010 12:50

As VB crew & knowing how many ex Jetstar crew we have & hearing the comparisions, GO TO THE VB RECRUITMENT DAY!! No one I've spoken to has regretted leaving Jetstar for VB.
I'm presuming you'll be casual with Jetstar? VB positions are full time.
Lots of exciting things happening at VB now & in the future with our new CEO.
Good Luck!

Lewis AAC 30th May 2010 02:02

ADL Base
ADL base has been a rumour for ages and everyone is starting to talk about it happening in 2010. Any truth to it?

KK1000 2nd Jun 2010 01:31

i would consider fulltime VB over casual JQ, if you want definate cash flow coming in each month. casual JQ is hard to make ends meet sometimes but if your only looking for 10-15 days work a month then thats the job for you. Otherwise go virgin

go to the VB recruitment day on 18/19 june, but still say yes for JQ casual, start the ground school, if you get word that you've made it to VB, just leave, then you still have JQCas to fall back in if you dont make VB. Theres absolutely no commitment to the JQ casual you can leave at any time.

bubblyguy 4th Jun 2010 12:44

Anyone going through the Perth recruitment at the moment that was in the first round and did their medical this week heard if they are accepted???

Hopefully hear something early next week. So wish they contacted me today lol. :)

Fingers crossed!!! :)

Also good luck to all those doing the VRD at the end of the month for the 2nd round of intakes!!!

tazzle27 4th Jun 2010 21:58

Hey benjamin1991

I fly for Pacific Blue and you don't be tooooo worried, i know the next training school for this recruitment isn't starting until like october this year (though don't quote me!) So there is plenty of time between now and then... but i know excatly how you feel!! I was very much feeling sick when they were recruiting me. If they have told you they are going to check your references take that as a very very good sign!!!!!!
Let me know how it goes, feel free to ask me any questions and hopefully i'll be seeing you in the sky in the very near future!!!!!!
You will love Pacific Blue, we are a very friendly bunch who enjoy having a good time :)

snnbne 10th Jun 2010 17:00

SYD Cabin Crew RD 2010
Does anyone know when the SYD RD is going to be held (ie. this month [June] or next)?

Also, what activities - in general - are conducted throughout the RD? Does anyone know if VB are recruiting a lot of Cabin Crew for SYD on this occasion?

And lastly, how long after the closing date should one expect to hear back from VB Recruitment Team if successful for RD?

Cheers for the responses in advance!! :ok:

bubblyguy 11th Jun 2010 08:27


The VRD includes a reach test, presentation, group activity, English comprehension test and an individual interview.

Good luck with your future VRD!

bubblyguy 15th Jun 2010 11:15

Anyone else here get the position for Perth Cabin Crew?

Can't wait to start ground school next month.

And good luck to those with VRD's at the end of the month. Hopefully someone else on here will also be in the ground school coming up! :)

cc_skyqueen 16th Jun 2010 06:38

Cc Syd Base Application
Hi Guys,
Just a quick question - I am currently going through recruitment. . . I applied months ago, and only now is my application being processed.

While I would LOVE to work for Virgin Blue - within in the next 12 months by husband will need to move to Melbourne for work (My application is Sydney based.)

Just wondering if anyone who currently works for VB could shed some light on base transfers? Im assuming as with my current airline you must first pass your probationary period to apply for one, after that how long does a transfer SYD-MEL usually take?

I will be very greatful for ANY advice.

Thanks :)

ozflyer26 16th Jun 2010 23:41

VB Sydney
Hey guys

So the VB applications closed a few days ago, did anyone here apply for the Sydney based positions if so have you heard anything so far??:ok:

MzCookie 17th Jun 2010 10:01

I applied Ozflyer, and have heard nothing yet :)

KAKS 18th Jun 2010 07:28

Text speak
[Text speak]

Read the first sticky thread at the top of the forum.

ellie8 21st Jun 2010 03:18


I applied for VB SYD also. Havnt heard anything back yet either. I think they ring first then invite you to a RD if you are successful in the phone interview. Good luck!:ok:

KAKS 21st Jun 2010 04:50

Is anyone still waiting to hear from VB Perth???

PerthHostie 21st Jun 2010 05:59

Perth RD
Hi everyone I'm new to the site and have my RD for Perth next Wednesday :) SO EXCITEDD!
Can anyone give me tips on what sort of questions they will ask in the interview section of RD? I know its all about past experiences but i have trouble remembering things on the spot!! hehe
Goodluck to all other applicants!

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