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flywithme6 15th Apr 2010 05:53

Had my medical yesterday an now its just a wait to hear back on a start date for ground school! Fingers crossed!

missy_ange 15th Apr 2010 12:11

need help :)
Hello, im new to this but i was wondering if your able to help me. I have been looking on the computer for days on how to get a job with Virgin Blue working at the check in and customer service etc. How did you get through, I have looked everywhere. Thank yous :)

LadyJ1 15th Apr 2010 21:02

Need help
Hi Missy ange

You just need to go to their website, click on career links, current opportunities and see what they are advertising..Don't think they have any adverts for jobs you are after at the moment...:)

Flora 19th Apr 2010 07:53

Hi everyone!

Long time reader, first time poster here.. :O

Anybody else applying for the BNE Cabin Crew positions??!

ilana182 19th Apr 2010 10:27

Hi Flora

I applied for BNE

Sky Angel 23rd Apr 2010 03:27

Perth base VB
Thanks Plane girl 2009

So Virgin Blue basically does there training in the same city as your base is ? Eg- sydney base train in sydney, Perth base will train in Perth ? :)

Does anyone know how many crew they are looking for for the Perth base and when it's planned to start ?

Cheers :)

dee04 25th Apr 2010 12:48

long time reader, 1st post
Hi everyone,

ive been invited to the SYD recruitment day, which is on wednesday SO NERVOUS :ugh:..

just wondering can anyone tell me what tto expect? what kind of questiones do they ask ?.. what are they looking for?

any help will be much appreciated :)

SydneyShowgirl 26th Apr 2010 04:41

Perth Base
Yes Perth will have it's own training base. Looks like school will start around about June this year. :)

ilana182 3rd May 2010 20:28

Has anyone heard from BNE recruitment? I got an email a week or so ago saying that they are still going through applications.

coffee or tea 5th May 2010 08:49

Phone Interview
Just had phone interview for Sydney base hope i have given them the right answers huh! was not prepared...:ooh:

coffee or tea 5th May 2010 11:48

Hi Shortfinal737,

Oh yeah thanks anyway!...but i was not prepared at that time. Just hope and pray. She told me that I have to wait for their email regarding the interview/recruitment day in Sydney. Keeping my fingers crossed.:)

Good luck to you too.

Flora 6th May 2010 01:26

Just had a phone interview for BNE and I have been invited to the Monday 10 May Recruitment Day!!

So excited! I was soooooo unprepared for it and it just totally caught me off guard, but she said I answered all the right Qs. Already got the intro email, just waiting for all the forms and everything now.

Best of luck to everyone else!!!! :8

ilana182 7th May 2010 01:26

That's awesome Flora! Congrats ... I still haven't heard a thing. What questions and answers were they? Anything I can prepare for?

Flora 7th May 2010 06:24

She just went through my work history and asked what my duties in each position included and the usual "Why do you want to be cabin crew?".

Hope they have called you by now!!

ilana182 7th May 2010 06:25

Nope, nothing :(

Did they offer you different Rd days or was there only one?

oli90 7th May 2010 07:02

hi huys, I had a phone interview yesterday for Virgin Blue sydney based cabin crew and she invited me to the RD next week. I have just been offered a position with jetstar though! She put me on the waiting list for the next RD interviews for sydney but If im enjoying Jetstar then?????????
goodluck guys!!!!!

Flora 7th May 2010 09:42

Monday 10th or Tuesday 11th.

8am-12pm or 12pm-5pm.

Tyman 7th May 2010 23:42

You little beauty
Im over the moon, I got the job !!!!!!
syd full-time :ok::D:):):):):)

Livin the dream my career starts now ! BRING IT ON
good luck to all im on cloud 9 hahahaha

tinkerbell200 8th May 2010 03:53

Hey Tyman,

congrats have a wonderful career with VB.:ok::ok:

Let us know what the VB family is like.:)

ilana182 11th May 2010 02:00

Hey Flora how did you go at the BNE RD?

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