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misskellouise 21st Jun 2010 16:10

hello, i was wondering if someone could please tell me what shoes to purchase for ground staff for girls? and where i get them from? and also, in the hair what is an alice band? is that a headband?

thank-you very much.

also, the crew bags are they like handbags? or what are they?

(i will be working ground staff only i dunno if this is different for uniform or bags etc)

thanks so much for your help!


bubblyguy 22nd Jun 2010 03:58

Hey misskellouise,

Virgin Blue has their own shoe range so it is best you purchase the shoes from the Uniform Hanger once you are employed.

The alice band is a head band. In the grooming guidelines you will see there are a few ways you can do your hair and almost all of them involve the black ribbon.

The ground crew bags are like satchel bags. They are not the same as cabin crew bags at all.

Hope you enjoy your new job! :)


I have been given (and accepted) an employment offer and another girl I know and work with has also accepted an employment offer for Perth base. We were both from the first round of recruitment.

There is another round happening with VRD's at the end of this month. Will be interesting to see if they get everything done in time for the upcoming ground school that starts mid next month.


Just think about your previous experiences and being able to provide excellent customer service. Try and think of a time that really stands out.

Also think about team work and when you faced problems/issues and how you overcame these.

When responding you should be using the STAR method. Situation, Task, Action and Result.

Good luck next week!

PerthHostie 22nd Jun 2010 07:49

Thanks so much bubblyguy :)

from what I have read I think I may be stressing about it a bit too much! It seems to be quite a friendly interview.. Just need to get over these nerves!

Congratulations on being offered a position! When was your RD? How long did they take to get back to you?

Are you from Perth?

millsy_mcleod05 22nd Jun 2010 12:04

Just got confirmation for RD in BNE. Can anyone give me some info on the recruitment process. eg. questions, role plays, how long it takes.
Thanks heaps. This is my first interview in 5 years.

I also read that you should know some things about the airport stuff, where is the info sitiuated?

Thanks heaps

bubblyguy 22nd Jun 2010 14:50

My RD was back in mid May.

The RD is great fun. Very enjoyable. Just have a good time, relax and be yourself.

There are stages after the RD and they will run through time frames with you at the RD.

And yeah in Perth. :)

If anyone was to commute at Perth base they would be pretty crazy!

LEE 86 24th Jun 2010 06:38

Hi all,
I received a phone call this morning regarding a recruitment day for sydney domestic, I will be attending wednesday the 7th of July. There is also a thursday session beinh held.

Good luck to all


ozflyer26 24th Jun 2010 06:38

Anyone know what sort of questions are asked in the virgin blue phone interview??

LEE 86 24th Jun 2010 06:45

Hey Oz,
They ask if your currently employed?
-what does the roll of cabin crew mean to you?
-what do you think are the most important things about the cabin crew roll?
-what does customer service mean to you?
And if you have flown before, they ask you to tell them the day in the life of your job!

Hope that helps.


ellie8 24th Jun 2010 11:19

VB SYD Recruitment
Hi LEE 86,

was the phone interview for the most recent (June 2010) recruitment for Virgin Blue SYD that closed on the 14th of June? I applied but have heard nothing back yet. Good luck with the RD!:ok:

LEE 86 24th Jun 2010 11:26

Hi Ellie, yeah it was for that one. I'm sure you will hear soon.

Good luck

ellie8 24th Jun 2010 11:43

Thanks LEE 86:) I sure hope so! I have been wanting to work for Virgin Blue for ages. Ive been out of the industry for almost 2 years and am desperate to get back up there! Well done and good luck:ok:

ellie8 28th Jun 2010 08:35

VB SYD application
Hi snnbne,

have you heard anything form Virgin Blue regarding your application for SYD base Cabin Crew yet? I havn't! I am getting worried as the RD is on July 7th & 8th which is just over a week away! Eeeeek, I want to get an invite soooo badly! Good luck to you:ok:

Ozzyflyer1990 28th Jun 2010 09:10

I want to become a VB Cabin Crew.
Hey I was wondering when Virgin Blue will recruit more Cabin Crew. I have always wanted to work for VB and I am currently working for another carrier out of Adelaide base. I have 4 months experience as a FA.

Any help would be very helpful :D

ozflyer26 30th Jun 2010 01:53

VB 7th July
Hey, im heading to VB RD on the 7th July anyone attending that day too??

I have heard VB RD days are a fun time not like other airlines, so hopefully this is true.

Have you heard any goss on what the day entails??

Good luck to everyone :ok:

ellie8 30th Jun 2010 02:11

Congrats Ozflyer26!!! That is awesome! I still havnt heard anything yet:( Did you have your phone interview today? Im not sure what the RD entails other than what ive read on here: reach test, intro to the role, behavioural based interview questions etc. Good luck:ok:

KAKS 6th Jul 2010 08:01

Hey thanks for your response! I had my RD in mid May but I still havent heard anything. The only email I got was I made it past recuritment day and VB will be in touch but Ive heard nothing since!! Is this weird???

ozflyer26 7th Jul 2010 12:09

Sydney 7th RD Day
Hey, had my RD today and was in a very small group of only 11, they said that they will be in contact within the next 2 weeks but told me during the interview that they will be contacting my references, and that the next email will be the successful or unsuccesful whether to progress to medical and security checks.

ellie8 7th Jul 2010 22:59

Virgin Blue SYD Application
Hi there just wondering if someone is in the same situation as me: i applied for the most recent Virgin Blue SYD recruitment on June 12th & got the standard email saying they had recieved my app but i hve heard nothing else no rejection email or phone call. Just thought this was a bit strange as they are holding RD's in SYD at the moment? Does anyone have any insights?

Thanks in advance:)

ozflyer26 8th Jul 2010 00:59

hey ellie,

Not sure what the whole procedure is but i have read through the forums and have seen that they are keeping the assessment numbers to a minimum, the ones over in perth had around 12 people and mine yesterday only had 11, maybe they will be calling you soon for a phone interview. Fingers crossed :ok:

ellie8 10th Jul 2010 07:08

Hey Ozflyer26, thanks for the info:ok: Thats weird that they are only having very small recruitment day numbers, I thought heaps get invited? Was it hard? I still havnt heard anything yet, the job closed on June 14th but I am still holding out hope of a phone call soon. :)

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